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  1. Jac63

    [MOC] Race pick up in its box

    I have completely designed 2 boxes in the past. I started with a racing truck: Then I continued by a minibus: Today, Bricklink is more developed. This made me decide to embark on a new project. I worked on the boxing and therefore the sale of a racing pickup. It's a lot of work to put everything together, but these are things that I love to do. I was also very well helped. This is today what I offer for sale, for 54 € In the box, there is everything you need to build this racing car, the instructions in paper booklet and a sheet of stickers ". If you want to see more picture: https://photos.freelug.org/main.php/v/JAC/Notices/Pickup2course/
  2. Jac63


    I live in France and my english is not very well. But I try to write more than I speak :D