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  1. Edgehead

    Pirate Training School

    Teaching the valued arts of piracy at a young age, doesnt get any btter than this. I like the way you've incorporated all the different training items into the one moc without over-clutering the scene, very well done. This is one of my all time favourtie land based MOCs.
  2. Edgehead

    Parrot's Perch Pub PTV2 Contest Entry -medium

    This is an excelent entry Black Rabbit, lots of simple detail. I like the rock formations and the style of the pub lends itself well to being built out of a ship. I do agree with David's idea about using a sail to create shade, however i think the BB's sails may be a bit large for this piece. Maybe a smaller one such as the one from the 6261 Raft Raiders set, tho that would all depend on what sets you own i guess. Again great work, cant wait to see what you come up with for the other catagories.
  3. Edgehead

    MOD: 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty gets a deck

    This is a very simple but effective mod, and the addition of the deck gives the minifigs some much needed access to the forward chase guns on the front deck. My Bounty is in pieces at the moment preparing for the PTVII contest but from what I remember there isn't even a ladder for the Pirates to climb up there.
  4. Edgehead

    Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm

    was browsing the forums on my moblie last night while i was parked out the front of me mates place waiting for him to get home and i have to say i was a little worried about the no violence rule, as i had already been thinking of somethings i could do.... i have to say now that ive had a bit more time to think about it, im re4ally going to enjoy the challenge that lack of violence will bring about. already got one idea in mind, have to come up with a couple more now...
  5. Edgehead

    LEGO Pirates of the Carribbean

    while your set ideas are very interesting David, i would be more inclined to think that the new sets would be based on the new film - there for the only one on your list i would predict would obviously be the black pearl. also i doubt there would be 7 ships released in the one line. i would bet on 3 at the most, the pearl, the dutchman and one of the imperial ships.
  6. Edgehead

    Pirates terminated POTC rumours

    this is horrible, somebody please point me in the direction of the first lego set to feature fleshies so i can buy one and burn it on LEGO's doorstep in protest
  7. Edgehead

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    Update from Steve Witt: QUOTE Pirates isn’t gone, its on hiatus like every other line that isn’t one of our primary themes: CASTLE, SPACE, and CITY Pirates isn’t going away, it’s just not going to be a constant theme. It’s going to phase in and out just like every other theme that isn’t one of those three… I just wanted to reassure you guys that pirates isn’t disappearing. Just taking a break. :-) Hmm dont be so sure joey, me now thinks they r putting pirates on hold so they can do a one off release of PotC with the new film in 2011; and then return to the classic pirates after that i hope im right also tho to find out pirates isnt one of the primary themes anymore is a bit surprising -edit for spelling
  8. ...... now let me see if i can remember hows to make my mark ?? signed, EDGEHEAD!
  9. Edgehead

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2009

    well as per every saturday im sure ill be playing alot of World of Warcraft, and therefore taking part in the ingame Pirates day fun. then in the evening ill be goin out to c my mates band play - hopefully i can find the pirate hat i had for last years pirates day to wear out again **crosses fingers**
  10. Edgehead

    Talk Like a Pirate Day! - The build up!

    hmmm is the ammount worth the trouble of tryin to guess what it is?
  11. Edgehead

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    a PotC line wouldnt be so bad i guess, the tradional LEGO line would have been much better tho imo and for the love of whatever people worship, PLEASE KEEP THE MINIFIGS IN THE POTC LINE YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Edgehead

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    i dont think i can say anything that hasnt already been said...... such a shame the internet really needs a way of expressing sarcasm, just like how USING CAPS is considered yelling or shouting
  13. Edgehead

    Pirates of the Caribbean IV

    Maybe now with the 2 main villians gone (Davy Jones and Beckett) they may introduce Jolly Roger to the film series - while i havent played the PotC Online game from what i know of it Jolly Roger does command skeletal pirates does he not? (not to mention that he is one)
  14. why LEGO wouldnt make their entire range avaliable to everybody is beyond comprehension !!!!!!!!!!! especially to a market as HUGE as the usa count me in, ill support your cause
  15. Edgehead

    HMS Venture

    silly silly silly..... if that were me i'd have played along and let everyone think i was a photoshop genius, guess you're more honest than me haha the ship is quite good too. after a quick look at the first pic i didnt think much of it, just looked like a basic extension of the bounty, but looking at the other pics i noticed all the subtle changes in design and colour, which i think is very nice. well done indeed