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  1. Brick n Brick

    Weekly Webcomics

    Haha. Love 'em! Can't wait for next weeks. Good job.
  2. Brick n Brick

    Indy's River Crossing

    Alright. I have to go out this afternoon, so I'll resize tem when I return.
  3. Haha. Really cool. I love the old music and sepia effect.
  4. Brick n Brick

    LDD Hong Kong KMB Volvo Olympian Bus

    Wow. Nice job. Do you have any plans to make it in real life? Order the parts online?
  5. Brick n Brick

    Indy's River Crossing

    Alrighty. Any recomended size?
  6. Brick n Brick

    Fleshies vs Yellows II

    Ok, well. I had made 2 trucks to use in mine, and have used. You could feature them in yours aswell, if you wish.
  7. Brick n Brick

    The Battle of the Colours

    Thanks Joey. I think of this set around January 2003. Just after the fleshies were released and the uproar that started a war ;) As for the "Doc Ock" imposter. I'll be re-adding the photo as per his guidelines.
  8. Brick n Brick

    Civil War Diorama: "Battle of the Randomness"

    Just wondering, but where did you find the orange caps?
  9. Brick n Brick

    EB News Presents. A Special Announcement.

    Woah! 1 Year??!! Congrats on the anniversary. Now, who could that mystery person be?
  10. Brick n Brick

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    If theres still room, I'd love to join!
  11. Brick n Brick

    Holiday Residence Ultimate Face-Off

    I think they are both sets. I really like the "sliding door" roof that comes with the Holiday home (Great for MOC Firehouses), but I also like the covered garage of the Villa. I'd have to say 49% to 51% in favor of the Villa.
  12. Brick n Brick

    Some Small SpongeBob Creations

    Nice job! I really love your portrayment of Patrick's rock!
  13. Brick n Brick

    WWII German StuGIII convoy

    Oh, cool. As I'm starting to make a battlefield scene, I just made a custom one as well. As you said, it really got my creative juices going.
  14. Brick n Brick

    The Battle of the Colours

    So, I've been quite interested with Joey Lock's idea of the Fleshies vs. Yellow's and was so intrigued with the theme, that I started to create my own "war". This one's a little different, as, in time, it will be more like an all out "trench to trench" battle (just need more minifigs until that can happen :) ). Joey Lock, this isn't meaning to copy your idea or creations in any way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1 Fleshies Colonel Freeter - Grey (Soldier) Banes - Boat Driver (Soldier) Lend - Pack and Helmet Edit by Hinckley: Pic removed. Sorry, it's way too large. Please check out the site guidelines for rules and tips for posting pictures. Thanks! The fleshies set off across the aged sea in their tender. Colonel Freeter was already anxious about what he would find when they arrived in the land of the Yellows. He wished he hadn't gotten himself into this diplomatic meeting. Colonel Freeter: How long Banes? Banes: Can't say for sure, sir. Hopefully only a few more miles. Colonel Freeter: Better be. Suddenly, the wind picked up and the waves rose higher. Tossing the small boat about. End of part 1
  15. Brick n Brick

    Peril in Peru on S@H

    What? $50 USD?? Thats 20 bucks less than in Canada? Here, on s@h Canada, it's $69.99!