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  3. 1. No 2. Depends on the theme, usually individual 3. A cathedral or a really detailed castle 4. Same as three I would really like to see the return of pirates and the expansion of kingdoms.
  4. Admiral M

    Ideas for future Castle sets

    Actually, I think that a modular castle could be a great sell, as long as TLG markets it right. They need to make sure that where ever the set is, it is with other modular castle sets under the lable BUILD YOUR OWN CASTLE! Specifically, they should probably have sets like (and this is just me): -$15: A 10-brick high wall section, with 2 minifigs (a guard from each faction), and interchangable decorations (dark green and red). -$25: A 15-brick high tower which can stand independently or with the wall, with 2 minifigs (an archer from each faction) and Interchangable decorations. -$50-$60: A gatehouse under siege- a REAL Gatehouse, about 18 bricks high, a really well defended one with real towers. With 4 minifigs (one archer and one knight per faction) and a battering ram with interchangable decorations. -$120:A keep, built modularly, could be a set on it's own. It would be 2 stories tall, with removable floors that give you access to a basement with dungeons and an armory, a second floor with a throne room/dining hall, and a staircase leading up to the roof. It could have a drawbridge leading up to the entrance on the second floor. It would include 10 minifigures, (Kings, a knight, a 2 guards, in their faction colors, and 2 servants) and shields, banners, tapestries, and flags that could be changed to make the castle faction- specific. Those are just my ideas. Other buildings which could be added are: A Windmill A farm A bakery A stable A marketplace I'm sure there are more ideas out there, this is just what I personally would liike to see.
  5. Admiral M

    Chinese architecture

    You coded all of the images... just take the (code) (/code) things out of the post and it'll show. Edit: Ok, you did it. As to the castle, it's a nice little scene, and you managed to pack alot of detail into it without making it look crowded. The color scheme works well, too. Nice job.
  6. Admiral M

    Medieval Cathedral

    I couldn't agree with you more, Blackmoor, but once again my creativity exceeds my budget. I ran out of pieces building a tiny 16x16 church for the community build, so obviously I'm going to have to dig into my bank account for funds. I think I could build it for a total of $300 at most. For a whole city with a few three story houses and shops? That's my dream, and it's in the thousands. Oh well, one step at a time. I do intend to build this one, though. I might have to cannabalize my other hobbies to do it.
  7. Admiral M

    2 LDD drafts for the community build

    Did anyone hear about the massive northeastern rain storm? It flooded my basement, which is where I put my bricks. As a result, I had to disassemble every one of my models and blow-dry the pieces because otherwise they'd get all mildewy. Both of these are going to be fairly late. I rebuilt the churc, though it looks slightly different, and I'm working on the admirility house.
  8. Admiral M

    WIP HMS ... ?

    That ship is extremely well done. The colors are good, and the stern is very inspirational. How many guns does it have?
  9. Admiral M

    Castle of St Petersbrick

    I really like this castle. It's small, but effective. If you have the bricks, I would reccoment that you put something under the wall sections, and make the back area about one story taller. Tat would provide some room for the garrison to have beds, and also provide the king with a higher chair (to better survey all the land over which he rules)
  10. Admiral M

    Medieval Cathedral

    I was thinking about that, too. It's almost impossible to create a stained glass effect on LDD, due to a lack of pieces and the program itself. If I ever build this in real, I think I would use waxed paper, traced and colored with pencils, and then somehow attached to the back. I'm still thinking of how I would do it, though.
  11. Admiral M

    Medieval Cathedral

    I had been taking a break from lego for awhile, but I saw some fantastic LDD MOC's on the Designed by Me (previously known as Factory) website, and that got the old gears turning. I made a few small MOC's, then a relatively large ship. Then I got bored and decided to build something really huge. I was going to build something massive, and at the same time I was going to quench my thirst for a large simple-gothic cathedral, based on my own church. I spent a little over 5 hours, here and there, on this project, and here's the result: 1500 pieces and $600 if I bought it from Pick a Brick. Here's a shot of just the bell tower: Here's a shot from the back: And from the side: It's got full interior! Here's a size comparison with a minifig: Here's a size comparison with my last church, which is about 4 times smaller!: The build is really complex and has alot of little details, so be sure to check out the link, when it de-classifies I would love to one day build this church in real, genuine plastic for all to see, but the Global Economic Downturn has left my purse strings a bit frayed at the moment, so a dream remains defered. As it is still in computer-graphic form, I am still open to comments and constructive criticism. Thanks for reading.
  12. Admiral M

    Community Build: Dark Seedy Riverside Alley

    A good start. It certianly looks like a riverside alley, but not very dark or seedy. You should probably change the gold accents to black or brown, and make it look more "sinister". It looks very good, other than that.
  13. Admiral M

    Siblings Of the Sea Orphanage

    Your orphanage is coming along well! The sand green roof works really well here. Think sardines.
  14. Ok, I'll cut right to the point: This is the House of Admirality: It's a decent building on it's own, but how can I improve it and make it more interesting and unique? Here's the church: other than it's sanctuary being too small, how can I make this building (particularly the sides) more detailed and intricate? Thanks in advance.
  15. Admiral M

    2010 Community Build

    Alright, sounds good. I can wait, though I really don't think it'll be open.