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  1. FireHawk302

    Frog King's throne

    Yeah, I thought of that after I posted it. It would look hilarious with the oversized minifig crown on it.
  2. FireHawk302

    Frog King's throne

    Just a random tablescrap I felt like making.
  3. FireHawk302

    Space adventure: Cobra

    That is a very nice fig! The hairpiece is very detailed! Brilliant sculpting. Did you use anything as a base for the arm, or is it all clay? Also, what type of clay do you use?
  4. FireHawk302

    Red Dust fig

    I've seen some people make "Red Dust EW" figs lately, and I liked the style so I decided to make one myself, even though I don't know what Red Dust is. =P Armor and gun from Amazing Armory. What do you guys think?
  5. FireHawk302

    MOC: Sacred Ring Heist

    That space station is amazing. I'm a conformist!!
  6. FireHawk302

    What are you listening to?

    Been listening to a lot of Eisbrecher and Oomph! lately.
  7. FireHawk302

    Star Wars Clone Wars

    Nice figs! Is the clone on the far left custom? I mean, did you use decals or stickers?
  8. FireHawk302

    Unitron backdrop

    I was actually thinking of using a black-light, it'll make all the trans-pieces glow.
  9. FireHawk302

    Lego Universe Beta

    I just got the email, installing the game right now. EDIT: is it legal to post a link directly to the download?
  10. FireHawk302

    Unitron backdrop

    Thanks a ton, Nyundi!
  11. FireHawk302

    Desert Trooper

  12. FireHawk302

    Unitron backdrop

    Hi. So I'm looking to get a backdrop for a moonbase MOC, to give it a cool display. I would like something like the one used in the old Unitron theme. Like in this picture. So basically I want to get the grid with stars and planets, to use as a background poster for a moonbase display. Is there any way I can buy one, or print myself? I would make it, but I don't have the skill nor the means. BTW, I need to fill a 24" high, 33" wide area.
  13. FireHawk302

    Desert Trooper

    Been working on this little guy for awhile, and he's finally finished. Set I used items from Amazing Armory and Brickarms, and painted them. So what does everybody think?
  14. FireHawk302


    Hi everyone! I finally made another military MOC, I tried to make it in the same style as my mech I made a while back. So here it is! Set I plan to replace the SW rifles with Brickarms when I place my next order, don't worry.
  15. FireHawk302

    Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

    Although I am barely familiar with Pokémon and the characters, (well actually, I'm not familiar with the characters at all) I must say that these are very well made, and are very inspiring, to say the least. Charmander is my favorite.