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    Huuuum of course Lego, but else :<br>Starwars (Lego + Starwars = YeaH)<br>Video games (Gamecube, PC ...)<br>Music (a little bit of all, from ramstein to beatles)<br>Animes (see cowboy bebop for exemple)<br><br>not a finished list :)

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  1. Luigi

    I propose: Viking Week!

    Love this sentence-film *wub* Whatever, time to make my avatar !
  2. Luigi


    I'll try to participate (and make a Look-a-like one)
  3. Luigi


    Like I explained in another topic, Nintendo means multiplayer to me so SSB of course *sing*
  4. Luigi

    Michael the Angel

    Very beautiful *wub*
  5. Luigi

    Event 2006

    Why not in summer ? Luigi, 'll try to be there too, nice occasion to see England
  6. Luigi


    I have almost already a castle ready to go on a contest *satis* But I am waiting for some bricks (and Vikings) to show it. For the contest I would be Ok to make a MOC about japanim or something like that (fiction manga like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop ...)
  7. Luigi

    If LEGO released another line of Vikings...

    Beards, beards, beards and beards ... Oh I forgot something hum .... yes of course BEARDS !
  8. Luigi

    The Viking Army

    One word : jealous *twisted*
  9. Luigi

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    Excellent *satis* V-WIng Interceptor .... *wub* *wub* *wub*
  10. Luigi

    The Big Piratical 5!

    *devil* I agree with Mr_Phes on the better Forbidden Island. However I can't understand how you can place Skull's Eye Schooner before the Black Seas Barracuda ... Difficult to debate quickly in english, not enough vocabulary but I'll find it. I like all boats ... My top 5 will be 5 boats :D (or almost) I'll edit this later *devil*
  11. Luigi

    New Castle Set! - Chess set

    Looks great ! My first holiday day ........ it's tempting me !
  12. Luigi

    Game systems

    I won't buy anything until the price slow down...
  13. I saw the film for the second time ... First the same model than MF is here (after the palpatine save, when they come back to Coruscant, before Obi Wan says he does'nt want to come because he don't like politic ...) Then I agree with xwingyoda on many points but it's a good film (hard to do) The most important : GG and his story .... I haven't seen Clone ware (and I should have of course but couldn't.) I was told his story (and all story before epIII) is in .... They should not have made him so important. To add (with the second view) - Padme is not good, either actress or her dialogues .... - Ewan McGregor is *wub* The best actor of the film in my opinion .... the OT's character is exactly him in 15 years. - The music is not very good, it doesn't fit with action ... not enough intensity, except the Yoda/Palpatine (with the chorus *sing* *wub* *wub* *wub* ) - Anakin's (or Vader's) gesture at the end is pathetic (makes me think of Rambo or Schwarzenneger's films) "WOW! ok i loved the film. very dark as we were told it would be" -> *wacko* It could have been darker (it would have been better) "what is that crap about eternal life at the end when it is said that Qui Gon still "lives"???? thats really BS!!!" They try to justify (they always want to and it's most of the time weird like this "little pilot anakin *sick* because Obi-wan said Luke that when he knew his father he was a pilot) the fact that Yoda Obi-wan (and Anakin at the end of Ep VI) is able to appear whereas they are dead. On one side yoda and obi-wan learn that from Qui-gon from the other side Vader learn that with Palpatine (remember the story about the sith which had power and gnagnagnagna and after Palpatine say there was one of us who discovered that but we will try to too)
  14. I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw it ! (Don't read me if you don't) First : I disagree with snefroe1, there are two parts in this film : - before Anakin says Windu Palpatine is Sidious - When Anakin and Padme look at differents windows the sunset and that Anakin decide to help Windu. - After that ... And I like better oh A LOT better the second part (in fact I found too that Anakin gave him too easily to Sidious who is more mad as I expected ... a little bit too mad maybe) Why ? The first -flight and save Palpatine- was too long and the Anakin helping Obiwan with droids not interesting. There was too "funny" things in this part I don't find so funny (but the audience was laughing). I don't really like too Grievous even if it's not bad, it's not somebody I have interest for (maybe too much bad guys...) The way to make Anakin change of position is not so convincing (go to help the one who knows Anakin has troubles with Padme knowing that he's a Sith and that he began the war and that his friend and mentor Obi-wan fear .... Windu is the only one (with his untrust to Anakin) to make this believable. But after : WaoW death of Jedis : :'( :'( so saaaad and very well filmed. transition scenario : One point for Lucas : almost perfection : Organa and his cornellian corvette, uncle ben, Padme saying the names of Luke and Leia and after her death, Palpatine saying Vader he killed her (I didn't think of that !), Anakin who takes Anakin's sabre to five Luke, Yoda exiling, even this immortality (they went to far i find, Anakin is "immortal" too at the end of VI he's with Yoda and Obi-wan, the transformation of Anakin to Vader, Palpatine taking control of the Senat, ships, ... I liked it the fight(s) : I liked better Yoda/Sidious (hum I like both of those characters :P) I looked forward for this :oo but the other is not bad ... Obi-wan could have been a little bit more optimistic (the "So you're lost" :-D ) I don't understand why Yoda send Luke with ben ... He doesn't know Vader doesn't know they are born so it could be risked ... Argh I'm going to see it again tomorrow !!! Ps : did you notice the Millenium Falcon (or a kind of) after the first battle if I remember in a city view right-bottom of the view ? I did and *wub* *wub*
  15. Luigi

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    *** active all transmissions links - Non coded message I received a new Schwedi to train. He will be my Schwadawan for the next 2 years. Unluckily I have to retire until next month to take him vital tests to see if he can be my Schwadawan. Don't try to find me, you won't ... and don't try to contact me there will be no possibilities to. Master of the Schwartz Luigi.