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    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, it looks like it's based off the back part of the castle (that was shot at Alnwick Castle), given the crenelations and the archway for the car to drive through.
  2. Ferder

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks like it's based on this tower/wall/arch section but they've cheated it so that it's ground level with the lake (the boat going under the arch) and the Hogwarts grounds (with the womping willow) beside it.
  3. Ferder

    Press Release 10237 - Tower of Orthanc

    After seeing some of the blurry pre-release pics, I was anticipating being let down, but this blows away my expectations. I love how it has a solid enough build that viewed from the right angle, it looks like a complete building, but at the same time has a full interior in the back. I wasn't expecting there to be such more detail in the interior, such as the inclusion of the alchemy room and study. The relics in the attic aren't accurate to the films or books (I'm fairly sure Saruman was being sarcastic when he mentioned the keys to the Two Towers and the rods of five wizards) but they're still a very cool detail. This is the kind of big set I hoped TLC would release when I heard they had the LOTR license. Hopefully there will be more like it.
  4. Ferder

    MOC: Add-on sets for Hogwarts.

    WhiteCat, I think the stone sculpture is supposed to be the head of Salazar Slytherin
  5. The major challenge I see is how could LEGO turn the massive buildings and locations in Middle Earth into affordable playsets.
  6. Ferder

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    The Clocktower is the building behind the largest tower and you can see that the Great Hall only rises to just over half its height.
  7. Ferder

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    The difference in size between The Great Hall and the Clocktower building is actually pretty accurate to the films.
  8. Ferder

    The Magic of Harry Potter

    I love the design and realization of Hogwarts in the film, so I'm always excited to see how LEGO recreates it for their sets. I was very underwhelmed when I saw the first models back in 2001. I thought it was terrific that all the sets were module and could be put together to make one big castle, but they were all fairly hollow and didn't look that great from the outside. This latest castle is a huge improvement.
  9. Ferder

    [Review] 4842: Hogwarts Castle IV

    At least the main tower folds beside the great hall as it should. I would just dis-attach the building with Dumbledoor's Office and set it across from the rest to be this building:
  10. Ferder

    [Review] 4842: Hogwarts Castle IV

    This set does a great of job replacing the original 2001 castle. I wonder how well it would fit scale/wise with the 2004 clocktower building.
  11. Do the hinge joins that connect the modules allow for the set to fold up in a way that looks good?
  12. Ferder

    Harry Potter 2010 discussion thread

    I wonder what the Castle looks like when it's all folded up.