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  1. heofthehothbrick

    Space Marines!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing this universe with us. Now it's fingers crossed for a positive result of the review stage. Come on Lego - this is a winner for sure!
  2. heofthehothbrick

    Space Marines!

    I must admit the earlier APC design was really nice. wasn't keen on the new design, but when you look at it from the front, it really isn't bad. It's starting to grow on me. And yes, those brick built guns are brilliant.
  3. heofthehothbrick

    REVIEW: 7049 Alien Striker

    nice review. I got a couple of these. Great, cheap little sets. Lego should do more like this.
  4. heofthehothbrick

    [MOC] Space Marines Bulwark-Class Gunship

    Ditto. An amazing design and perhaps, the perfect lego spaceship. Love it.
  5. heofthehothbrick


    Everything about this is brilliant. Love the shape and the colours you've used and the backstory is fantastic. Look forward to the other GP's.
  6. heofthehothbrick

    Capital spaceship XB-13

    Wow. That's impressive. Like the shape and all the playability on this. Seems a shame to break it up!
  7. heofthehothbrick

    HH-7D 'Rescue One' Chopper

    Another great addition to a great range of models. I love the shape you've constructed here. A great little design. Looking forward to the attack version.
  8. heofthehothbrick

    The next space theme....

    Interestingly I haven't seen any Star Trek sets from Kreo. I have noticed that their transformer and Battleship sets don't seem to sell as well as Lego sets either. Star Trek would be a great theme for AFOLs, but agree that Lego's target audience wouldn't go for Trek. I'd love to see Lego produce a new space theme. An update to the original sapce theme would be great, or he Space Marines idea on Cuusoo would be great too. Let's face it, we just want a space theme!
  9. heofthehothbrick

    Pearson Class Troopship

    Fantastic MOC. And I really like those aircracft designs. Great backstory to the model as well. All that talk of C-BEAMS made me think of Bladerunner.
  10. heofthehothbrick

    Space Police 3 Commando Starfighter

    A fantastic looking fighter. That would fit for several space themes. Can't wait to see a brick built version.
  11. heofthehothbrick

    A-31 Agile Hawk/ S-31 Hawkeye (AWACS)

    Ditto. Great displays and the Hawks are great little ships. Would love to see Lego make these.
  12. heofthehothbrick

    Valor Hoverbike

    Brilliant design and nice use of parts. It all goes together so well. Nice.
  13. heofthehothbrick

    Space Marines!

    That drop pod is brilliant. A nice design and a playable set. What's not to like. This theme gets better and better.
  14. heofthehothbrick

    Space Marines!

    One more vote for Sand Red here. Can't wait for this to hit 10,000 on Cuusoo.
  15. heofthehothbrick

    MOC: The new World Trade Center, New York

    Simply Stunning. Both MOCs are beautifully built.