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  1. As I said on Brick Truck Trial : At the moment, it’s too complicate to calculate the climbing abilities angle, causes lot of complicated values (wheel, grip, weight distribution, type of constructions, bearing systems friction and roll friction). But I think about it. A work also on a software to calculate power and torque of Lego pneumatic engine. Also, I will present myself soon, sorry for the moderator if I have posted my first post without be presented. ;)
  2. Hello. I am the author of TTools. Thanks to review my software dluders. I am proud to appear on Eurobrick's forum. @Zblj : for the dimension, the highter point of truck (in the midle) is the dimension "b". I suppose that you consider this dimension as the diameter because the schematics isn't very clear but it's the ground clearance, not the diameter. I am sure of the calculation of ground clearance angle (2 dimensions and only 2). For toothgears, you mean gears in general ? On the software, you can choose 14 gears (7 couple of gears pinion). The efficiency functions of all the gears. The software calculates the number of worm gear, spur gear, knob gear and calculate the efficiency in consequence. I hope I respond to your question ;)