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  1. I voted for a more consistent international pricing structure as well as a few other things
  2. Hi Ron, Welcome to Train Tech!. we have a pinned topic at the top of the forum called My the train tech index. It contains a lot of useful information regarding all aspects of lego trains and actually has a section with information for beginners. We have had a few people ask questions like this and before and its been extensively covered by others. I would start be reading those topics to get some ideas as to what may be the best option for you as each train system has its advantages / disadvantages against the other. Its unlikely that 9v will be re introduced so any track that you buy will most likely have to be from the likes of ebay or brick link. Personally I think if your just starting it may be worthwhile getting the new passenger train. It gives you some basic track and every thing you need to motorise it and control it or gives you the basic parts to create your own three car train. Depending on your country this will most likely be the most cost effective way to start out too. I am sure some of our more active members will be along to add comments to cover any things I have missed but I would defiantly advise checking the train tech index.
  3. Hi guys I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to be posting but I would like some ideas and feed back. I dont collect mini figs so I dont really know what the best options would be but I am trying to get two figs to look as close to me and my grandfather as I can. Are there any mini figs that have a long brown coat printed and if not would any one have any ideas on how to make one?.
  4. cusaeng

    Dismantling monorail switch?

    I was just thinking the same thing!. Ive spent the best part of today looking over all the old patents for lego trains and was wondering what the reaction would be if a clone brand decided to re make old mono rail / 9v track. If it was reasonable I would buy some I wouldn’t use the clone brand bricks but to use it as a base to be covered over by track balased or brown tiles wouldn’t bother me at all.
  5. cusaeng

    A Haven for Geordie LEGO fans!

    WEEEE another Geordie ! I Have to agree the Newcastle area has a very poor choice when it comes to Lego. I'm not sure how old you are but fenwicks used to be the best place around but unfortunately the range they offer has seriously dwindles over the past decade. Have you been to robs in Hexham?. Its a large department store that has undergone a change of management and refurbishment. It has a toy department that can rival what fenwicks used to have and apparently it has its own Lego section. I haven’t had a chance to go and check it out yet. I had put some serious thought in to looking in to opening either a franchise or dedicated Lego store in one of the smaller towns near Newcastle due to the pure lack of interest other north east retailers seemed to show but my emails and letters to the Lego group were just ignored. Pretty sad really.
  6. cusaeng

    Emerald Night Fix

    If your not going to be running it on PF I would advise removing the internal geearing and connecting the wheels with axels. I did that with mine as well as the above fix and it seems to be working better with the 9v motor pushing it.
  7. cusaeng

    Emerald Night Fix

    You wont be disappointed . Are you running your train on 9v or pf?
  8. cusaeng

    Emerald Night Fix

    The axle is 8 long and I think this is what your looking for http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=41677
  9. cusaeng

    Lego Universe beta testers

    Very true!. I deal with nda’s pretty much every day and as it is already public knowledge that the project exists then I cant see advising each other that we are Bata testers would be in violation of that agreement.
  10. cusaeng

    MOD: caboose bay window

    Very nice I like to see things like this that dont show up every day and I do like the technique that you used for the bay window. I have seen a few more seamless designs where people have used snoted 2x2 45-degree slope bricks for the sides but I do prefer this look as it has a more classic Lego feel to it. I used it on my Trans Rail Carrier for the train tec competition last year. The only issue that I had was finding a way to blend the roof in over the bay in a way that I was happy with. Dave
  11. I was wondering who the other euro brick Bata testers are?. Why not let others know if you are one of the lucky ones to get a code and if so what is your ID. Perhaps Euro brick members can meet up in the Lego Universe during the testing windows and share out thoughts. Cusaeng
  12. cusaeng

    No Reward?

    I agree, NDA's are taken quite seriously by most companies so I would suggest changing your post asap.
  13. cusaeng

    Lego bepper

    I think hes suggesting that it could be used to simulate the beeping noise trucks make when they reverse. A bit annoying if you have it on all the time and at the moment it seems a bit to fast for me. Its an interesting concept tho
  14. cusaeng

    New clone brick in town

    I dont know thats one goofy kid kidding I was one my self im just mot sure how much a zero current account or banks relate to building toys As an afol its not motivating me lol.