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  1. mrfang2

    Getting into watching Ninjago?

    set way to watch the show is from the beginning. on netflix this is "ninjago masters of spinjitzu". that went for 10 season with 8-10 episodes per season. after that it transfers to the series labeled just as "ninjago", which shortens the episodes to 11 minutes each but has more per season. there is a special called "day of the departed" that takes place between seasons 6 and 7. the quality varies season to season, given it is a kids show, but improves significantly in seasons 8-10 which are one long arc, and after that in the "ninjago" seasons where it has a much more solid grasp on it's tone and identity with a new team of writers. not to say that the other seasons are bad per say, but they definitely slide a bit on how seriously you should take them, especially as the animation in the early seasons is... noticeably 10 years old cgi. the movie is a fully separate canon to the show, but is a fun side adventure. i would recommend watching it after season 5 since it does sorta spoil a status quo change involving one of the main characters of the show, but the sets show that character post-change anyway so it doesn't matter too much and is, taken on its own, a fun movie, and if you dont care about that one change, its a good sort of teaser to the kinds of things the series does. all in all, i'd say the best way to get into it is just to dive in. grab a few sets, especially from the legacy series, and watch while you build, getting to know the characters and world while you build them.
  2. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    given that in the quadcopter, red is seemingly working with spider queen now, or possibly on his own, spider queen and her new minions may be the main villain faction this wave. id love for the horned demons to get their own set because theyre just fantastic in the show, but id also be more surprised if we dont get macaque this wave, since he had one of the shows best episodes and would be a great excuse to get wukong in another set as well since he seems to be the only one wukong considers worth coming out of retirement to fight. we have also been hinted that nezha could show up (the show has shown his weapons, and he's on a tv screen in the quadcopter set) so we may be seeing even more of an expanded cast on both sides this season. all in all, arachnoid base sounds like just what we've been hoping for in terms of getting more villains, and I'm hopeful the number between that and the quadcopter is another location, considering flower fruit mountain is on the box now i would expect wukong's mountain home to appear in some form. the jets, i dont know how to feel till i see them. the quadcopter managed to be a funky and interesting design enough for me to want it, and red son's had some good vehicles so far, so it could be good. im not expecting much from mei's jet but maybe theyll pull something off that can redeem her awful bike from wave 1. for the two smaller sets, im not sure what to expect. since we dont know the exact prices of them. could very well be an impulse set and a 20$ range one, could be 30-40$ range ones. i'd guess one is a hero side thing and one is a villain side thing, atleast one is a vehicle, and maybe one will be something along the lines of the "tournament of elements" type sets, maybe with mk, wukong, and macaque with their mountain battleground from ep 10. id be surprised if none of the sets included white bone spirit's new host, unless theyre doing 2 waves for this season like last time and are saving her for the second part of this year's line.
  3. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    ultra sonic raider appears in seasons 1 and 2 in prominent roles, this is likely based around one of those depictions.
  4. All the other torsos shown ARE real, as far as I’ve seen, either from ninjago or from city. Most are either from ninjago city gardens or from the uncharted island series that’s coming in March!
  5. It’s a very clear image, is a civilian character other than the torso, and is, very, VERY clearly an updated ice planet torso. Logo, colors, fuzzy neck area, grey belt with a similar design to the grey section on classic ice planet figs. It also looks to me to have a print that would continue onto legs while the legs on the card are blanks. I’d post it but I’m pretty sure it counts as a leak since those cards haven’t been revealed yet. If cards don’t count I’ll gladly put the pic up! it’s the same character as the ice cream guy who works in the ice planet shop in the city gardens, but with a completely different torso to that which has not appeared anywhere yet, while the rest of the fig uses existing parts.
