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  1. mrfang2

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Oh, haven’t seen 13 yet, thanks for the heads up! I just meant that 11 was the only new one out when they made the tweet about the main event
  2. mrfang2

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So, idk if it’s been mentioned but the people behind the web series have said there’s 10 more shorts for this year (presumably 11-20, even though 11 was already released at the time) and then the “main event” for 2020, so I think that lends some credence to that book or whatever from a while ago that claimed there was a tv show, and confirms that the next wave won’t be the series end, as falcon fan said i know that’s more media discussion then sets, but the existence of the media 99% confirms more sets so I think it’s worth mentioning
  3. mrfang2

    Monkey Kid (“Leaf”) Theme Discussion

    If you look at the feet, he’s also wearing sneakers. I’m 99% sure it’s a modern interpretation of the story.
  4. mrfang2

    [Question] Ninjago headgear

    That ones great for steampunk, also maybe check out jb’s hair from hidden side, it’s messy inventor hair with goggles, even if you may have to take a sharpie to it to make the goggles silver.
  5. mrfang2

    [Question] Ninjago headgear

    It’s not real, unfortunately. the mechanic, The character pictured above, uses nindroid parts to upgrade himself in the show, so his hat re-uses the design of the nindroid headwrap’s mechanical eye. You could theoretically make that head by cutting apart a bowler hat part and a nindroid head wrap part and gluing the necessary parts together, but it’s a lot of work to do. That character has been appearing more frequently in the last few seasons, so they’ll likely make him eventually.
  6. mrfang2

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    The new sets sound great, can’t wait to see what style the fire truck is. If it’s relatively modern I may mod it up into a “real ghostbusters” style vehicle. also, just picked up the subway station and while I can see why some people have complaints, I love the set! The function looks great in motion and I love that it can fit a figure inside for the whole motion and not just one mode. Add a great little display for the figures, and those nice ghost parts (I was lucky enough to get the solid ones!) and it’s one heck of a set for 30 bucks. Definitely worth the price if you’re on the fence!
  7. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    It’s a racing game in context, likely the game has a bunch of ninja vehicles as playable cars, if multiple people pick one vehicle, multiple will show up. Bit of a missed opportunity to have multiple color schemes on them like some games do, but cool to see
  8. mrfang2

    Monkey Kid (“Leaf”) Theme Discussion

    Something I noticed, look at the legs of the leaked figure closely, it seems to be wearing sweatpants and Vans style sneakers! It was mentioned before that it may be a modern fantasy theme, and with the supposed AR Element, could this possibly be set in an urban, city style environment? That would certainly make it different than most of what we get from ninjago, nexo, HS etc. which rarely have modern city areas Actually represented in the brick.
  9. mrfang2

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    off topic, but the spider-man included in the spidey vs venom set is actually the parker industries spider armor mk. 4, one of the most recent designs that was made by peter in his adult life while he was head of parker industries, which was a huge tech company in the comics for a while. during that time he actually did have a few vehicles, including a blade runner-esque car that transformed into a spider themed mecha. it didnt look like the one in the sets, but still, theres justification. on nexo knights, i disagree about the "reuse of canned sets" thing, but i do agree that they probably planned one more wave, considering all that was missing. did anything show up in the app that wasnt in any sets?
  10. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    as far as im aware, the blade cycle and icemobile are actually a 2 pack.
  11. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    as far as we know so far, these sets are from a set of 4 specials that will come in between hunted and whatever the oni season will be called, which is being made to celebrate ninjago hitting 100 episodes. these are likely either totally unrelated to the story and are just throwbacks as part of celebrating that, or the story will involve flashbacks or time travel in some way.
  12. mrfang2

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    i see overwatch being around for a good while, because no matter what they do, theres something for everyone in the game. you want apocalypse stuff? western? Asian temples? high tech cities? industrial bases? hover-limos? giant robots? castles? huge flying ships? all of that is available in the game, and all of it has minifigs to go with. every wave could conceivably include new versions of any character they want, since every character has a ton of skins for different environments, and the game has a huge fan community and is an extremely popular e-sport. there' tons of stuff in there for people who love Lego, people who love over watch, and people with a casual interest in either. plus, for people who dont really collect lego or play overwatch but enjoy building things, this theme will introduce a ton of new minifig parts and accessories.
  13. I’d love to have one with a bunch of little stalls on the bottom, the tv station and maybe a flower shop or something and the first part of the robot hotel on the second floor, some kind of reference to the tv show like Chen’s noodles or something and the second part of the robot hotel on the third floor, and the head of the robot hotel on the “roof” section, with some kind of small build of ninjago tower at the top with swappable flags for garmadon and ninjago city.
  14. Yeah, I’ve got all the official sets other than the mecha shark, they are great builds and a good size, I’m just building the bigger ones to be displays and to bring to conventions. The concept art book is good, but doesn’t have much detail on the final models from the movie, ie: half the pages on Zane’s tank are taken up by toy model prototypes and sketches of other possible vehicles. Where did you find the quake mech for that price btw? Can you post up a pic of the head? Sounds awesome! Thanks for the tip with xon67, I’ll shoot a message over to them. And yeah I don’t have nearly enough or the right parts in the right colors for the shark mech, so I’m skipping out on that one
  15. hey, been a while since i've built anything major, but i've finally figured out what i'm going to do for my next moc series. i'd like to build upgraded, full-scale versions of the crazy vehicles from the ninjago movie, as the released sets each seem to be roughly half the size of the movie versions. unfortunately i'm running into an issue in finding reference images of them. the concept art book has some good stuff in it, but stuff like cole's mech in the book isn't the final one (it has a brick built wheel) and the garma-mecha-man isn't represented in its brick form like, at all. any google searching i have done has nearly entirely lead me to pictures of the toy versions, not the movie versions. i'm looking for any screenshots, current mocs or in progress shots, or production shots that are available for these, or any tips you guys could give me on doing them. i'm starting off with the ice tank, so shots of that are the most helpful for now