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  1. Ryan_T

    LEGO Bowling Lanes (3D Render)

    I've been bowling a lot recently.. And for some reason decided to throw some lanes together in LEGO. While I haven't touched actual bricks in quite a long time, mainly because I don't have the collection to make nice things. I went to LeoCAD. I originally had 12 lanes up in LeoCAD.. But importing that into Cinema4D proved to be tough.. So I settled for 3 lanes, and even that was almost too much for C4D to handle.. I noticed that, unlike real life, the tiles edges didn't quite show up as nicely either. (or at all for that matter..) So I had to go through some settings to find something that looked... somewhat.. okay.. I didn't really want to go around to each tile to add a small bevel to each edge to make it look a bit more realistic.. But.. This is what I came up with.. The lanes are too wide. The ball returns are in the wrong places. And I'm pretty sure the bowling balls are not to scale.. The lighting is a bit iffy and the walls are plain.. But. with the hours i spent working on it. I figured I'd show it off anyway.. So, I hope you like it. I would also like to take this time to say HELLO! After a very long time of not posting or uploading MOCs on Eurobricks. It must be around a year or 2 since I have posted here. This post isn't marking my return, or saying I'll have more things to upload.. But I do miss this place and the people here. If you'd like a bigger picture, you can check it out on my DeviantArt Page. http://howlingmmurdo...10%3A1372594435
  2. Ryan_T

    Lego and cats

    Mine used to umm... mark her territory.. in the buckets of LEGO.
  3. Ryan_T

    Whats CP doing for Halloween Month?

    Share their rum?
  4. Ryan_T

    Steam Gaming Thread

    Updated the list. ;) Tell me if I missed any!
  5. Ryan_T

    LEGOLand... FLORIDA!!!

    -Bump!- There's now a website, LEGOLand FL.
  6. Ryan_T

    Steam Gaming Thread

    Couldn't find a thread about this, If there already is one, then.. Yea, Sorry! Just want some friends in steam, so I thought EB might be a nice place to start. I'll list all EB User name's in this post for everyone to easily find. Just post your user name and if you want a list of the games you currently have! Ryan_T - Bonitasniper - *Team Fortress 2, Hl2-ep.1-ep.2, Garry's Mod, Alien Swarm* - Posades - Posades - *MoonBase Alpha, Portal, Alien Swarm* - Marckeyh - ^3Herr Seele Joey Lock - Spidyfingers Mr Tools - Ihavecombosia Simonjedi - Simonjedi1 Iamded - iamded - *Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, Team Fortress 2, Plain Sight, BorderLands, Alien Swarm* - Hawkyboy4 - Hawkyboy4 - *Moder Warfare 2* - SaM - SSaaMM_ New! Eurobricks Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Eurobricks Any Eurobricks admins that join this group should contact my steam for officer rights! Try to keep this topic mostly about User names if you can!
  7. Ryan_T

    Custom Made

    Do you have the hull and sails and all of that?
  8. Ryan_T

    My first Flash file

    I'll be making a new one soon. This one was just a quick test. very easy to!
  9. Jcc, the only way to move on, is to get a kitten. once you love a cat, you can't live without one. but, someday we'll be on the floor, or bed, dieing. (or wherever we are anyway..)with someone hopefully watching us, being with us as we move on.
  10. Ryan_T

    My first Flash file

    After about 20 minutes of thinking. I came up with this, Not much.. but its a start! Flash Yeah I could do better, I know.. Don't hurt me!
  11. Nooo JCC! Im sorry about your kitty. I have a cat to, And when she's gone I'll miss her so much. How could you not love this?
  12. Ryan_T

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    Hope I'm not to late! Ryan T Redcoats -EDIT- Err never mind, I don't have the time I thought I did. Very Sorry!
  13. Just watched it online. It was actually better then I expected. Apparently A.FOL is part of Research and development. and... something else I cant make out. :P
  14. Ryan_T

    2010 Community Build

    24. Community Hall (was fun to build! First CB entry ever.)
  15. Can this be true? A real LEGO Full length movie? LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers Not sure if its true or not, saw it in an ad on Facebook.