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Found 9 results

  1. Davids19-Flickr

    [MOC] Hall of Armor

    Hello, I made a Hall of Armor display and wanted to share it with everyone! I also added a small little part that could possibly lead into Infinity War, Thanks for looking at my MOC, if you would like to see more of my work you can check out my Flickr page ~Davids19
  2. Sir Brickalot

    Iron Man

    Recently, I've been building some brick built Iron Man suits on LDD, so I thought I'd share them with y'all. First up, Mark 39- Gemini. What about Mark 7? Not forgetting Mark 35- Red Snapper. And good ol' Mark 42: Of course, Mark 38- Igor! And deadly War Machine- ... AND the star spangled Iron Patriot; Last but not least, a group shot of all my Iron Men. Hope you like my suits! If you do, be sure to check out the LXF File! C&C Welcome. Bonus: Mark 1, the suit that started it all!
  3. Hi everyone. I've just started thinking about compiling a small collection of Iron Legion suits, like the Gemini and the Shotgun. I thought some of you might have good ideas for mostly purist (some painting or decaying is possible if necessary) armours. To start us off, my idea for a purist Iron Patriot for those like me outside the US. Captain America torso, Iron Man helmet, War Machine visor/mask. (Credit to Hulk_Smash for the photo.) What have you guys got? P.S. Could a moderator please delete my other post with the trimmed title? I didn't realise there was a limit.
  4. LuxorV

    MOC - Tony Stark's Garage

    Quite some time has passed since I promised I'd share this MOC. Life and such got in the way, but here we're now. So, Tony Stark always calls it 'the Garage', no matter where it is (Stark Mansion, Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, wherever...). It is the place where he makes his magic and builds the Iron Man suits. Some call it (or parts of it) 'the Armory' or 'the Hall of Armors'. Here's my rendition of what we see in the Iron Man 3 film, based on few posters and screen-caps from the trailers (plus what my memory retains from seeing it almost one month ago). StarkGarage_004 di LuxorV, su Flickr I tried to give it some life by putting up the tables and tools on them. Since I find the official LEGO 'Dummy'-like robot-arm model quite poor, I made my own. StarkGarage_003 di LuxorV, su Flickr Of course, I had to include the stereo and the iconic scene when Tony experiments with the new Mk. 42 armor (as this scene is in the trailers, I don't think I'm spoiling anything for anyone). StarkGarage_002 di LuxorV, su Flickr At the back, you can see the 'Hall of Armors' itself, with the seven suits seen in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Avengers films. Some of these already appeared in a MOC of mine last year: the Stark Workshop. Most of them are purist, the Mk. VI is the only completely original one, while the Mk. VII uses a custom painted BrickForge Powered Assault Armor to bulk it up. I'm pretty happy with the Mk. III, where I used a Rowan soldier torso to simulate the battle scratched chest piece (admittedly, the arc reactor should be a bit higher up, though... ). Hope you like it.
  5. Please support at :laugh: "Focus up ladies. Good evening, and welcome to the birthing suite. I am pleased to announce the imminent arrival of your bouncing b@d@$$ baby brother." - Tony Stark This is my rendition of the Hall of Armor, reproduce in 2 minifig scale and staying as close to the original design as best I can. Hopefully with your support this can be owned by many other enthusiast! If you like what you see here, don't forget to check out my other projects: Details of the single modular unit, designed to be combined into a set of 7. Set of 7 with movie accurate Iron Man suits design, starting with Mark I to Mark VII. Note the single wall in between each modular unit. Should the budget allows, a full set equipped with the center circular stage can be included. Of course, it would be best if the budget allows for the inclusion of Dum-E the robotic arm and the rest of the equipments, allowing fans to recreate the iconic movie scene. Please support at :laugh:
  6. Yes another MOC and more CubeDudes. This time Tony Starks Hall Of Armor. Bottom Row: Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3, Mk 4, Mk 5. Middle Row: Mk 6, Mk 25, Mk 42,Mk 39, War Machine Top Row: Iron Patriot, Mk 33, Mk 35, Custom Stealth Armor, Mk 7. LDD file for download when Brickshelf folder is public ( ) Comments and Criticism welcome
  7. To celebrate the upcoming release of the Iron Man 3 movie, I created minifig designs for every film suit. (If I left any out, let me know.) Comments and criticism are very much appreciated. This is the official minifig design, with an improved minigun. For those interested, it's made out of a neck bracket, one 1x1 clip, a space gun, and some binoculars. I've got a version that has missiles too; expect pictures soon. For some reason, the helmet angle makes this guy. I also liked the leg detailing on the film version, so I tried to pull out the details there and Lego-fy them. Doing this guy was fun. I'm not sure what he does in the movie, but his repulsor looks like a Roman collar. I imagine him as the chaplain of the Iron Legion. ;) The official Extremis armor, with gold arms. (The three actual minifigs of these that I own have gold arms, so I went with that for the CG version.) Identical to the official minifig. Identical to the official minifig. This was probably the hardest to design in terms of torso detailing, but the end result looks official. I'm not 100% satisfied with this guy, but it's recognizable. This is basically a recolored Mark III with rivets slapped on. This one is easily my favorite. This is a slight redesign of the official LEGO version. This was the longest one to design, especially with the complex torso plating. I actually just finished a Gemini suit render for Solid Brix Studios, but this is a separate design that fits my own tastes a bit better. Whew! I hope you enjoyed them!
  8. Hello everyone! I don't post a whole lot on Eurobricks, but I made some custom minifigs after seeing Iron Man 3 last weekend that I felt like I should share. It was a great movie with some great characters, so here they are! I don't have a whole lot of flesh parts so I made them with yellow flesh, but I think they still turned out pretty good. I also tried to stat as purist as possible. Anyway, enjoy! Tony Stark - Tony Stark after he crash lands in a snowy town. Happy Hogan (1999) - Happy sports long hair and a goatee at the party in 1999. Happy Hogan -Happy's present-day appearance. (This fig could use some work... ) Harley - The science-loving, potato-gun wielding kid that Tony meets in the snowy town. The Mandarin - A terrorist who is more than what he appears to be... Aldrich Killian - A scientist behind Advanced Idea Mechanics and buyer of the Extremis virus... ...and he also subjects himself to it, enhancing his physical abilities immensely. - And here are the two minifigs side by side. - A duel between Stark and Killian. Eric Savin - The gum-chewing Extremis soldier who helps steals the Iron Patriot armor. Maya Hansen - An long forgotten love interest of Tony's. She's also the inventor of the Extremis virus. Pepper Potts - Tony Stark's girlfriend. - Killian offers Stark Industries a place in his company. An altenative suit concept I came up with: - Just made this to kind of make the Lego head seem less massive. Thanks for viewing!
  9. Tereglith

