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  1. On 5/25/2020 at 9:10 PM, UberCorp said:

    Something that I'd love to see LEGO do would be to use Ninjago to bring back one or two classic villains. Having a season's antagonist be someone like Ogel would be great.

    It’s not unprecedented, I mean we’ve had a hero from galaxy squad appear as a hero of ultra agents, power miners to Atlantis, and the ghost of an adventurers character under control of the villain for hidden side, plus clutch powers has become a recurring character for ninjago. It could happen.

  2. 5 minutes ago, LOTR34 said:

    Have you guys gotten any sets thus far? If yes what are your impressions? As for me I'm currently waiting for the bike set to arrive.

    I’ve got the ship, inferno truck, and cloud jet. On the level of the fantastic ninjago movie sets honestly. The ship is one of the best “base” play sets Of any line recently and the closed form looks great on display, the jet is awesome and bigger than the box makes it seem, and you get so much with the inferno truck (4(3 plus a bicycle) vehicles, a bunch of figures, and a location.

    ive heard complaints about how the stickers are cut, but I’ve had no problems with them, and honestly despite the high prices, I feel like they’re all (of the ones I got at least), pretty much worth what’s being charged.
    Oh, and the figs are great. All the heroes and villains are Full of personality and the clone bulls make easy army building. 

  3. 2 hours ago, TeriXeri said:


    I don't want it to fail, but I do hope for more location sets in future waves, like a big set that consists of more of those shops, or a Fortress.

    It seems highly likely we will get more locations both for the bulls and of the city the show takes place in. Looking at the current sets, the bull fort in the bike set includes pins at both sides of it, as well as the ability to separate it into 3 modules which all have connections to 2 sides. In the king mech set, the same dual pin connectors are used for the noodle shop/apartment, with a corner of sidewalk that has pins on 2 sides. I’m assuming the same will be true of the convenience store in the inferno truck. The sets also seem to be better than any other action theme so far in terms of giving us civilians to save, so it would be logical that more civilians will require more buildings to fill out. 

    I doubt they would have done this using a dual pin connector instead of the single pin that themes like creator and modular use if they didn’t expect to develop more into that system of buildings. I’d expect atleast one or two more side build buildings in the next wave if not a full set of some important show location we haven’t seen yet, and atleast one fort set for the bulls that can be expanded with that entrance gate.

    Given the size of sets this wave, I’m almost expecting some kind of battle set based on the show with a few smaller vehicles And buildings the same way city puts out the various city square/doughnut shop/whatever sets. 

    if we don’t get anymore, I’ll atleast be mocing up some more locations from the show or adapting the given builds into my (Ninjago styled) city somehow. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, doclord said:

    The budget went to the heroes this time around for their introduction. Makes sense to me.

    Yeah I’d take every hero having new unique parts with just clone villains over all the heroes having the same outfit with color variants. especially since even in the clone villains there’s still some variants, like the one with grey instead of purple, the one with the bent horn, red son, the sorcerer girl who’s name I don’t know, and the bull king with his giant mech-like body

  5. Are there any other pics of the “rusting Junkbot” that show if he maybe has a face on there?

    as for wether it is real or not, in the designer video they mention it being like a legoland park if I’m remembering correctly. That would imply that in universe it’s based on the adventurers LEGO series as fiction, not based on “real people”. 

  6. 21 out of 30 ideas sets so far have been IP related, counting the nasa/ real company ip’s. It’s time to just face the music at this point that ideas is not viable for this kind of thing. It’s an IP testing ground above all else. 

    if we want to see LEGO return to original space sets, we need to support them doing original sets in general. Hidden side, ninjago, monkie kid, those are the things that tell LEGO “keep experimenting, keep trying things”. And although maybe not suitable for classic space, look at those themes, take away the original characters, and look at the stuff they have to offer. Just as an example, the cloud jet from monkie kid. It’s a very sci-fi flying vehicle, with a function to split its cockpit off into a motorcycle. That would work stupendously one sci fi settings. So would the hoverboard in the horse-motorcycle set. So would tons of the nexo knights sets, with minimal changes. Even ninjago, while usually sticking to a fairly distinct style, has waves like prime empire that feature tons of great sci fi vehicles. 

    lego will see what people actually buy. If nobody is voting space on ideas, and nobody is buying sci fi related sets other than star wars, then we’re gonna get another 20 years of bland grey And white Star Wars ships. 

