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  1. Skalldyr

    Crab-Films International

    Yes I think I use the yellow ones...also because I only have 30 fleshies! and including at least 5 indianas and 2 Dastans
  2. Skalldyr

    The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    I also made a little comic for you! So enjoy. Btw: I love your new one Commodore Hornbricker.
  3. 1. Yes 2. Individual 3. Voelklinger Huette or Ludwigskirche 4. Please bring back: Adventures or Indiana Jones!
  4. Skalldyr

    ToR II entry

    Good job, you did.....but the End of the story isn't what I was expecting!
  5. Skalldyr

    ToR II entry

    Noooooooo! We need to strike back!!!
  6. Skalldyr

    Odd Lego pricing

    Nice one! I think the prices should move closer together, because the discrepancy between the two currencies ($ and €) is lower than it was six months ago!
  7. Skalldyr

    Crab-Films International

    So I have an other question: What do you think, what skin color should I build with...? Yellow, Flesh, Both together!?!
  8. Skalldyr

    Looking for a Bluecoat!

    I always gave em the yellow ones becuase I think red isn't the right contrast! BTW I think he dosn't even need his head.....why don't you simply cut it off! :skull:
  9. Skalldyr

    The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    HAHA, that was an amazing comic...with the Commodore's Dog! It is nice to see that this BigBig Dog is on our site HEHE.
  10. Skalldyr

    Tournament of Retribution II - Avatar Authorization

    Username: Skalldyr! Surely you can use my avatar.
  11. Skalldyr

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    So, I also sign up.....sounds like some very funny thing! :pir-skull: I really would like to be a Bluecoat.....but I'm a crab and a crab is red, so I join the Redcoats. HEHE Name: Skalldyr Fraction: Redcoats May I be a good subject of His Majesty!
  12. My vote: 1 point 20) Skater Boy Entry (Build by Noodles140) 1 point 36) Zombie Entry (Build by Captain'Spaulding) 1 point 40) Zombie Entry (Build by Jammiedodger714) But all did a great job I forgot about 35) Robot Entry (Build by Колпак) . It was really cool. But because I've given all my points, he will get a cooky.
  13. Skalldyr

    Crab-Films International

    Thank you for your critics. I will see what I can do! Oh and thanks for moving, Dragonator!
  14. Skalldyr

    Crab-Films International

    Thank you! Thank you, that is the type of criticism I wanna hear! I'm also not very pleased with the Text, which color do you suggest?
  15. Hey all, here I go...... The magician shows his new trick, the sawed virgin. For more: klick
  16. Skalldyr

    MOC: SP Pacific

    The Steam is the eyecatcher on this one, but the tender is simply perfectly builded.
  17. Skalldyr

    Tintin Characters

    Thank you. You remembered quiet well.... The captain's Name is Haddock and the detectives are called Thomson and Thompson. Okay, agreed on that. Thank you!
  18. Hi all, I build 12 Tintin Characters. (See Notes via Flickr) It is made like the collectable minifig series and contains 12 single Figures => Brickshelf Enjoy.
  19. Skalldyr

    What are you listening to?

    Rock am Ring Livestream: At the moment "Kiss" Klick So amazing!!! :skull:
  20. Skalldyr

    Bayonets at Dawn Contest

    1 point: 2 Tanotrooper 1 point: 18 Etzel 1 point: 22 Perfectionist But all were great!
  21. Sorry, but that is toooo funny!
  22. Skalldyr

    PoP Contest - The Winners!

    Congratulations everyone! What a cool contest. I liked all these Pop-stuff a lot. Also a big thank for running it, >Svelte
  23. Skalldyr

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 3

    My votes go to: 1 point: NewRight's Persian Delicacy 1 point: Greenskull139's Ali-karim and kosos' market shop 1 point: Infomaniac's Murderous Market Madness But it was no easy choice!
  24. Skalldyr

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 1

    I have to give 3 points to.......Lisgr's The Ostrich Race Game It is such a perfect idea. I built one my own and the playability is just amazing! But all the rest of you: Great entries and I wish I could give everyone some points!!!
  25. Skalldyr

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 2

    1 point: Fugazi's Persian Grocer 1 point: MrTools' Modular Market Square 1 point: Greg3's Persian Post Station