    Iron Man - Stark Mansion Redux

    Most of us were a little disappointed when 76007 Malibu Mansion came out. It was too tiny a set to do Tony's house justice! Once I bought it, I set about make a version of what I would hope a $100 or $120 version of the set would be like if LEGO were to release one. I hope you enjoy the results. Stark Mansion Interior by Tereglith, on Flickr Basement by Tereglith, on Flickr Cellular, Modular, Interactivodular by Tereglith, on Flickr One of the only play features I was able to include: the basement furniture is removable and easily rearrangeable.(Also Tony's design station rotates, like in the original set) Basement Rearranged by Tereglith, on Flickr Hall of Armors by Tereglith, on Flickr Mk. I, Mk. VII, and Mk. XLII. The Mk. I is essentially a tablescrap. I hope to get War Machine in there soon, but none of my local stores are carrying Extremis Seaport Battle yet . The Hall of Armors isn't nearly as big or impressive as some of the other ones in this forum, but that's because I didn't want it to overwhelm the basement area - I just wanted it to be a part of the basement area. And I was running out of ight gray pieces Supplies corner by Tereglith, on Flickr I just couldn't resist including those awesome design windows. Nick Fury: Felon of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Tereglith, on Flickr Breaking and entering is a serious crime, folks Living Room Layout by Tereglith, on Flickr Armchair by Tereglith, on Flickr "How many of my chairs are you going to sit in, Nick?" "Every. Single. One. Motherf***er." Fireplace by Tereglith, on Flickr Tony's tasteful interior design includes this modernist fireplace and an... orb... thingy. They're all the rage. Stark Mansion Balcony by Tereglith, on Flickr Tableau 2 by Tereglith, on Flickr Get it together, Tony. You can't keep falling off of things like this. Watchin' TV by Tereglith, on Flickr When Pepper wants to see Bill O'Reilly complain about her lack of qualifications, this is where she goes. Stark Mansion Top by Tereglith, on Flickr Cast of Characters by Tereglith, on Flickr Thanks for viewing!