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  1. NeoKross

    Desert Caravan

    Rashad Nawfal Merchant and Mage travels with his caravan across the white wastes, a stretch of desert so baked by the sun that vast patches of it have bleached white. The caravan. Herding the goats and swine Rashad employs many orphaned children that would otherwise turn to crime and banditry in his caravan Rashad Nawfal riding in a howdah upon the back of a Hardosi, being led by one of his wives The most precious cargo in the caravan: the water barrel Close up of a camel The other camel The caravan's trade goods lain out for inspection More pictures on my Flickr
  2. I Rashad Nawfal present myself to the most esteemed guild of Kaliphlin and to its most glorious leader Dextrus Flagg. I bring with me my properties, businesses, accumulated wealth and expert knowledge in the ways of the merchant and mage. May we share wise counsel and prosperous business from now till the last grain of sand flees from our fine desert nation.
  3. NeoKross Signing up for Kaliphlin Guild
  4. NeoKross

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Got mine yesterday and there were many happy songs with their arrival. I have every intention of making a mini-moc celebrating this most generous gift. Thanks CopMike
  5. NeoKross

    REVIEW : 8075 Neptune Carrier

    The Green really is a striking color. I was a huge aquanauts fan back in the day, I'm curious what Lego will do in year 2 of the theme, if they do anything at all... I keep hearing rumors of a temple set, which makes sense as its in the art in some of the instructions... I just hope those disc-keys don't become something like a collect em all series like bionicle masks did...
  6. NeoKross

    Review: 6241 Loot Island

    The only thing I could ever think of is making that baseplate into a giant sandcastle...though I believe thats already been done..
  7. NeoKross

    Marrakesh Marketplace

    Beautiful. I love the use of the fabric for the stall top and the combo of the scarf and dwarf(?) Helmet. My only suggestion would be go for a thicker base next time, just because it looks like such a stand alone display I think something with a little more substance would make it stand out alot more. Awesome job though, the feel is just right.
  8. NeoKross

    The Groomsman of the Stool

    The fact that you took this kind of subject matter and MOC'd it... I'm not sure whether to applaud or cry...
  9. NeoKross

    MOC "StarCraft"terrain battlecruiser

    Amazing. Simply Amazing.
  10. NeoKross

    EB Advent Calendar Raffle 2009

    Thought about where I might like to spend the holidays, and this is what came out...
  11. NeoKross

    Captain's Cabin Contest Voting!

    Toutouille 2 I greatly enjoyed the story accompanying this little moc. also the fact that the girl's paddle has been taken by a shark and the captain just keeps on drinking cracks me up. iLikeSlugzz 1 Its quirky and odd and has improved so much from the original I can't help but give you a nod Majek 2 Very minimalistic and I think it speaks volumes all on its own about what kind of person might sleep there gettobread 1 the kitchen scene is wonderfully comedic and the action shot of the assistant is spot on. oo7 1 Very classic and elegant. the plate with the crab is a very nice touch.
  12. NeoKross

    Captain & Son's Cabin

    I like the idea of angling the window, though I'm not sure how it would be done... As it stands right now, you can see out of it though. I used two 3x3 plates with the angle on them to frame the window. In the Flickr set photo "CCC 039 adjusted" you can get a feel for how they were used. I actually would have liked a 2nd window originally but I ran out of the parts ;p I also briefly considered tiling the wall but I like the texture that the studs create. makes it feel rougher and more lived in. Thanks for the words of encouragement! ~T
  13. NeoKross


    Hello. I've just recently come out of a dark age from building, and am now getting back full swing into the hobby. I've missed my little plastic bricks very much and really glad to see the community has grown so much since I left it (Brickshelf used to be the one and only place I knew of). I've been motivating myself to build by entering various contests (Captain's Cabin being the 2nd I've entered thus far) but hope to keep on building beyond them. I used to consider myself a mostly castle kind of guy, but since my return I've been playing with some space and micro scale too (mostly mecha, which I fiddled with -years- ago) Anyway, just glad to be part of yet another Lego community (however small a part I may play) ~Tristan S
  14. NeoKross

    Captain & Son's Cabin

    Vig. 69b Captain & Son's Cabin After many fine long years raiding and pillaging with his ship "gorthmund" Captain Drothgar Decided that perhaps he ought to start teaching his son the family trade. After all, an Orc can't live forever on the high seas... More images can be found Here ~T