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    Rebuilding the BSB

    I almost forgot i started this topic anyway, i've been quite busy lately and haven't had much time to look at buying the parts i need from the sites you guys have told me to check out (big big BIG thank you ) anyway i thought to give you guys an idea of what my black sea's barracuda looks like some twenty years on..i wish i could say i was building some fantastic new ship but sadly no.. the top view... left hand side. right hand's breaking my heart and what is left of the captain's cabin and rigging. it shouldn't be too much of a big deal to re build it, i think the main trouble would be the masts from what i have read here as well as the sails, but i'm thinking of doing some custom sails and maybe improvising with the masts...i have a great idea for a brick film hence why i am re-building the barracuda cause lets face it brick breads bounty has no chance of standing up against the new imperial ship..the pirates need all the help they can get
  2. Joeyfalcone

    10210 Imperial Flagship - UPCOMING SET!!!

    Wow! it completely rips brickbeards bounty to pieces, might have to put my epic brick film on hold till i can manage to get my hands on the flagship and re build the BSB for a large scale sea battle :):)
  3. Joeyfalcone

    POTC or Classic pirates in 2011

    I'd prefer classic pirates, but if we get POTC lego i'd get a few small sets just for the parts...i guess these movie franchises are the way lego is going now days you have indiana jones which replaced the adventures, guess they just want to make more money.
  4. Joeyfalcone

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    Signed. anyone heard of the tv series Jericho? it got cancelled after the first season, the fans were so outraged that they sent thousands of Nuts to NBC (i think) and they ended up giving the show a second season even if it was a very small season, so don't loose hope on the big fat cats in their leather chairs not listening to the fans.
  5. Joeyfalcone

    MAJOR reasons why Pirates WILL return in 2010!

    This thread makes me sad, we all had such high hopes, i feel like someones that has just been hanged...its not the waiting its the sudden unexpected drop that kills ya.
  6. Joeyfalcone

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    if they are going to discontinue castle as well, then i won't be buying lego for my kids (if i ever have any) what happen to originality?, when i was a kid there wasn't any license themes now there bringing in prince of persia and toy story that's all well and good, now its all bloody star wars..sad day for kids imaginations. target better re stock pirate sets before the end of the year.
  7. Joeyfalcone

    Pirates of the Caribbean IV

    From what i've heard about the fourth pirates's probably all BS but i think the fourth one is meant to center around jack and barbossa...If you remember at the end of the third one barbossa took the pearl, then we sore Barbossa taking out the Chinese map only to see the center of the map was missing. Cut to Sparrow in his rowboat with that cut out section point his way to the fountain of youth, i think that's what the fourth movie could be about they have the set up already there waiting for it to continue on. To the people that think Hollywood should of stopped at the third movie, Hollywood will never stop while they can still make money out of a franchise (E.G high school muscial)
  8. Joeyfalcone

    Pirates of the Caribbean IV

    I thought it went downhill at number 3 they had way to many things going on too many story lines, the first one was fantastic, the fourth one seems like its going to be in the same vain as the first one but with no mr bloom or miss knightly (thank you god!). i think its a bit harsh calling 4,5 and 6 rubbish when four has only just been announced.
  9. Joeyfalcone

    Where have all the pirate sets gone in Australia?

    lol lucky! bah i might just buy them on line then.
  10. Joeyfalcone

    Where have all the pirate sets gone in Australia?

    hmmm i might have to make a trip to Sydney then, if there exclusive to target you would think target would at least try to keep them stocked..oh seems to me the stores here have everything but pirates and castle.
  11. Joeyfalcone

    Where have all the pirate sets gone in Australia?

    nah, i'm not..i hardly ever go out there man, i was trying to work out which target had all the pirate sets.
  12. Joeyfalcone

    Where have all the pirate sets gone in Australia?

    haha i'm in Newcastle as well! its rather annoying, a few months ago i went out to target in glendale and they had a whole row filled with pirate nothing... i hope it does mean they are selling like hot cakes..cause we all know that could mean new pirate sets.
  13. Joeyfalcone

    Where have all the pirate sets gone in Australia?

    Hello So i have been trying to collect all of the 2009 pirate sets i have got all expect for Loot Island and Shipwreck Hideout..these two i can not find anywhere! i heard shipwreck hideout is only available on the lego site here in Australia...and here they only sell the pirate sets at target! now the town i live in has about three targets...but none of them have the sets anymore...which i find bs..they have every other lego range but pirates...well they do have soilders fort and brickbeards bounty but none of the smaller sets...i hate the fact that i can only by the pirate sets from one store, i know the mid year sales have just ended so maybe they are getting some more sets in..but its taking a while..the mid year sales ended about three-four weeks ago here. so what about my fellow Aussies are you having this problem as well in your town/city? also does anyone know where i might find the last two pirate sets i need in Sydney? any help would be great.
  14. Joeyfalcone

    Review: 10193 Medieval Market Village

    does anyone know where i can get this set in australia? i hear target is the only place?
  15. Joeyfalcone

    Review: 10193 Medieval Market Village

    this is another set that ended my dark ages..i hope i can buy it before they stop making it..