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  1. Captain Roger

    The beggining of Lego Star Wars

    When did Lego decide to get the Star Wars license and release toys from such movies? Knowing that the Phantom Menace is from 1999 and that the first Lego Star Wars sets are from that same year, it is clear that it was in the wake of that movie. However, knowing that the script for the Phantom Menace began to be written on November 1, 1994 and the film began shooting on June 26, 1997, it is possible that The Lego Company had negotiated with Lucasfilm long before 1999. In that case there are several possibilities: A) Lego got the license but was unable to create Phantom Menace toys until the film was complete, since that's when it could see the new characters, vehicles, etc. However, it was able to take advantage of this to create toys for episodes IV, V and VI. B) Lego had access to some Phantom Menace data before the movie was completed, which allowed them to focus on coming up with new sets, parts and minifigs before the general public was aware of the movie. So what happened, when did Lego get the license, when did they get to work on the first sets in their SW line? I find it very interesting how AFOL that topic, as I think that first license obtained changed LEGO forever, affecting also lines outside Star Wars. I look forward to your help. Best regards and thanks in advance
  2. Captain Roger

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    I’d like to see more Imperial Armada sets, a modern version of renegade runner with an Ironhook with 2009's pirate minifigure stile (and with rudder and anchor), an Imperial flashship with bluecoats (similar to 2010s) and a ship with Red Beard Runner style of sails, flag and red hull, but with all sails a mast must have, at least 4 cannons and a nice sterncastle. I never liked RBR due to its lack of sails and sterncastle and it has only 3 cannons. However I like its flag, style of the (scarce) sails and red hull. So that ship could be nice.
  3. Captain Roger

    Old LEGO pirate sets with new minifigures and accesories

    Thank you. I’m glad you like it and sorry for the delay. Wolfpack rules!!
  4. Captain Roger

    [MOC] The damned island

    It isn’t a video but some photos. Brickshelf have been unavailable until right now, so you couldn’t watch the photos until Brickshelf has been fixed. Now, you can watch my photos, hope you like it, Fraunces!!
  5. Captain Roger

    Old LEGO pirate sets with new minifigures and accesories

    Thanks to both. I'm glad you like my photos. I posted some photos of BSB and EF with modern minifigs here: Now, I'm going to share photos of Imperial Trading Post with 2009 minifigs. Enjoy! Hope you like it!
  6. Captain Roger

    [MOC] The damned island

    Yes, they are dead since the guy with blue bandana shot them in the third photo. thanks for your comment Vroskri.
  7. Captain Roger

    [MOC] The damned island

    Obviously, It’s Rocky Reef with the zombie pirate captain of 14 minifigure series instead the original skeleton, without the palm an some minor modifications. I’m not a great MOCer but I hope you like it, Mr. Phes. It’s really nice to read you again. It bring me memories of 2005-2006, when I was an habitual user here. Now I posted here with less frequency but I’m still a Lego Pirates lover. I hope you and your relatives are fine despite covid19. Best regards!!! EDIT: oh, I put hispalug instead Eurobricks. Sorry, it was a mistake due to I’m a user of both forums
  8. Captain Roger

    Old LEGO pirate sets with new minifigures and accesories

    When I posted this, 9 years ago, nobody commented, and I understand, because photos weren't good enought, so I have repeated all photos. Hope you like it now
  9. Captain Roger

    [MOC] The damned island

    ARRRRRRRRRRRRR MY DEAR FRIENDS OF EUROBRICKS, IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I SHOWED ANYTHING IN THESE WATERS! Today I have been doing a mini story with my legos. It's a very simple thing, compared to the great MOCs I've been able to see here, and it's also something far away from the great Stop motion animations you can see on Youtube, but still, I hope you find it nice. Understand that it is difficult to make these great works having a hook for hand. Without further ado, here you go:
  10. Captain Roger

    The Crimson Skull

    I loved this MOC when you posted it but sadly pics doesn’t work now. Could you re-upload, yawgmoth? Thanks. it was a great MOC Because it felt like an absolutely improved version of Red Beard Runner.
  11. Captain Roger

    The Parrot Question

    Of course, the best parrot design was 1989-1997, because it has more colors
  12. Captain Roger

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    About your question, I bought the full sets. I'm glad you like my photos
  13. Captain Roger

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Hi: I'm going to share here my photos of 1989-1993 pirate sets with 2009/2015 accesories and minifigs. Hope you like it!! Black Seas Barracuda: Eldorado Fortress: ENJOY!
  14. Captain Roger

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I agree about Imperial Armada aren't the "green coats", because the standard Armada guy is red: That guy appears in 6 sets while greean Armada guy appears only in 3 sets. And there's another red Armada guy too, so there's no reason to call Imperial Armada "the red coats"