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  1. Optimus

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    The DC minifigs look excellent! That said, I can't help but be disappointed with the Marvel minifigs. I know they're prototypes, but Iron man, The Hulk, etc. all look terrible. Hulk should be an actual minifigure, not what he currently is. Iron man should just have a printed head, not a gigantic oversized helmet. They could use something similar to the power miners crystal creature arms for the hulk, and give him a bulky chest piece. The only decent looking one is Wolverine. I was hoping to get a glimpse at some of the actual sets...
  2. Optimus

    Batman coming back

    It's about time! bricklink prices for the old batman sets are just insane. Way too expensive... I mean some of the $10 sets go for over $100! That's insane. I guess we will be seeing pictures in the next few days. I, for one, cannot wait.
  3. Optimus


    Simply awesome, very nice editing as well!
  4. Optimus

    2011 Alien Conquest

    Looks like it says "ADF," which I'm guessing stands for "Alien Defense Force."
  5. Optimus

    MOC : Landraider MK I

    Wow, absolutely awesome! Very nice work Saint! I really love the 40k universe and you captured this perfectly! I love how you did the side and top turrets, also all the details look really great!
  6. Optimus

    Crysis VTOL aircraft

    Excellent work thire5! It looks exactly like it does in the game, you captured it perfectly!
  7. Optimus

    Ye Old Forge

    Just stunning, such excellent work. I love how you did the fireplace, boy that's a lot of studs! The dark brown roof is so good. Really great work on this!
  8. Optimus

    District 9: The Eviction

    D9 is an awesome movie and you really made a nice MOC! I love how you did the prawns, they look awesome! The whole dirty / run down look is also really well done. Awesome job on this!
  9. Optimus

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    My votes: All around great entries guys! 28) Mexican Entry (Build by Mariko) Hands down the best, awesome job on this! 25) Mexican Entry (Build by Jippon) Perfect home for the Mexican Maraca man! 23) Vampire Entry (Build by Darkblane) I love the use of the nurse from series one!
  10. Optimus

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    I really enjoyed the entries guys, here are my votes: 8) Robot & Jungle Explorer Entry (Build by lisqr) This one is great, I love all the mechanical greebles! 10) Robot & Jungle Explorer Entry (Build by Darkblane) I love this one, the portal is awesome! The rooms are incredibly detailed! 12) Diver & Surfer Entry (Build by squiz) Very well built, the wave is awesome, and so is the shark!
  11. Optimus

    Mars Mission

    Wow! This is so awesome! Mars Mission was one of my favorite space themes, shame they discontinued it I love how you used red in this set, it works so well and really gives it an alien look. The vehicle is also incredibly well designed. I really love the guns The vehicle is also HUGE in terms if this scale, like a moving city! I love how you used the alien transport tubes as well. Overall, excellent diorama!
  12. Optimus

    Creation - LL-447 "Mantis" Class Starfighter.

    Good job on this! I love the classic space color scheme and feel, it also looks a lot like an F-302 from Stargate.
  13. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. LEGO is already outrageously expensive, especially in Europe. Considering what you get with the average LEGO set compared to other toys, you're really getting a lot less for the price. Yeah, I know LEGO is a high-quality product, but it is a toy, and it's really just too expensive for most people. To make things worse, LEGO is actually INCREASING prices year after year, with sets becoming more expensive (similar to how they used to be in the late 80's to early 90's, only worse). It could be a bad thing because it could lead to LEGO using more cheap Chinese plastic in their pieces, which would really ruin the LEGO brand for me (just look at the cheaper plastic used in the Collectible minifigures, really disappointing on LEGOs part for not using their higher quality plastic). The good news is more competition = lower prices for consumers. Hopefully that will be without a loss in quality.
  14. Here's my entry. Theme: Town Figure: Disco Dude It is based off the description of Disco Dude on LEGO's website. Disco Dude The Disco Dude has built a time machine to take him back to the 1970's to relive the days when Disco dancing was popular. The unsuspecting dancers are caught by surprise when the Disco Dude's time machine suddenly appears right on the dance floor! Here it is: Another Angle: Close up: Brickshelf (when public)
  15. Here's my Entry for the contest. This is the first contest I've ever participated in so I hope I've done everything correctly. The minifigures I chose for this interaction are the Pharaoh and the Spaceman in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Overview: Tomb Interior: Closeup of the Spaceman's spaceship: Backstory: Earth was decimated by war by its inhabitants many millennia ago. The ensuing conflict devastated the planet's environment and made it uninhabitable. Some Humans fled into the stars, where they journeyed to a new solar system to start anew. Thousands of years have passed since Earth has been abandoned aside from the occasional bandits who land on the surface looking for anything of value in the wreckage. Meanwhile, on one of the many planets colonized by the Humans who managed to escape Earth, a spaceman finds a curious map hidden within an artifact that has been passed down in his family for generations. The map marks a location on Earth, a location that supposedly hides a vast riches all for the taking! With this knowledge in hand, the astronaut leaves on an adventure back to Earth using his small and nimble spaceship. Landing on the surface in the ruins of Ancient Egypt, which has remained largely intact, the spaceman discovers a hidden entrance to the underground tomb using the map. After journeying through catacombs for hours he eventually comes upon a giant chamber containing a hoard of treasure; gold, diamonds, jewels and other valuables are all his for the taking! However, unbeknownst to the Spaceman, something else is lurking inside the tomb. The Pharaoh has awoken and opened his sarcophagus, and he's not about to let the Spaceman leave with his treasure! Additional pictures on Brickshelf: More on Brickshelf (when public)