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  1. WooliestSteam1

    MOC Medieval potion shop

    Fantastic design, I absolutely love the chimney and the wooden supports around the back of the building.
  2. WooliestSteam1

    A big hello from me.

    Hello there everyone, my name is Conor, I'm 19 years old and I'm a college student. Okay so as far as Lego goes, I've actually only recently got back into Lego after a 9 year period of not even looking at it. Right now I'm particularly interested in the DC Universe Super Heroes sets, I just love a good brawl between superheroes, I mean Batman would always win though. (I'm a huge Batman fan) I've also recently started to play the 'Lego Lord Of The Rings' video game so I'm super tempted to head out and pick up some of those sets. As far as my other hobbies go, I just love to tinker and work on computers, go for a cycle and I'm also a huge car nut. I play quite a bit of video games and also watch a fair bit of TV and Movies, so in that sense I'm pretty lazy. I've also just recently stumbled upon LDraw, so I've been messing around with that, creating small little sets and working on getting a nice final render of the build. Well that's about it from me, I'm really glad to be a part of this great community and I hope to be for years to come. I'll see you around everyone.