  7. It’s played both ways. You can use The paper game board or just the sets, or use both together. That way the smaller sets still give you a full playable game despite their limited size.

    Pop together all the sets into the full game and you won’t need the paper to get a longer game out of it, but if you just get the dragon it the journey set, they wouldn’t exactly give you enough of a board to be fun on their own. This way people who can only get the smaller sets aren’t missing out.

  8. 2 hours ago, brimbolet said:

    I am surprised that they have been working on this for 2 whole years, though i suppose designing the sets themselves was much faster. How long did they need for Hidden Side (including the app), which will be replaced so quickly? I hope that Monkie Kid will stay with us for a longer period, the leaks looked very promising.


    Remember the initial reveal of the trademark Or whatever for the theme? Everything from “stationary” to “sports equipment“ was listed, whatever this theme is it’s going to be huge, and unless it absolutely tanks right out of the gate, it’ll probably stick around for a while. 

    also we don’t know that this is replacing hidden side, that’s all just speculation. Hidden side finished it’s first chapter and is just starting its second one, we have no actual evidence saying it’s being canceled.

  9. 1 hour ago, Fenghuang0296 said:

    So we have the name of the main villain leaked by Falconfan, credit to promobricks and stonewars.   ‘Nehmaar Reem’. Interestingly, it’s a corruption and reversion of ‘Mirror Man’ - Meer Raamhen.

    He looks awesome and I can’t wait to find out more.

    Any confirmation on if reem is going to be the ghost in the fire truck set too, or just the castle? Can’t tell if it’s 2 forms of the same guy or 2 different characters with how blurry the truck pics are.

  10. 41 minutes ago, Takanuinuva said:

    I wonder if the Underworld Skeletons will appear in the show. Seems odd to have a skeleton wave and not reference them at all.

    Also we need an updated Samukai Minifig. 

    It’s likely this will be another new location, not the underworld. The show seems to be trying to really flesh out the number of locations it has to work with the past few seasons. 

  11. Given how the seasons have been going lately

    fire focused on Kai, ice focused on zane (in a way, but thematically atleast), prime empire focused on jay, and MoM focuses on cole, with setting to match each characters element, I’m confident that one of the next 2 seasons will be a nya focused, water based season, and one will be a lloyd based season likely staying more in ninjago city (most of his major arcs have revolves around the city) and involving garmadon somehow. 

  12. 1 hour ago, BrickJagger said:

    So, any theories as to who the new faction of villains are? The black knights show up in three sets and it seems like their leader is the Slenderman-type figure.

    My guess is they’re whatever faction of ghosts was around when Vaughn was still alive. Given the number of “great”’s before grandpa when Parker recognized him, he seems to have been a ghost hunter before lady e would’ve been around, it’s likely he fought SOMETHING back then other than just one or two random ghosts that happened to break through the veil. 


    If I’ve got the wave figured out, which I think I do mostly, what will likely happen is:

    business as usual as the gang investigates a beachside prison. After taking down the ghost, they test out jb’s new sub, where they find another portal to the hidden side and that staff in some undersea ruins. Vaughn is released, and joins the team, and they go to meet jb, testing her new truck during some kind of town fair along with that tv robot, when they are all attacked by the slenderman type ghost and the knight-esque black ghosts. They escape, head to the castle Ruins where Vaughn stopped the threat the first time, which is likely also the source of the ruins underwater, and fight the ghostly threat before it can do something relating to the moon or space, given the important looking observatory on the castle. Likely use an eclipse to merge the hidden side and reality if I had to guess. Depending on the intent of the line, either the story is wrapped up there or the ghost manages to unleash enough of its chaos that we lead into wave 4. 


  13. These sets look amazing! While I can see the comparisons to ninjago in a few of the sets, I really feel like there is a lot of difference in everything but the small bike. Honestly the style of the theme feels fresh and new. Honestly if it reminds me of anything it’s not ninjago, it’s the LEGO movie lines! Just because it’s got elements of sci fi doesn’t make it bad.

