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  1. Captain Roger

    The Parrot Question

    Of course, the best parrot design was 1989-1997, because it has more colors
  2. Captain Roger

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    About your question, I bought the full sets. I'm glad you like my photos
  3. Captain Roger

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    Hi: I'm going to share here my photos of 1989-1993 pirate sets with 2009/2015 accesories and minifigs. Hope you like it!! First: Rock Island Refuge Skull eye's Schooner: Imperial Trading Post: Black Seas Barracuda: Eldorado Fortress: ENJOY!
  4. Captain Roger

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    I agree about Imperial Armada aren't the "green coats", because the standard Armada guy is red: That guy appears in 6 sets while greean Armada guy appears only in 3 sets. And there's another red Armada guy too, so there's no reason to call Imperial Armada "the red coats"
  5. Captain Roger

    Pirates: LEGO vs Playmobil

    I still prefer Roger because he has epaulets, and black clothes look more sinister than blue clothes, so Roger looks more evil. By the way, Roger's moustache hides hir smile, so he looks not as cheerful than the Playmobil, again, Roger looks more evil.
  6. Captain Roger

    6086-X Return to the Black Knight's Castle

    Great MOC!!!! I really love it. I'd like to see more photos of all the detais. Thanks
  7. Captain Roger

    Madrid, 2 de Mayo 1808 (Napoleonic Wars)

    Great MOC!!!!! I really like it, but I think you should use modern bluecoats instead that old 1989 bluecoats. By the way you may recognize me because I have the same avatar I have in Hispalug. Hope to see you here more times!!!
  8. Captain Roger

    Pirates: LEGO vs Playmobil

    Playmobil is a good brand, but I prefer Lego because we can create MOCs or changing minifgs heads, legs, torsos, and hands. Ahn, and Playmobil figures can't move their legs. About the ships, I prefer BSB than that playmobil pirate ship:more cannons, more and cooler minifigs, a parrot, a monkey, and more playability. And of course, old Roger was much cooler that that childish captain!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  9. Captain Roger

    MOC - The Imperial Canal

    I'd like to see photos of the full MOC, not only details. It seems a nice MOC in any case. By the way, I don't understand why you used a 1992 redcoat and a 2009 redcoat, instead 2 equal redcoats.
  10. Captain Roger

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    Absolutely lovely....beautiful photos. I'm a pirate but I have a sensitive side...and you have touch it I loved that old official Lego dioramas of 90s catalogues...and I really miss them. So thanks a lot for your work...and of course, I totally love that light effects
  11. Captain Roger

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    I have just seen the Caribbean Clipper photos now. They are really cool, but it would be better if electric cables don't remain visibles. By the way, I'd like seeing Anne fighting broadside with a sword, not only with her bare hands. In any case, really cool photos.
  12. Captain Roger

    MOC: my Eldorado Fortress!

    GREAT MOC!!! Is even better thanthe original EF I wish TLC would release things like that MOC instead the actual pirate sets
  13. Captain Roger

    What is your favorite ship

    The best Lego ship is 2010 Imperial Flagship. No posible doubt about that point. I admit I like BSB more, but being realistic, the Imperial Flagship is better
  14. Captain Roger

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    So cool!!!! I absolutely love that pics That pics remind me to some official Lego pics of old 90s