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    Wish I was in England, but am stuck in Vermont for the time being.
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    I like Lego, for starters. My favorite themes include Star Wars, Power Miners, and Batman.
    For books I love Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.
    I like videogames on any platform, but I only have a DS.
    Currently I am going through a Lego Star Wars phase.

    As my usename says, I also like Doctor Who


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  1. DoctorDude234

    Best and worst Lego set of the 2000's

    Well, I myself don't see what you have against it. The only quibbles I have with is are the forward, red wheel guns aren't fixed, and you can't open the roof when the wings are closed. On the other hand, with a few simple mods, it has enough room to transport four people in the main body or two people and a MOC command center. But back to the topic at hand, this could be difficult. I have to say that one of the best sets I own is the Jetrax V6, the blue bionicle ship from last year. It was amazing. It took me a while to build, it was complicated, sturdy, and oh so fun on the swoosh-o-meter. My least favorite is... Wow, toughie. I'm going to have to go for all of those inika clones, which now I can do blinfolded. It has just been to long since we've seen a nice, new torso design. But let's see if there is anything else... No, I suppose not. At least, none of the lego sets I own are junk. Who knows what crap lies beyond my living room.
  2. DoctorDude234

    Dune 2010

    Well, I really hope it's not Americanized. I've seen the newer ones, and they were fine, a nice way to re-aquaint ones-self to Dune. I can't wait though for a new dune movie. (Yes I'm twelve years old and read Dune. It's a nice way to strengthen that nerd/bookworm view.)
  3. DoctorDude234

    The Clone Factory - Rocket Battle Droid

    Nice droids, but it definetly needs grey. And, I have to ask, are those welders/blasters customs, or are they purchasable?
  4. DoctorDude234

    Rebel Light Hover Truck [MOC]

    Nice job you did, especially with the partsat hand. I have to say it honestly looks like it should be at some sort of shipping center, which is a good thing. I think you could use the black spare as an exhaust pipe of some sort by slapping it on to the 4x4 slop at the left or right by the window. As for the turntable, I have no idea. but great moc!
  5. DoctorDude234

    AV-7 Anti-vehicle cannon [MOC]

    Wow, nice. Job. A couple things I don't like however, is the length of the forelegs. They're just a bit too short, and make the legs closer then they should be. A second thing is that, to me, the cannon in the reference pic looks, in lego world, about 2x2. If you put the large, tipless cone at the bottom, and then put 2x2 cylinders all the way to the top, It would look slightly better.
  6. Hello, Brickies. I have a couple 'o bricklink questions. Only need one post, then I'm good. Number one: What category the 2x2 bricks with the huge pin hole on the side belong to? For context, its the joints used in Exo-Force. Number two: What is the light blue used in the 2004 Alpha team sets called? Thank you.
  7. DoctorDude234

    Doctor Who - The Daleks and others

    Wow! These are nice Daleks and Davros is just, to quote Chris E, Fantastic! I have to disagree with you about an ood head. I would have to say kranxx from SPIII would work prettty well. But what head is Davros? I would guess Slizer. And I adore your Supreme Dalek. Could you do some daleks in their modern color scheme?
  8. DoctorDude234


    Dino 2010 was the European equivilant to Dino Attack in America. Whereas Dino Attack was trying to destroy the Dinosaurs, with various cannons and beam weapons, Dino 2010 was focused on capturing the rouge reptiles. So, instead of the enourmous flick fire cannon on the back of the fire hammer, it would have a cage.
  9. DoctorDude234

    Big MOC - Agents HQ

    WOW!! I have to say, that thing is really, really nice. There is so much depth and playability to this model, constrained as it is to the 2-D play format. I can almost guarantee that PeppermintM will adore this. However, I would add a dock of some sort, because you have the other two modes of transportation, but not the third. I would add a dock to the side, where the four-wheeler comes out, and have it like a moat. Then, have the dock split off, one side going to the front, and one gradually lowering to get to the bottom, where you could have a submarine or something of the like. Now, I just have to say this again, WOW!!!
  10. DoctorDude234

    [MOC] A handbuilt AAT

    Thank you, ADHO15. I have already pulled back the turret one stud, which also elongated it slightly. As for the base, if you mean the crescent, then I have no idea how to thicken it, because I only have two of the alien wings. If I use normal bricks, then that will just make it look awful. So, I would like to hear how I could thicken this base.
  11. DoctorDude234

    [MOC] A handbuilt AAT

    Ok people, the pics are back up, except now in a far more managable size. I hope you'll comment, now that your computers won't start whirring, clicking, and screaming whenever you click on the topic.
  12. DoctorDude234

    What book are you reading right now?

    I'm slowly listening to Dune, the Butlerian Jihad, and am trying to re-read all the Terry Pratchetts over the summer, starting with Guards Guards! and Thief of Time. And, if I cna get around to it, might re-read the Shdow books by Orson Scott Card. I've read them before, and they were quite good. I try and read at least eighty books over summers, so there is a good chance i can get this all in. I just finished Crows and Cards by Joseph Helgerson. Trust me, I love to read.
  13. DoctorDude234

    What are you listening to?

    I am listening to Simpsons sountracks, Monty Python sketches, and a couple of UK bands, including Madness and The Proclaimers. Almost all of my friends pester me about listening to Eighties stuff. And, I would like to set the record straight, I know almost no modern bands. At all. Nada. Oh, and also, for audiobooks, I'm listening to Dune, The Butlerian Jihad.
  14. DoctorDude234

    REVIEW: 8967 Gold Tooth's Getaway

    Nice review. The set itself is awful, or at least the design is, but it seems to be a good way to get exclusive figures. I imagine these sets as escorts of, bigger, better wheeled sets. I can just see the Goldtooth jeep rumbling through the jungles, followed by 2 motorcycles. But, I plan to make a star wars speeder based on the bike, so thanks for the pics. Oh, and one last thing. I believe that Gold tooth has a wig. I mean, hair doesn't come gold. Either that or its dyed.
  15. DoctorDude234

    [MOC] A handbuilt AAT

    Thanks for the feedback, but I have to ask: What do you mean by pulling the cockpit back? Do you mean the turret cockpit or the actual body on the semi-circle?