  6. So, while we don’t have exactly a “space theme” currently, i would argue we haven’t been as removed from them as we thought. say we do get a new space theme. Sets would probably include like, a flying vehicle with a deployable ground vehicle. A big rolling vehicle too, maybe with an exaggerated rocket engine area to really push it as being faster and more powerful than today’s vehicles. Maybe a big, showy mech set. Maybe a few little Buildings with some futuristic elements to them. A big base with some smaller vehicles maybe. Since it’s a modern theme you’d probably want atleast 2 factions. Maybe if the heroes side is smooth and colorful, the villains side is dark and angular. Probably a new color scheme too, say, the heroes use red and yellow with some teal accents, and the villains black and purple with firey red accents? Monkie kid. how about a theme where technology is the key to everything. A huge battle inside a tron-esque computer program, users using sci fi racing vehicles to battle programs over some kind of key to get out of the system? ninjago: prime empire how about a more grounded theme, where sci fi elements are invented as the theme goes and mounted on existing, modern day vehicles in order to deal with the themes given threat, with the technology getting more streamlined and sci fi as the theme continued? that was hidden side. Just because they aren’t set in space doesn’t mean these things aren’t perfectly good sci fi. They feature excellent parts, gorgeous set designs, and fun characters. While sure, I’d love a new -tron or another theme like galaxy squad or aliens conquest, heck even a mechs theme like exo force, the stuff that we do have is great! oh, also a torso design for a new ice planet team leaked in a ninjago trading card so... maybe that’s the rumored “returning classic theme” that’s been mentioned for this year.
  7. Given this new torso which seems to be a redesigned version of the classic ice planet torso and not like, a hoodie or something referencing it for city use, the prior rumors of a “classic theme returning later this year, lego seemingly being interested in expanding their library of original themes running at one time, and the consistent popularity of space stuff through nasa sets in ideas, creator sets, and how well the space themed movie sets sold, I’d definitely speculate that an ice planet revival of some kind could be coming, even if it would likely be “actionized” a bit compared to the old one.
  8. I feel like if they did that the sky train would have to be a separate train set style kit that just includes a suggested way to wrap it around the city. id love a beachfront set, a warehouse set, a borg tower set (the only real “major” location from the shows city that would make sense for a set) or an area inspired by styxx with more water and docks surrounding the lower levels.
  9. Maybe printing the white part and then doing a resin pour to fill in the gaps in the pattern with tr blue, get it fully flush and embedded without loosing the transparency.
  10. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Outside lego stores. specifically at least target. It’s big news for the line since a major reason it hasn’t taken off is because with the show not airing here and the sets being lego store only, general people just don’t know it exists. This will likely come with a wider release of the show as well, which will further boost the lines presence. Oh, maybe it’ll be the special apoc outfits from the season one finale, or maybe on of the variant mk clones, like the manic one with paint splatters or dj mk. I’d also love a print for mei’s helmet with an expression on it like it does in the show, or any kind of variant on pigsy’s face. I think for me ideally it’d be party mk with his dj booth, a version of mei, and either tang or wukong, and maybe delivery outfit mk, to represent the clone power training. With mk making the clone then having to save mei when it goes party crazy.
  11. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    A friend of mine says she saw spaces for them on a shelf in a Cincinnati target here in the US as well. Can’t verify that but combined with the above info it Looks like they’ll be launching at major retail very soon!
  12. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Really? What retailer? What part of the world are you from?
  13. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Hey since people are starting to find them, does anyone have the dpci codes for the new sets? Thanks in advance!
  14. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Really hope they wouldn’t put 3 out of 7 figures in one set that won’t even be in normal stores, and waste 3 of the 19 slots in a city set on figs that dont mesh with the setting.
  15. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    So if golden wu comes with the gardens and the overlord dragon doesn’t have an anniversary ninja, then we have atleast 1 if not 2 more sets coming, since the box graphic for the golden figs shows all 6 ninja with a “collect them all” graphic. It’s possible but unlikely one will come with the 4+ mech set, but that still leaves one, and I don’t think they’ve ever directly promoted stuff on the box of a set that isn’t released at the same time, so it’s not likely that zane and nya are just in the next wave.