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  1. fff

    Minas Tirith

    Absolutely awesome!
  2. fff

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    Great review, it was the so obvious confirmation we all need one
  3. fff

    Tan Tears' Tower II

    Finally, the final photos
  4. 10. RoxYourBlox - 3 19. Sorensen - 2
  5. fff

    Tan Tears' Tower II

    Thanks for the comments Just a small comment I hope you all have seen in Lion's Tomb, the claws... Not sure if there will be much more addings... i ran out of 'tan'
  6. More modular addings to Tan Tears' Tower... Lion's Tomb Parade Ground Cloister "in the air"
  7. fff

    MOC: Stockholm Metro - Medborgarplatsen

    Impressive, very well recreated
  8. I am following it also closely... looks great
  9. fff

    Tear's Tower

    I think you nailed my thoughts in words
  10. fff

    Tear's Tower

    Thanks for your nice comments Yes, thanks! I did not submit into the contest since i did begin it much earlier and I didnt felt it was fair enough To tell the truth it is not copied, I just wanted to make a modular tower with persian/egiptian look. And then it was just adding brick over brick. Its top, the crown, could be the part I really like most since getting that symmetry took me a lot of tests. Minifigs! Alas! And you can be right, but still the tower is not complete and I still have to think who would be the brave soldiers to defend it. Maybe romans or barbarians? Persian soldiers are too expensive! :laugh:
  11. fff

    Tear's Tower

    hi, My most ambitious moc until today... hope you like it Tears' Tower Details 1st Floor: Entry & Throne 2nd Floor: Tomb 3rd Floor: Armory/Meditation 4th Floor: Crown Tower
  12. Great Review. My concern is, why not trying to do a better car instead of just another car... Anyway the review is great
  13. fff

    MOC: Temple of Lazarus

    Nice story, and great design.