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    Supercars MOC Collection

    Thanks for the tip, already corrected the mistake of mounting the engine cover.
  2. xikin

    Supercars MOC Collection

    MOC mounted over one of supercar: Bugatti EB 110. It was created by Erik Leppen, were used about 2,300 pieces. It has opening doors in style "suicide" which is unusual (using the damper 32181c02 for a soft opening) and I believe that the biggest engine ever mounted, awesome 16-cylinder-shaped W. Some photos:
  3. xikin

    Supercars MOC Collection

    The other assembly instructions are available for free download.
  4. xikin

    Supercars MOC Collection

    Not yet attended any exposure, I live far from the state capital (São Paulo), but I hope one day participate. A collection of Blakbird always been my inspiration and my reference site Technopedia, I'm your fan.
  5. xikin

    Supercars MOC Collection

    I'm riding the Bugatti EB 110, Erik Leppen, now I'm looking forward to the instructions of the Porsche.
  6. I present my collection of MOCs reunited with photos of supercars separated by author and MOCs names are from left to right. Crowkillers: Vampire GT in black, Lamborghini Gallardo and Supercar Deluxe 2 Jurgen Krooshoop / Nathanaël Kuipers: Litle Devil, Sunbeam and Pony Nathanaël Kuipers: Concept Car, Silver Sportscar and GT Car Jurgen Krooshoop / Nico71 / Nathanaël Kuipers : Little Devil, Roadster and Pony Crowkillers /Jurgen Krooshoop / Jovel : Lamborghini Murcielago, Koenigsegg CCX and Black Dragon Skyliner: Countach in black, Vector W8 and Countach in white. All meeting room Lego: Some assembly instructions were legally acquired.
  7. I mounted the same white: Most liked the version in white or black? Desfazer edições
  8. There are complete instructions for assembly Lamborghini Murcielago?
  9. There is a white piece 43857? How to replace?
  10. xikin

    Gallardo Instructions

    I replaced the red on yellow pieces. Some adjustments had to be made, because some parts are not manufactured in yellow, hope you enjoy.
  11. You can get assembly instructions or a list of parts required for assembly of this model? On page Crowkillers there are many photos available, but do not know if I have all the parts needed for assembly.
  12. xikin

    Vampire GT

    The changes would be Black in the instructions on page 26, step 12?
  13. xikin

    Technic Idea Books

    I assembled this truck in 2011.
  14. Which sets do I need to build this?
  15. xikin

    Harvester Idea Book 8888.

    Only the few images I could not execute mount, so I'm here seeking that help. Thanks.