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  1. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    well that topless thing was mainly just a joke but still... we have seen severed hearts and brains in potc so why not natural breasts there is bare breasts even in some pg-7 movies like Voyage of Columbus (and isn't it ironic that small babies see breasts all the time and then when they are slightly older it's inappropriate ) lego won't make topless girls for sure but doing accurate figs is kinda hard- but there is topless men and lego figs don't seem to have nipples (any more than noses or ears )- and female figs already have boobs - are they going to do what kind of prints to their torsos is a good question- perhaps printed hair covering invisible nipples and then molded hair that covers print that is kinda useless... it would still be a topless torso- lol- very useful for humour mocs
  2. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    i was just thinking how TLG can do accurate figures of mermaids if mermaids in move have nothing to cover their breasts movie can show mermaids being underwater and so on but minifig would be hard- will they add seashells or something there then?...just thinking
  3. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Hey thanks i didn't see those before she looks great but it annoys me a bit that headpiece is not in it's place in those pics
  4. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    But that error was easy to avoid- other Potc's had 1700s union jack... and it seems that we indeed see topless ladies in disney movie- but not very closely Nope- kid can invent new adventures for Captain Jack Sparrow or use parts to create own characters and stories- legos are so good in that way
  5. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Still no closeups of Shaak Ti.... pics please
  6. Swash Buckler

    Review: 7985 Temple of Atlantis

    Well i think that Davy Jones has ready crab hand now for his minifig version it's really clear that whole this theme was partially practicing upcoming Potc-line- i love those columns too and King Neptune and all... great set... also Kraken has tentacle parts there
  7. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I haven't seen any high-res pics of Shaak Ti- Saesee seems to have sort of celebral edema so i hope Shaak doesn't have same problem is it just me or has new Luminara new headpiece too- it looks too high as well are they going to compensate missing Ki-Adi-Mundi by making all other jedi have a huge head too???
  8. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Trailer looks good... but they're messing up with the flag of Great Britain.... Union Jack was historically correct in previous trilogy but now that St. Patrick's cross seems to be added there - really it wasn't there before 1801.... still even more odd is that it seems to be also continuity error because on-set photos had old union jacks without St. Patrick's cross......well who cares if movie is good....? Ok- interesting question concerns about mermaids... are we really going to see topless ladies in disneymovie i am not seeing any bras there aaaannndd what about those rumoured mermaidfigures- are they movie accurate too .... makes some interesting torsos then
  9. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Interesting real life history is that Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge sank long before his death and he died 1718- Potc however seems to take place 1740s- after golden Age of Piracy- and now when new movie supposedly even shows us kings of Spain and England from that era (Ferdinand and George II) it's even more clear that Blackbeard should be dead and QAR sank- but remember Potc- dead are carried to the other world by Davy Jones and he didn't do his duty- meaning that both Blackbeard and his ship were in Davy Jones' locker.... it seems that guy managed to escape like Barbossa and Sparrow did or he made a deal with Jones or something... so this QAR is not normal ship anymore Good that Liz is not going to be Padmé of Potc - well she can become one- Padmé figure was made 1999 for Star Wars line and since then- she hasn't been in any set- even though character is leading female in all 3 prequel-Sw-films and in the clone Wars tv-series ...... well Keira Knightley was Padmé's decoy in Star Wars episode1 so Keirafig will have a good head for Padmé as well ironic- Padmé can be found from non-star wars set- better than no her at all ummm.... yeah in that set she will be ms. Swann..... no chinese pirates or Davy Jones.... too bad Chow-Yun Fat as legofog is really needed
  10. Swash Buckler

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    LOL- unbelievable that my cr*ppy customs actually fooled someone No those aren't official and i am not involved in design of the official figs so they will turn out to be quite different.... still no Black Pearl in the first wave of sets....
  11. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    You mean in-universe - it's very different- based on similar design but in much bigger scale- it very different actually- different motors different "Jaws" it's not "slightly modified" but completely different craft...
  12. Swash Buckler

    after 3d brickmovie my first real ship

    Lovely vessel- good work!
  13. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    One word TLG PADMÉ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we haven't seen her since 1999 and she is main character, importnat character, action character, popular character and mother of Skywalker twins... what TLG has against her? we get Onaconda Farr (?????????) and even long awaited Nute Gunray, Palpatine as chancellor.... and Thi-Sen (?????) Why there is no new Padmé?!?!?!? She is main character in TCW and appears in upcoming lego TCW video game.... it seems that lego can make anyone else but not her.... Bail Organa is needed too, Lott Dod, Riyo Chuchi, Satine... but most importantly Padmé where is she....? I also hope there is Ki-Adi-Mundi in geonosian fighter TLG has made lots of jedi lately..... They should make anakin's shuttle from Grievous Intrigue with Adi Gallia and Eeth Koth. Also they need to make commandodroids and aquadroids- Trident craft of Asajj Ventress would be an awesome set.... and they have to make 501st battlepack from Rots.... there is still lots of sw for TLG top make.... but first they should redo Padmé CW-uglie or not some sort of Amidala have to appear soon .....
  14. Swash Buckler

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Well i think old Geos were pretty nice (well i have 4 of the so my opinion may be quite biased ) but lego should make versions with same molds but printing as well.... like ewoks and gungans... interestingly enough TLG used old greenish dark gray in Sopwith Camel model so they may use it again in minifigs as well- it was good for Geonosians.... i want Poggle minifig
  15. Swash Buckler

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 3 discussion

    Where is that info from?- i cannot find any source that states this being 3-parter ... looks like you read wrong- it says this takes place before 3-part story arc.... but i think it's still stand-alone episode... it may be 3-parter though but i hope we will see Asajj trilogy next... i find it more interesting than 3 parts of ryloth again ... next episodes have following names: "Sphere of Influence, Corruption and Academy" so i think we will go on Dathomir soon- there is "corruption" and "academy"... oh i hope that "academy" will indeed be an ancient sith academy on Dathomir.... and not some prequel with Ahsoka reading to her exams in jedi temple... TCW have been recycling the locations and characters all the time... creating some new and then recycling again.... Lightsaber lost was excellent example- whole coruscant was populated with previously used character models .... one thing they don't recycle is the villains (except Grievous, Dooku, Bane and Ventress of course)- we haven't seen Nuvo Vindi or Lok Durd after season1 I want to see them again... and i'm also sure that Admiral Trench survived that explosion - here is 3 reasons why i think so: 1.Because he is member of harch species- never before seen on screen (remember how hard it was to kill Durge ) he can be very tough- also he survived once before- and TCW-episodes don't tend to have unnecessary facts.... 2. Because his death was not mentioned in the episode guide which usually makes notes of such important happenings 3. He was too cool not to be used again ... and they have animated him already.... hey that was actually 4 reasons