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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Also, blue building has a wrap around walkway and staircase done in the same style as the second floor of the first set, meaning the front of this does face the back of the original city set, and presumably there’s gonna be detail around the back of this to match up with the front of the city for that reason.
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Look at the bottom of the build, where the boat is. It’s got the water tiles! That means this thing IS on a base plate, and thus will connect! Hopefully there’s some good detail on the back and good figs, and hopefully it’s closer to a 250$ or 200$ than the city set, but this seems like a solid add on area to an already amazing set
  3. [RENDER] Techtroners logo

    yeah im working with an simmilar one right now, hoping to upgrade to one of those specilized art tablet-pad things over the summer. im just gonna sketch on paper and snap a pic btw there should be a color gradient behind the t in the shaded area, and i did it up kinda like the logo you'd see on the box because i had a few minutes to spare.
  4. [RENDER] Techtroners logo

    if you want something unique but also more classic, i'd say go with something simpler. like the m-tron logo. a circle, or maybe to invoke the repair theme, an octagonal "bolt", with a t inside it that has a color fade or something, and then the cs arrow thing around it, possibly throwing in a black or white outline around that. id do up a sketch but my tablet is being shakey right now. on this design, i love the design, but it feels a bit too complex for the more classic feel of your sets.
  5. idk, to me it looks like "titanium" falcon is just falcon with a bit of armor, not necessarily a new or rebuilt one.
  6. not sure if it helps much since its only in dark bluish grey, but there is a 2x2 inverted tile with the antistuds smoothed out and studs on the bottom, easiest way to get a couple i think is the ninjago fire mech. about this ship, it looks amazing. really nothing else to say, the lines all flow well, the color contrast with the white is great, and the pincer is really cool, so just, it looks awesome!
  7. LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    i could see glados still being in the game, just as an antagonist in the portal levels, not as a playable character. however, depending on the way the game works we could possibly get instructions for her, if its like the movie game where you can unlock instructions for in game builds by finding the golden boxes. off topic, but i haven't heard news of any oz sets coming in the future, the inclusion of that in game could just be because warner owns it, but as far as i know warner does not have license for portal, so does this mean licensed portal sets are likley in the future?
  8. Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    on the "vehicles they dont own" thing, arent these supposedly based on the new show? i doubt lego would do scooby doo without that show coming out, other than an ideas set, so id have to assume so. for all we know mystery inc may have these vehicles in the new one. atleast the motorcycle doesnt seem too out there for them to have. also shaggy having a highly wealthy family in several continuities could play a factor in them having these in the new one. also, since the show is supposedly going to be a way more wacky version then last time, they could have a transforming mystery machine like in "shaggy and scooby doo get a clue", explaining the plane. i mean i may be way off, but that could be why. also on the vehicles thing, they could always give the monsters themed vehicles that dont really exist, like a ufo for space kook, or some kinda mine cart with an engine for the 49'er, that kinda thing? i dont see a reason why they wouldnt do that if they wanted to make more vehicles.
  9. LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    im betting it will be a core (likely wheatley), and maybe a cube, i doubt glados would be a build, there would be no in game use. with a core they can plug into machines, with cubes or turrets, well those are obvious, but what use would you have to actively put your own enemy into the game? also, holy crud i cant belive i was actually right about portal coming in!
  10. LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    1-marty mcfly 2-homer 4- possibly the doctor (10 or 11 maybe?) or one of the ghostbusters, atleast from speculation ive read so far. 5-wicked witch 25-jay 26-nya 27-zane 28-golunm 29-legolas 30-gimmli and im still convinced 3 is chell, just considering the thing in her hand and the flesh tone.
  11. LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    its pulled from a low quality pic of the games box, sorry, if i can find a higher quality one ill post it up.
  12. LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    anyone else see this? its apparently the full (at least, full as of release) character roster for the game. now, i can make out most of the already shown ones, plus some simpsons, and i think a few chima figs, although i could be wrong on those, but what really interests me is number 3. is that chell from portal? flesh tone skin, white shirt, orange lower body, and holding what looks like a white tube with blue at the end, which could be a portal gun. i know that seems way out of left field, but we got wizard of oz figs, and didn't a portal project reach 10,000 on ideas a while back? could this be them acting on that? sorry if im like, way off here, but that's the only one i can tell that doesn't fit into an existing theme other than the oz figs, and the only thing i can see it being is chell. discuss away i guess, and sorry if this should go into the non physical thread, just figured since all of these are likely to be released as physical figs may as well put it here/
  13. current lower body, using the above mentioned torso joint, with slight mods, and the hip/legs ive gotten working. i need to double up jointing on the forward/back joint in the shoulder, and the ankles still need more work, but this comes the closest of all my attempts so far to actually supporting the body. you guys have any sugestions for improvements before i start armoring it up? im thinking axel piston bits at the sides of the knees and ankle to stabilize those more, but no clue how much that would help.
  14. well, i had to add 2 of the axel olding piston bits to the sides to give it more friction, but the thing actually works perfectly! what im looking for is a compact way to connect the hip and the waist together. btw, did i ever thank you for that waist design? because you probably saved me like a month of work designing that thing its amazing!
  15. thanks, but ive actually tested that one, didnt work, like, at all. unfortunately. thing flopped down and shattered, and that one was only half the size it is now. i realize i shouldve given a reference for what was being held up... its this so far, plus 2 large cranes on the back, and fairly hefty arms as well.