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  1. TJJohn12

    Just discovered that Lego trains are beyond my reach

    Take a look at parts that aren't visible - stuff that's just structural. I typically set the color of these in my wanted list to "(Not Applicable)" which will then make Bricklink fulfill those parts with the cheapest color. It's not foolproof, and you need to pay careful attention to each cart. But I've trimmed off some cost on LDD models I've uploaded when the structural bits I used were for some random reason rare in the color I used. The real struggle with virtual building is overusing the rare and not realizing it. Another tactic I use is trying to know what parts I already have in stock and build from stock. This can really cut down on what you need to buy. Then I "buy" from my collection first, and mark the "have" quantity on my BL wanted list as 999. One more idiosyncrasy I've found is when removing an item from your wanted list. If you simply set the quantity to 0, the system will still try to find stores that stock that unneeded part.
  2. TJJohn12

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    Here's a moment where looking to BMR might be a good idea. The engines @Cale features over there (at least the ones he built) run on PennLUG's layout, along with a ton of other clubs' layouts. So I wouldn't worry as much about sticking to 6 or 8 wide.
  3. TJJohn12

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You are a saint! Bravo!
  4. TJJohn12

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    Hey, I'm fine with anyone necro'ing this thread! Check your PMs.
  5. The limiting element for any modification of this train will be the nose of the engine. That part has *only* been released in Flame Yellowish Orange: So unless you want to take a radical departure from the design, you can't lose the nose color from your scheme. All that said, are you really unable to disassociate a train's livery from a sportsball team?
  6. TJJohn12

    [MOC] Vintage LEGO Delivery Truck

    In 1959, LEGO was granted the patent for the system of play we all know today. This delivery truck imagines what a LEGO System Delivery Truck might have looked like traveling a city's streets in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This model was created for LEGO Ideas’ "Build a Vintage Car…” contest. It’s inspired by LEGO S@H promotional sets of the 1990s - 2148 LEGO Truck & 3442 LEGOLAND California Truck - this GWP playset includes a delivery truck, driver, and crates full of vintage LEGO sets. The model was nominated as a finalist by LEGO’s judges and could become the next Gift With Purchase set with your help. Voting closes December 4th.Help make this set a reality!
  7. TJJohn12

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thought you might have liked the LEGO Delivery Truck... but I’m a little biased. ;-)
  8. TJJohn12

    Disney LEGO Build Challenge: Ohana Means Family

    Just a reminder that the deadline for entries is coming up fast!
  9. As Phil was alluding to, there is no “correct” way to MOC. But in general, creating your own custom LEGO trains can be addictive . But you need to get your - ahem - wheels under you first. Which is why a set is your best bet. But once you see how the mechanics work, tear that baby down and have at it with customization. I know in the US, 60197 has been reliably in stock at Amazon since it was released. Sometimes a scratch-and-dent Warehouse deal comes up for a a punctured box that knocks a good percentage off. But for train sets, it’s very hard to find them on clearance or discount. Retailers seem not to stock tons, which means they aren’t the sets that gather dust and get clearances.
  10. If you're just getting into LEGO trains, I'd suggest getting a proper train set. The newest trains include the battery box, controller, and motor that will start you down the right path.
  11. TJJohn12

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    Just a quick post to show off some better shots of my custom stickers for the Holliday (and yes, that's a LEGO deer on the headlamp):
  12. So, I've caught the train bug and have been working on building out my roster of Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad stock based around 71044. The latest is the E.P. Ripley. The Ripley was engine number 2, based at the Main Street, U.S.A. Station and pulling the Passenger Train on opening day. The engine is a striking dark green color with red accents. It begged to be modeled. To go along with the MOC, I also designed custom stickers - based on the original livery of the locomotive.
  13. All, I'm particularly proud of my entry in the latest LEGO Ideas contest - the challenge was to develop a product that used LEGO and voice activation in a meaningful way. My concept revolved around voice controlled town vehicles - inspired by HO scale modellers who have wire guided vehicles on train layouts. Custom bases follow lines and respond to voice commands. Though it's not an "Ideas-proper" entry - meaning winning the contest won't yield a new product - I'm hoping that a strong showing could point the product development team toward this path for someday in the future. So, if you've got a second, toss a vote in the bucket. The poll ends today.
  14. Hey all, Over in the Disney LEGO Flickr group there's a Build Challenge going on! With the holidays approaching - let's share models that represents a Disney moment of family and togetherness. What Disney moments make you smile and feel warm inside? You can check out more details over in the Disney LEGO Flickr Group's discussion section.
  15. TJJohn12

    Improving the 71044 Disney Train (WIP and Idea thread)

    So, just a quick update on my Holliday - my custom stickers came in the mail today and I had the chance to apply them this evening. Just a quick preliminary photo: