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  1. 2007 Bionicle

    I found this BF. The guy says it is a 07 Bionicle.
  2. Whoo Hoo

    It is cool how you can put a minifig in Fenraks mouth. i have a question to you guys though. Why the hell would lego make it so that one of Vezons feet is standing on Fenrakks tail? p.s.Heres a pic of him eating a minifig:
  3. "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Vader if you sence that I have no sith powers you are wrong! I am the grandson of a unoticed sith lord. You betray me Vader and I will kill you. I can build a lightsaber for my self. If you want to see how much I am trained in the way of the force and combat meet me in the hanger. Then we shall fight. The winner gets to keep his life and be one of the two only sith alive. Do you accept, or shall I give your plans to the rebels? *skull* For now there are three sith LORDs. (uses force to take pieces and create a red bladed lightsaber right before a stormtroopers eyes)
  4. What happened?

    So when does he come out in the US?
  5. Whoo Hoo

    Dont tell me, tell Lego. None of that was modded.
  6. Whoo Hoo

    Why? To me he look skinnier without the two armor pieces.
  7. Whoo Hoo

    Yea I know that they just kept coming off so I kept them off. I really like this set but it is hell trying to get Vezons mask on. p.s. i never said I was gonna do a review. All I said was that I would post pics. Then Yoda said i was gonna review the set. It was never suposed to be a review. Plus how could you have gotten this set months ago when it just came out? lol.
  8. What happened?

    I mean in America. He never came out. :'-(
  9. V-wing on S@H

    Does anyone else notice that the X-Wing is kinda "fat" in the back where the wings come out? *skull*
  10. What happened?

    What happened to Umbra? I heard that since Umbra was announced before Vezon he would come out first buuuuuut I even made a review for Vezon and still no word bout Umbra.
  11. Whoo Hoo

    I made my review. p.s. If anyone needs question answered or more pics just ask. Remember my buddy is watching you:
  12. Pirate LEGO wonders in Germany...

    OH MAN!! I wish I could get that. I just got thought: My Lego figs on that ship v.s. my Vezon ON Fenrakk. The ship will be in the water and the Fenrakk will be on land...wait a minute...how is that thing spose' to float...its huge!!!?
  13. Snakes On a Plane

    From what Ive heard, only one person gets bitten.
  14. A Burning Escape

    It would look better with clear legs. I give it a *n* p.s. try putting white legs instead of the black ones.
  15. Lego Star Wars II

    Weird *wacko* CheatCC has already got cheats for it here! They also have cheats for the game on other platforms.