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  1. This Wolfpack minifig could be used as a thief. This Tusken Raider torso from Star Wars could be used as well. Emporer Palpatine's torso from this set could be used for some cave herimt. Count Dooku's torso could also be used for something such as a privateer or maybe a herald/messanger.
  2. gormadoc

    REVIEW: 7307 Flying Mummy Attack

    Great Review! I think that the bi-plane would be better of in a stand alone set. Here's an interesting thought, Pharoahs Quest is set in the 1920's. Now when we think of Pharoahs and mummies we think of Egypt and the surrounding areas. The Bi-plane could possibly have thos RAF symbols on it because Britain held influence in Egypt right up until 1952. Britain also controlled the Suez canal area and the Sudan. So those symbols could be on the plane because of British occupation.
  3. gormadoc

    Bi-Wing Baron vs. Spirit of Luis

    I like how the spirit of St. Luis isn't as square as it's counterpart, but the Bi-Wing Baron just has character. Those pistons behind the proppellor are great and who could not like the crazy Baron flying the plane . It has to be the Bi-Wing Baron for me!
  4. gormadoc

    Review: 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar

    The wizard reminds me of a modern version of Majisto from the Dragon Masters.
  5. gormadoc

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    The train that I think is the best in a set would be the 1998 3225: Classic Train ( http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=3225-1 ), it may be simple but I think it's great to fit into a nice scene; it also fits nicely with Western Sets. However 2002's 4535: Lego Express deluxe is a close second ( http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=3225-1 ).
  6. gormadoc

    Ninja Time Period

    I was browsing through some Lego Ninja stuff the other day and I thought to myself 'When's it set?' We know Castle is set in the middle ages with fantasy elements, but Ninja I don't know. The Chinese discovered gun powder around 1000 AD, the East also developed the cannon a little earlier than Europe. I have a feeling it could be set in the mid-late 15th century as they use guns and cannons. What do YOU think?
  7. 70's disco minifig and explorer are the ones for me.
  8. gormadoc

    Castle Sets 2010

    Majisto Lives On! YAY! I've been waiting yearsfor Mahisto to come back,and this wizard minifig resembles him most (in modern form).
  9. gormadoc

    Mine? Mine! Mine.

    A truly stunning and immpresive build, especially the cart tracks, good going I Scream Clone
  10. gormadoc

    MOC: Le "Manoir de la terreur"

    c'est interesante. There are things happening all over the creation, it's great.
  11. gormadoc

    MOC: Grand Tourer

    This car is magnificent! I just love the design. Are you planning to build anymore cars in the future?
  12. gormadoc

    Castle Sets 2010

    Le ch√Ęteau est magnifique.
  13. gormadoc

    Review: 3050 Shanghai Surprise

    Great review; this set actually reminds me of the dreaded knights kingdom barge , but Shanghai Surprise has a better design with better minifigs and a classic appeal
  14. gormadoc

    Indiana Jones Airplane Faceoff

    Definetley the Buecher Bi-plane because of its design, one of the best bi-planes I think ever made by lego.
  15. gormadoc

    Missing Indiana Jones characters.

    I think for Donovan you could use the Alfred torso from the Batman line.