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  1. fp_lego

    What's your favourite Lego colour?

    Hmm, Dark Red of Fire Brigade! Dark Green of Emrald Night! Tan of Family Home!
  2. Well i hope i am posting this at the right place i just came across this Tripy 8Bit Lego Brick Music Video for you to watch. http://www.wimp.com/createfilm/ Some really nice animation skills and patience to do something like this! Will bring back fond memories to afols using NES and othe 8Bit era electronics!
  3. fp_lego

    Bag building

    Well I though I would give it a try so here goes City 8398 BBQ Stand in a bag: Not so easy moving and turning around those little parts throught the clear plastic. Maybe I should have hidden the extra round trans orange plate in the fridge!
  4. Looking around I dicovered there was a 852132 Castle Tic Tac Toe that existed (... or still does?) and a City Police / Inmate Tica Tac Toe... I wish they made an indiana jones one... but the pirate one looks great, it's even better than the castle and city ones!
  5. fp_lego

    New parts & new use of colors

    Ok now i get it, it seems to be avaible in UK and Switzerland right now only... I'm pretty sure the part to game price ratio isn't going to be very good if you just want to farm for special parts...
  6. fp_lego

    New parts & new use of colors

    I'm sorry, I must be stupid but what game or set are you referring to in the S@H, the link only sends me to the default S@H webage...
  7. fp_lego

    New parts & new use of colors

    Cool new parts I was just wondering in what sets do they appear, do you have that info? I could not find it on bricklink for Lime 1x1 for example...
  8. Haa thanks you so much Mirandir for putting me on track, this little application looks great! I was searching something like this all over the place!
  9. I have a Bricklink LDD question i tried to look & search for the answer but without sucess, so here goes: Is there a way to extract a part list from an LDD file in order to use it into bricklink for my want list?
  10. fp_lego

    Bricklink questions

    I have a Bricklink LDD question i tried to look & search for the answer but without sucess, so here goes: Is there a way to extract a part list from an LDD file in order to use it into bricklink for my want list?
  11. fp_lego

    MOD: Night Owl Express

    Well this is what happens when you get a combination of holidays, weekend and lousy weather: I present the Night Owl Express, three diffrent coaches, one regular, one bar and one end of train coach. The design is a mix between Emerald Night coach and my Sanfransisco Cable Car to make a nice 8 wide coach. Of course this set is missing a steam locomotive, I have designed one but the wheels available on LDD make it look lame in the end, so it's a no show. I decided to add a bridge along the way, the minifig just finished building it on time for the train to pass. This bridge is also one of fisherman bob's best spot to fish! Ahh fisherman bob, doing what he knows best... Sorry guys I think I have LDD disorder syndrom so I will have to take a break! I will make the coaches available soon for download. see ya!
  12. fp_lego

    MOC: Lime Green House

    Uber Cute! So this is the batchelor house, how about a family house now? Just to suggest some addons, a small tree and a dog!
  13. fp_lego

    MOC: Metroliner Amtrak AMD-103 Locomotive

    Wow quite amazing! I love how you tought to put the poles recessed into the structure of the train... good thinking I'll have to kee that in mind. Althought it is in proportion to your other trains, i Don't know why i get the feeeling it is either too high or not wide enough... or maybe that is the feeling i get due to working with LDD that makes me build oversized MOCs.
  14. fp_lego

    MOC: PRR B8a 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive

    Wow really nice work, it looks really cute, droools on floor. My only itch are the two tubes going upwards, I think I would prefer tubes go horizontal even if it doesn't follow exactly the model you are replicatiing.
  15. fp_lego

    MOC: San Fransisco Cable Cars

    Hi & thanks for your feedbacks! I'm not sure I understood this comment but I made some modifications, more brown, less tan, modified front and back. This SF cable car will run you down 68.76€ without any figs. LDD file in attachment. I think I'll stop here unless some great ideas pop! tram___blue.zip