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  1. Awesome stuff man! :thumbup: :thumbup:

    thanks mate!

    Nice. Those cabinets fits the museum first of all.

    Secondlt those builds looks really great.

    Sad its hard to take great pictures there though. :classic:

    Thanks! I hope the cabinet fits the museum, it's theirs, we just filled them :D

    And yeah the light is very bad there, and we're not really allowed to take our own lights and stuff, actually as they bought the mocs ( they just refunded the parts), they're not in our possession so we can't even take new better pictures. (they removed them from another exhibit, I don't know where they are now.)

  2. Hi everyone! it's been a while since I posted here.

    I came to present you 2 dioramas that my Lug did for a museum, steampunk dioramas.

    The "maison d'ailleurs" , a museum in switzerland wanted something for their "Jules Verne" room, but not something related with Verne's book. So captainsmog and I designed 2 showcases.

    I designed a submarine attacking a boat, and Captainsmog designed an airship station.

    The 2 dioramas have been built by Lelug's members, while we guided them.

    the two showcases:


    my submarine :


    Captainsmog's the airship station :


    Some details :





    Sadly because of the lighting, these are quite complicated to photography. So... sorry for the pictures.

    More picture in these 2 gallery, even if there are a lot of pictures of people:

    Oh, there's also some pictures of Swisslug's part of the exhibition, which are very cool dioramas about star wars and lord of the ring, and 2 captainsmog's things, somewhere in the middle.

  3. has the guy with the sausage been inspired by "Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler" ?

    And why is the photographer holding a frog ? XD Could also be a reference to the discworld but then the frog needs to be in the flash. :D read the description on your website :D

    Anyway I like these figs, and I think I actually made almost the same combination for some of my steampunk mocs. I used the glass scope on a diorama as example, except I put it the other way.

  4. HEY I built a 4 legged mech named A.T.A.R ! you stole my name :D


    Joking apart, this is a nice red firefighter mech, I like the feet, looks like they can grab things like chameleleon feet.

  5. Thanks guys !

    Pig : I actually used these plates because they were 8x8 , but you're right, they do add nice details to the base^^

    legozebra: hey, it could have been a kind of steam hummingbot! I didn't even think about that :D