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  1. einsteinonthebeach

    Modular Building 2011

    Almost sure it will be a Pet Shop, saw the set # too. Mark
  2. einsteinonthebeach

    LEGO Labyrinth

    LEGO Labyrinth (AKA Minotaurus x4) Dimensions: 50''x50'' Pieces: Approx 20,000 Build Time: 2 months Playable Factions: Peasants, Forestmen, Wolfpack, Crusaders Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4 Object of game: To successfully navigate your three figures from the outside of the labyrinth to the inside. Playing: On each players turn roll both die (ACTION and MOVEMENT). Perform the ACTION die first and then move your character the number of spaces shown on the MOVEMENT die (NO diagonal movement). ACTION DIE DIRECTIONS: Black: Move the Fright Knight Lord 8 spaces. If the Night Lord touches any player, they must return to their starting position and the Night Lord returns to the center of the Labyrinth. Light Grey: Rotate one of the walls 360 degrees. Any moveable walls and figures touched by the rotating wall must be returned to their original position. Dark Grey: Take any dark grey moveable wall and place it anywhere in the maze. Great for blocking paths and stopping the walls from rotating. Red: Use one of two catapults to try and hit your opponent with a giant boulder. Any moveable walls or figures hit must be returned to their original starting position. Dark Brown: If you can move one of your figures to a dark brown doorway, you may place your figure on top of the labyrinth on the designated pedestal. Your figure will be safe from all attacks on top of the maze and can stay in the safe zone for as many turns as desired. x2 Tile: Move your figure twice the number of spaces as shown on the MOVEMENT die. (Ex: Roll a "6" with x2, move 12 spaces) Brickshelf (when public): http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=456756 Flickr: Thanks, Mark Bauer
  3. einsteinonthebeach

    New Lego Exclusive 10217 Harry Potter Diagon Alley

    Absolutely gorgeous! This is the must-buy set of 2011!
  4. einsteinonthebeach

    Color Change by AFOLs?

    My first vote as well! A dark green cypress would be awesome! (Black cows as well!) Mark
  5. einsteinonthebeach

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1. No 2. Whole 3. Sydney Opera House 4. A large, detailed castle 5. More sets for castle aimed at medieval life. Medieval Market Village was an amazing step in the right direction for Adult Castle fans, we would love more!
  6. einsteinonthebeach

    REVIEW: Portal of Atlantis 8078

    Thanks for the early review. The set looks excellent. Gotta love those black Belville arches! Mark
  7. einsteinonthebeach

    Mine? Mine! Mine.

    Nice job ISC! Love the crossbeam technique, looks like they are not attached but I assume they're quite snug? The rock work is superb! Mark
  8. einsteinonthebeach

    Review: 7950 Knight's Showdown

    Thanks for the early review CopMike! June is going to be a very expensive month! MLB
  9. einsteinonthebeach

    MOC: Medieval Market Village Diorama

    Really amazing work! Love how you use the brown wooden door for a dock! The witch hunt party coming through the woods is hilarious! I really like how you used the Islander face for another Jester, it works really well! Great job, off to look at more detailed shots! Mark
  10. einsteinonthebeach

    After your MOC is done

    I always disassemble them after a public showing and pictures. I only build big (15,000+ pieces) so I really can't afford to display MOCs while building another one. Mark
  11. einsteinonthebeach


    Hey Dillon, first let me say thanks for the front page spot! Thanks for the advice on the 2x2 tiles on the front tower, I agree you. It was my first attempt at building a round tower with ratchet pieces, the next MOC will incorporate more variety in the rounded wall sections. Transportation was surprisingly very easy. The back two sections each weigh around 30-40lb so we had to wheel those around in a cart. The front two sections are very sturdy and light and can easily be carried by one person. Mark
  12. einsteinonthebeach


    Thanks for coming out to see it. The turnout was great and only 3 figures were stolen . The estimated piece count was about 21,000. Looking through some of the 500+ ballots, there are a few that are coming within 500 pieces of the answer. Mark
  13. einsteinonthebeach


    I'll be there but plan on ordering a Grand Emporium as we are still out of stock. We'll get you free shipping to your house if you order in the store. MLB
  14. einsteinonthebeach


    ALL PICTURES NOW ON FLICKR! http://www.flickr.com/photos/einsteinonthe...57623806788760/ Brickshelf (when public) http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=426315 PS: Can a MOD delete the "PREVIEW:" in the Post Title as it is no longer a 'preview'. Thanks!
  15. Starwars: 8038 Battle of Endor. Unless we see another set with Ewoks in the next few years, this set should skyrocket in price once it's discontinued. Castle: 10193 Market Village. Unique figures, cows! Toy Story: Army Men on Patrol, for reasons already stated. City: City Corner. The classic look and great bus design will probably increase the value of this set. Creator: Apple Tree House. Only set with dark blue roof, the value will increase! Space Police: The upcoming Lunar Limo, if only for the figure "Brick (Pimp) Daddy" Power Miners: I don't think any current set will truly skyrocket in price. Exclusives: They'll all go up in price (except perhaps the Architecture series)