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  1. thelast

    Custom Plush Minifigs

    Love those figs! :) I am from Bulgaria too. Great job MetroiD!
  2. thelast

    Old Minifigs vs. New Minifigs

    Some months ago I would choose the old mini figures, until I got Brickbeard's Bounty and used for crew both old and new minifigs. Comparing them, old ones look so the same, same faces, same smiles. The new faces are more human like, beard, mustaches and that old smile is gone. I like printing on the back, but it's a lame excuse to not put backpacks on soldiers instead. I agree that old figures had more diversity on factions, red, blue, pirates, spaniards, indians... Unfortunately they canceled the series. :(
  3. thelast

    Fortress Redband

    Welcome to forums! Amazing work! So detailed, looks like a real fortress from back then. Keep up!
  4. thelast

    Ninja Sword

    Imagine two of those on the back of the Prince :P
  5. Lets hope you are right! I want couple of figs, don't want to gamble on them. To be honest I agree with prof1515. You guys jumped on him, but he is right from kids point of view. Kids don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on hobby and to buy full boxes. Doubt any parent who isn't LEGO fan will tolerate his kid spending fortune, just to buy his favorite fig. At the end lots of kids will stuck with couple of random figures and lots of anger to their parents, because they can't get what they want. Yes I know, some one is going to say, but they could trade them with other kids, good, but what is this couple of months period of sales only, there is not enough time for collecting and trading. So the kid have to buy his fig from internets. All this stuff seems to me made towards fast and easy money making and adults only, with deep pockets. I can give a suggestion, make the figs completely random for a price of 1-2$ and make millions of them. Sell them for a year or so and people will buy them like a gum, there will be no frustration, no broken hopes, no Brick Links. I bet every time kid or adult visit a local store, they will buy couple of figs. 3 months period of sales seems to me like reverence to internet traders, buy fast now, sell later for more.
  6. It looks cheap to me too. Even some scratches on the handle....
  7. thelast

    The Settlers game series.

    Wow great castle! So many details, even inside! Good job!
  8. thelast

    The Settlers game series.

    Looks good so far, keep up! :)
  9. thelast

    The Settlers game series.

    I would love to see the castle. :)
  10. thelast

    Bring Back Lego Ninja!

    /signed I was in my dark ages when they were on sale, missed almost all of them, but one small impulse set. I would be very happy if they reintroduce them. :)
  11. I have the same problem with pirate sword, you can see the damage on it when you try to clip it in a hand. I like very much spears and axes, cause you can just slide the weapon in the hand. :) If I can, I always try to slide the weapon first and then clip it.
  12. thelast

    The Settlers game series.

    Once again, very nice! The roof looks to me like it is upgrading at the moment to another tier hehe
  13. thelast

    The Settlers game series.

    Great MOC! I used to play Settlers. :) Shame I don't remember most of it. Keep up mate!
  14. thelast

    REVIEW: 6513 Glade Runner

    One of my favourite sets! Me and couple of buddies got this set back then. The fig was so cool, sun glasses, fast boat....
  15. thelast

    Tolkien licence?

    I just can wish for Tolkien license. Although "Hobbit" is not one of my favourite books, so if they make only toys from this book I would be slightly disappointed. There is one thing mentioned in this thread which bothers me too, it is the scale of the buildings and battles of the Tolkien books. Imagine sets of 3-5 figures representing Isengard, 8 figures in Helm's deep or White city, or Rivendel