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  1. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Coming up on a year later, and I think an update is in order for anyone curious or on the fence about this hobby. No regrets yet. In fact, utterly relieved is still how I feel about going through with this. The idea to sell all my Lego came at a time when I was going through many changes, and it was definitely a necessary step in my personal development. I had a picture in my head of a new me that has slowly been materializing, and there was no room in that picture for plastic bricks. In retrospect, the amount of money I spent on the stuff was ludicrous. I was on a one-way track to having an entire room walled with Lego, which at one point was a dream that I was working toward, but I eventually realized that it was not how I wanted to spend my life. I'd rather spend my time with friends or experiencing new things than building models in my basement until 4:00am. Even when I managed to find a nice balance with the hobby and not let it consume me, the rewards of collecting and building simply weren't there like they were when I was younger. Even my close friends, who thought my Lego hobby was awesome, agree that it was holding me back and tell me I've changed for the better. With the money saved, I've spent over a year devoting myself to improving my image by building a professional wardrobe, working out for the first time in my life, and developing my social skills. I look and feel better than ever, and spend my time surrounded with the people I love. Do I still think Lego is cool? Absolutely. I still check blogs and check out future sets, but have no desire to own any of it. A year ago, if I knew Lego LOTR was coming out, I would have freaked out and dropped a grand on it with no hesitation. Today, I admire the sets online, and leave it at that. I might still regret selling it in five or ten years when my life is more established, but I see myself taking up other hobbies then, like musical instruments or physical activities. I hope someone gets some perspective from my experience. I still consider myself an AFOL.
  2. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Had another potential buyer go MIA and cease communication. This lot is back up as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Hi Brett, Thanks for your interest. I currently have a couple buyers who both seem interested. One is pretty close to me. I will keep you posted.
  4. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Looks like the deal I had pending has fallen through. Trying to garner some more interest in this as one big lot.
  5. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    FYI I'm getting a lot of responses about this. At the moment, I am only considering full sales for everything, and currently have one pending. Thanks for the interest!
  6. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Great post. I really appreciate your wisdom!
  7. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Gatineau (right next to Ottawa)
  8. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    I'm definitely seriously considering this. I doubt I'd hate or love myself for selling; it feels like the logical thing to do right now, and I doubt I would lose sleep over it. I've milked it for many years, and it might be time to move on. It's been in the back of my mind for at least a year. I haven't had the time to touch the stuff, and I haven't really missed it. If anything, I feel like it is kind of holding me back/weighing me down. My mind isn't fully made up, but I'm leaning toward getting rid of it all. I'd keep my custom polar express train for my christmas tree, but that's about it. That's the type of deal I'd probably prefer. If someone was willing to champ it out and drive a truck here, I'd definitely give them a deal. If anyone is remotely interested, PM me and I can give you some photos and a better sense of what I've got.
  9. Maegnus

    Considering the unthinkable...

    Yeah and I think it makes sense to try and sell it as one chunk and leave the valuable stuff in there, instead of selling what I know would go fast (e.g. modular buildings or every batman fig ever made) and ending up with a bunch of bricks I can't get rid of.
  10. I doubt this is going to happen, based solely on the fact that it would present a logistical nightmare. I am considering selling my entire collection of Lego, most of which is broken down into towers of drawers. Shipping it would be impossible. I could potentially open up a BL store, but part of my problem is I don't have anywhere near the time it would take to build any of these sets back. I have a lot of stuff that is rare and worth a decent amount of coin. Just going through Brickset and checking off the sets that I know I own since 2005, it gives me a $6700 US retail price, of which many sets were surely missed, some sets were multiples, and excluding my entire childhood collection from 1990-2005 (oh, and the other entire collection I bought off a man who grew up with classic space in the 70s and 80s). There's also my extensive minifigure part collection, and the probably $2000 I've spent on BL orders (~300 orders) and third party elements. If I had to give a rough estimate of what everything is worth, I'd say $15,000-$20,000. Hard to say. Some of it is very sorted, while some is loose in bins that could use a hose down (old sets in there are dusty). Obviously I'd like to sell it all in one shot, but I highly doubt anyone has the means or the money to do so. I know some of you have bought/sold entire collections in the past. Care to share some insight/experience? Something tells me the local classifieds won't get me any serious offers. I'd probably be looking for at least $5,000 for everything, which I can't see anyone in this community having disposable. My brickset inventory Am I insane? Just thinking out loud here. I haven't had the time for the stuff in the last few years, and I don't see myself regretting it if I got out of the hobby altogether. But I'm in my early 20s, and I know many of you will say to sit on it for 10 years, and then I will be glad to have kept them when my career is more settled. Such a dilemma. Can you guys direct me to threads of others who have wrestled with this (I couldn't find much with a search)? Thanks for your support.
  11. WOW! I did not expect that when I opened this topic! I'm so honoured Thanks so much to everyone who was involved in this amazingly run contest. All of the entries are stunning, and I can't wait to see what other creations you all dream up. Congrats to Clark, Jalkow, and Cutlass IZ!
  12. Maegnus

    [MOC] EG-X from Wipeout

    As much as I'm not crazy about the colour scheme, I do love all the Wipeout games, and this definitely looks faithful to the series. Very nice work. Makes me wanna play!
  13. Is that a bowler hat the clown is wearing? God I hope they release one in green so I can finally make a proper suited up Riddler
  14. Maegnus

    Scene from The Hangover - animated in LEGO

    Awesome job. Keep at it!
  15. Maegnus

    WINTER BREAK: Number 93 Diagon Alley

    4 words: u da man buds Seriously though, the 1000 piece limit is difficult enough; you handicapped yourself even further by making a purple building!? Loves it.