     The character design is wonderfully cartoony and expressive, the builds feel like chunky sci fi awesomeness, the structures included in a few sets will be a wonderful little addition to the theme and will hopefully be paired with some more substantial buildings in future waves, and man that cloud jet is just An incredible build! 

    the huge stand out of the wave has to be that container ship! The opened form of it is absolutely awesome as a play set, and it manages to be cartoonish and exaggerated in proportion, but not enough that it would feel out of place in a city setting or on its own. 

    this theme was also rumored to have a tv show coming, and if the art on the sides and top of the boxes is any indication, it will be a 2D animated series, not another cgi one! 

  14. I always just assumed his name was changed to Elton Douglas Diaz and the school set description was something they forgot to change, as happens occasionally. It’d still make sense for them to call him Douglas in the shorts, I mean I go by my middle name so it’s not that far fetched.

    and his whole minifigure is great as like a spaceship mechanic, I swapped his cape for one of those grey respirators from apocalypseburg, and gave him one of the ghostbusters 2016 proton packs mounted sideways as a welding pack, and a helmet with the LEGO movie 1 secret police visor, and now I’ve got him working as an asteroid based mechanic. 

  15. 10 minutes ago, Guyon2002 said:

    I'm definetely getting Monster Fighters vibes from that car. And is it just me or does that good-guy ghost look very similair to Rodney Rathbone?

    Hey if it is him, it shows that Lego’s been listening to fans who have wanted both more character variety and more of a connection to monster fighters. And the car looks like it’d have suspension and maybe steering, which would continue this waves trend of being better stand-alone sets outside the app game. 

  16. 52 minutes ago, Harkonen said:

    Hidden Side episode 15 revealed a summer set, the ghost car. There is a ghost minifig that looks like the leader of the Monster Fighters too. You can find the new episode on youtube. 

    Aside from the glowing parts, which could just be ghost stuff, the car feels very monster fighters too, maybe wave 3 will include a bit of crossover in the same way as the ghost in the stunt plane set is a former adventurers baddie? 

  17. 4 hours ago, Lucarex said:

    There’s actually episodes 12 (El Fuego’s Stunt Plane) and 13 (Doom Buggy) on YT, but you’ll have to use a VPN set to outside of Europe to view.

    Oh, haven’t seen 13 yet, thanks for the heads up! I just meant that 11 was the only new one out when they made the tweet about the main event

  18. So, idk if it’s been mentioned but the people behind the web series have said there’s 10 more shorts for this year (presumably 11-20, even though 11 was already released at the time) and then the “main event” for 2020, so I think that lends some credence to that book or whatever from a while ago that claimed there was a tv show, and confirms that the next wave won’t be the series end, as falcon fan said


    i know that’s more media discussion then sets, but the existence of the media 99% confirms more sets so I think it’s worth mentioning

  19. 11 minutes ago, Huigberts Builds said:

    On a sidenote, is it just me or do his pants kinda look like jogging pants rather than more traditional pants. Ofcourse the cord could be some kind of belt, but it kinda makes you wonder if this is a more modern interpretation of journey to the west.

    If you look at the feet, he’s also wearing sneakers. I’m 99% sure it’s a modern interpretation of the story. 

  20. It’s not real, unfortunately. the mechanic, The character pictured above, uses nindroid parts to upgrade himself in the show, so his hat re-uses the design of the nindroid headwrap’s mechanical eye.

    You could theoretically make that head by cutting apart a bowler hat part and a nindroid head wrap part and gluing the necessary parts together, but it’s a lot of work to do. That character has been appearing more frequently in the last few seasons, so they’ll likely make him eventually. 

  21. The new sets sound great, can’t wait to see what style the fire truck is. If it’s relatively modern I may mod it up into a “real ghostbusters” style vehicle. 

    also, just picked up the subway station and while I can see why some people have complaints, I love the set! The function looks great in motion and I love that it can fit a figure inside for the whole motion and not just one mode. Add a great little display for the figures, and those nice ghost parts (I was lucky enough to get the solid ones!) and it’s one heck of a set for 30 bucks. Definitely worth the price if you’re on the fence! 

  22. 57 minutes ago, Feng-huang0296 said:

    Hey . . I saw vehicles from previous seasons in that short. There was a whole . . fleet seems like the wrong word for cars . . of Katana 4x4s and a Jungle Raider. Interesting! I guess they’re reusing assets, but it makes sense!

    It’s a racing game in context, likely the game has a bunch of ninja vehicles as playable cars, if multiple people pick one vehicle, multiple will show up. Bit of a missed opportunity to have multiple color schemes on them like some games do, but cool to see