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  1. willy_poodle

    The non-LEGO Review Index

    You're right, I had a look on ebay and they are really the same bricks, just different sets. But I suppose it may be the other way round - maybe they buy them from Cobi and rebrand for UK as D60 or Cobi got licence for D60. I think so because Cobi manufacture their own bricks, but who knows. Is there anything written on D60's studs? By the way - Cobi doesn't seem to care too much for what single customers think. A few years ago I wrote them a message with my comments and questions and recently again with comments about that new line and some suggestion for a new licence and they didn't even bother to reply.
  2. willy_poodle

    The non-LEGO Review Index

    Check out new Cobi line "Wild Story" http://cobi.pl/en/toys/wild-story/ Positive surprise and good direction, I think.
  3. willy_poodle

    Unremovable technic pins

    I tried to push it out with technic X rod, but it's not a usual pin. I would have to squeeze it somehow but there's no room.
  4. willy_poodle

    Unremovable technic pins

    How do you remove such pins? I've already destroyed one with pliers but still couldn't remove it. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=4966497
  5. Better pray it's only cheese slopes. I have all my MMV cracked, it was posted here http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5020&st=0&p=772760entry772760
  6. willy_poodle

    Builders Block

    I haven't even started yet, I'm sorting my collection, but I have collected books about architecture, antiques and decorating and I'm going to use them as reference and ispiration. Maybe try the same, get some albums about something you're interested in and start from there.
  7. willy_poodle

    Brick Quality

    It's sad, but I haven't got any reply from customer service at all. I don't know what to think about it.
  8. willy_poodle

    What do you do?

    Don't you know it's a sin? You're gonna burn in hell.
  9. willy_poodle

    Your dream Lego theme

    Why not, I can agree with these 2. And my votes: 1. Tolkien 2. Tad Williams' books 3. Thorgal (the best ever European comic series, not very well known in English-speaking countries) 5. Thief games 6. Charles Dickens 7. Mario 8. Dungeons & Dragons 9. Back To The Future 10. some great rock bands
  10. willy_poodle

    What is the most fav set that everyone like

    All modular buildings and Medieval Market Village
  11. willy_poodle

    Most useless LEGO parts

    Well, these 2 parts are not that bad, they are quite small and simple and I guess I could use them for something. But the main, big parts are horrible.
  12. willy_poodle

    Minifg collectors series 2 pics and barcodes

    Hmm, they actually look better than I thought before. I think I'll get some.
  13. willy_poodle

    Brick Quality

    OK, I've done it a few days ago, but no reply yet. Or it got filtered out by e-mail provider, like it happened recently with some hotel booking confirmation.
  14. willy_poodle

    Most useless LEGO parts

    For me all Bionicle parts except the small and simple technic parts. Thay have no other use than in ugly robots and look like thay were made of some smaller mechanical parts and have fake joints and... you can't make a house of them. And some big parts designed for one purpose only like truck trailers and such.
  15. willy_poodle

    UK Sales

    Asda (Liverpool, Smithdown Rd) has 7590: Woody and Buzz to the Rescue 2 for 20