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  1. This was really good and i got a few laughs out of it. I want a sequel.
  2. Zenox

    (MOC) Brainwasher

    Here is the link to my MOCpages page where you can view other creations as well. http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/219484
  3. Zenox

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    These sound very interesting. I hope there will be different colored katanas, or new ninja weapons.
  4. Liking Legos...

  5. Zenox

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Mandalorians?! Sweet! Gotta love what TLG has planned for 2011.. Time to start saving...
  6. Zenox

    Favorite Bionicle line?

    Toa Mahri, Barraki, Toa Nuva, Glatorian.
  7. Zenox

    Custom The Last Airbender Minifigs

    No Toph in the movie? Not gonna watch it. I like your decals, though.
  8. Amazing job on those helmets, did you use the firefighters helms?
  9. I need Sheriff, Karate Guy and Explorer... Probably not offical names, but you can tell what i mean... From Series 1 i managed Space Man, Ninja, Wrestler and accidental Crash Test Dummy... Still, amazing cooperation Ras and Kalle!
  10. Sir, you're a genius! I love the design and the flip-down stand!
  11. I bought Ninja today, and got an extra katana in it! Next: Forestman! Then: Magician, Zombie or Skater...
  12. Zenox

    Fun with Zombie and Jane

    I got the pun as i watched the movie "Fun with Dick and Jane" I love the blood effects. They are brilliant.
  13. Yes! I managed to get Space Man/Astronaut! Well, i think i was little im patient with checking the barcode as i thought the bag had ninja in it.. But this guy with his blaster makes up for it!
  14. Gosh, you're real collectors! So far i only got x1 Wrestler, but from next 5e i get, i'm getting 2 more! Hoping for ninja or spaceman, are those rare?
  15. Zenox

    Batman beyond

    Really good job on this guy. I'd love to see a pic with him flying, like in the series.