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    MOC Starkiller...

    yeah... I was wondering what people would think about it and wasnt expecting this many reply's erm ok... but is it really minifigcustomisation? i thought it had to be... sharpied or converted, oh well thanks for moving ^^ no I just havent had chance do update more than one picture since I posted this... ^^ thanks for looking
  2. teleri

    MOC Starkiller...

    wow thanks guys ^^ I wasn't expecting any coments Oky Wan Kenobi: I wanted ti put this up to see what people thought of the figure before I finished the project, ah the stormies... erm ages ago I read this comic/graphic novel about stormies only being men... so I made them a woman and alien for a joke in the project, and I will try but I don tknow how to on a Ipod touch.... I will later when I get on my friends laptop ^^ Solscud007: I got the head from the harry potter underwater set with the mermaids, my brother got it for the interesting parts when it came out... I think one comes in the Indiana Jones sets... I cant remember sorry. prateek: thanks for pointing that out I forgot about that set ^^ Baylego: ^^ I should have explaned that in the picture, read Oky Wan Kenobi's reply, its somthing from my project ^^ KielDaMan: thanks man ^^ I'll put some up later. sok117: yeah thats the IJ set I got... it must be from that as I just found a second ^^ yes, I wanted to ask about that head, what other heads can people think of? and the stormies are an idea from a comic that I hope to put into my project ^^ KingoftheZempk: yeah, Im not sure on tha head now most dont seem to like it... I went though a mini "dark years" were I didnt even look and didnt get any sets, I think the last things I bothered buying was the indy bike set, my brother has some new sets but not many good heads... the stormies... are based on a short story from a comic/graphic novel so I just gave some stormies faces for a joke ^^ Masked Builder: thanks ^^ thanks again for all the replies guys ^^ I'll deeplink some pics later when I get on my friends laptop ^^
  3. hey, Ive been playing SW:TFU latly and made this, there just some figures until Ive finished the... project ^^ *excited* Edit: picture update ^^
  4. teleri

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Man I really want collectable starwars figues, like the normal series but one series for each film/series/storyline
  5. teleri

    Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

    thanks dude ^^ I'll give it a go ^^ good idea... i would have just made it the other way and spent years on it and then binning it... >_< lol thanks ^^
  6. teleri

    Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just died! these are amazing! im still into pokemon and these are just amazing!(i'm 15 so.. its not that bad.) I really need some! can I try my own hand at making some? I sculpt warhammer miniatures so I would love to try, I hadn't though of it! ^^ all idea credit would go to you. ^^ omg this just made my day! ^^ you are one amazing guy
  7. teleri

    Bring Back Lego Ninja!

    I would buy every single set. I so want this theme back. It would be amazing. I still try and buy the old sets and there is a lot of interest in it. both ninja and samurai in one theme is good enouigh. but they could bring in a dragon or even a Kitsune( It would have a massive audience and market it would be worth them bringing it back. SIGNED ^^
  8. teleri

    Should I?

    guys, you are all right. I will, I was just worried about braking it, not that i would know it was a keychain... lol thanks, I'll go for it. XD
  9. teleri

    Should I?

    Well... I haven't posted here in ages... Been really busy. So I have a question. For Christmas I got a Lego scarecrow key chain... Should I cut off the chain and make it a figure? Or keep it as it is? I really want a figure... But don't want to pay £20 for it... So should I cut it? Thanks for looking :)
  10. lol I have been watching might booshy alot lately and thought i'd make it a bit random... and the bricks being dirty... i just noticed that. that is discusting... Its my brothers set and it's been on a shelf for ages. i am starting to clean it now XD Yeah. i hope they do another so i can have more time at it... I love the frogs... there great! XD ( he knows everything! mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!) Next time theres a pirate Comp i will enter it properly... Lol thanks for comenting guys XD
  11. teleri

    Dangerous low tide!

    WOW! WOW! WOW! That's amazing! just one thing... where's the frog? lol no it is amazing. i can't wait to see some more pics! XD
  12. Action shot! Just Fisshin... Cpt Boot Troll's booty! The Laughing Reds! Please ignore the fuzzyness... Here's the frog! So what do you think? I know it's not that good. I have always wanted to join one of these and realized it was my last chance... so i made this, i took me about 10 mins to make and it made my brother laugh so i thought id post it... I will post the other pics in another topic tomorrow... XD XD
  13. SO for halloween i am making a special batman thing... but i need help with making a purest mad hatter and bane. i say purest as i dont have time to do it another day... any ideas. i need them for tommorow so...
  14. teleri

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Cool I think I am ready to start my first reveiw this week, is that ok? I can start taking photos and writing it And can post it by next Sunday. Is that ok?
  15. teleri

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I am Really sorry about that, I am just used to typing like that. I would love to start, but please may I start in october as I am really busy this month and will be away for one week.( I get back on the 27th) Thanks Again Teleri