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  1. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Oh, I dig the training grounds, and it seems like if you combine it with the dojo, it adds a lot more play value to the dojo, which definitely helps keep it balanced overall. I’m gonna grab both for sure just to get all the characters new suits in 2 sets. Probably going to grab that combo mech too cause that one is just awesome.
  2. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Definitely seems from how the designers been talking about it that “core” will be a bit easier and more kid friendly to build while the show based waves will be more of what we’re used to with more detailed and intricate builds. I’m cool with that honestly, we get some nice displays but also keep new fans coming in and get some easier and more play friendly things between show seasons. I’ve been getting sick of legacy anyway, at least core allows for new vehicle/location designs as well as revisiting old ones.
  3. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    You can see the add on set, although stylized, behind the temple on the box art of the temple set.
  4. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    Huh, maybe that’s how they get the new staff then… would be weird to explain a plot point so important via a polybag, but it Kinda makes sense.
  5. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    That one is apparently releasing in March
  6. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    It’s like ninjago and speed champions fused together, I’m loving the look! Can’t wait to see what Lloyd’s looks like now, and the new hq!
  7. mrfang2

    This is why Ninjago should end

    first let me just say I apologize if I worded that badly, especially in the first post and hopefully not in this post but I’m bad at tonal regulation over text so it may still be worded imperfectly. I’m a bit frustrated at how overly negative these forums have been getting towards anything made to be an actual toy, and I let that slip into my wording here, so I am sorry for that. Now to actually reply, It’s not that you should just cheer and applaud mindlessly, it’s more of not subjecting yourself to stuff you very clearly hate. Money is what speaks to companies. People didn’t like vidiyo, so they didn’t buy vidiyo and it went away. If you’re watching all the content and engaging with it constantly, lego takes that as a good sign. If you just let it go, then that’s one less viewer for them, and a lot less anger for you. Also, people who do enjoy ninjago and want to engage with it generally don’t enjoy having the thing they like torn into EVERY TIME a new product or story is revealed. How would you feel if you loved something and EVERYWHERE you looked people were complaining and trying to get it canceled. That’s what I find nearly every time I try to engage with the afol community. Hidden side, nexo knights, ultra agents, ninjago, monkie kid, every single time. It makes me hesitant to ever engage with discussions on this or other similar sites.
  8. mrfang2

    This is why Ninjago should end

    Dude if you don’t like it just don’t watch or buy it. Constant negativity isn’t good for you and your constant negativity isn’t any good for this forum. You seem convinced that if ninjago ends then lego will go back to doing classic themes and it won’t. It just won’t. If ninjago ends then we just get more Star Wars, Harry Potter, and marvel/DC. And about all the arguments of “oversized” vehicles and forced play features, I’ll just say that if you’re mad a toy company is making toys, get another hobby. They’re not supposed to just be put on a shelf, they’re supposed to be played with.
  9. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    This wave pleases me greatly. Not a huge fan of mei’s car, but the fire wheel more than makes up for it, the characters seem to have multiple new outfits and expressions, a good few new characters, and while the factory isn’t quite what I expected it’s a nice little space station set and the city is amazing looking. the staff creations definitely furthers my theory that the gang will reforge the staff with a new ability to become what mk is thinking about, allowing quick changes in vehicles to throw lbd off, but it seems like mei is the one wielding whatever the ring weapons turn out to be
  10. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    I love how the galactic explorer looks, but the city and factory are what I’m most looking forward to! Monkie kid’s buildings have always been great so getting some bigger ones rather than the pack in’s with big vehicles will be awesome. also interested in seeing what the “staff creations” set will be. It could be a location set where the gang will be re-forging the staff, could be something like the queen whatevra set where you can make a bunch of different builds, could even be a tiny set with just a bunch of little alternate builds for the staff at different sizes or with different add ons… certainly the biggest unknown of the wave.
  11. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Lego has revealed the set names for the January wave Monkie kid galactic explorer Evil macaque's mech Chang'e moon cake factory Mei's dragon car The city of lanterns Monkie kid's staff creations Nezha's fire ring so we’ve already seen that the explorer has a decent amount of environment to it, but to also get 2 full location sets (maybe 3? Fire ring could go either way), and what seems to be a small set in the “staff creations” one, it seems they have been listening to the feedback given about wanting more locations and cheap sets. Rumor on Instagram is that pictures may show up tomorrow since lego put the instruction listings up, so I can’t wait to see what these look like!
  12. More of the target merch was revealed including spaceman notebooks, shirts, and gift wrapping paper, some of which seems to show grey space minifigs with helmets, with both light and dark grey. I know we had a grey space torso in the rocket boy minifig, but given the helmets and regular sized legs, I’m inclined to believe these will be released in some form later. this seems like a huge push (2 puzzles, shirts in multiple sizes, a backpack/handbag, 4 plushes, at least one notebook, gift wrapping paper, etc.) for a theme that’s been out of production for so long now, and it’s not like they’re trying to use the presence on Benny to market since none of these have the scuffed logo or cracked chin, so I’ve gotta wonder if there’s going to be a few new space sets soon. Maybe the anniversary thing will be a full line with a few sets from each of the winning themes?
  13. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Honestly this isn’t bastardizing anything, sure the means to get there are different but the original stories and other Chinese myths have included the moon goddess chang’e, who lives in a temple on the moon and has connections to pigsy’s equivalent in the original story. They showed the moon and chang’es jade rabbit companion on the map of locations they need to go to in the last season’s finale, so I don’t know why this surprises anyone. Sure sending Hercules off into space would be going against source material, but journey to the west already has precedent for a moon adventure.
  14. mrfang2

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Seems like everyone except wukong and pigsy come in the shuttle set. Makes sense since pigsy has a history with chang’e, who seems to be who they’re going to see in the shuttle (she’s on the moon) and wukong may be written out for a chunk of the story since all his powers may be drained. Sandy as a minifig is an interesting choice, and I’m loving the shuttle itself so far. It seems to fit a minimum of 4 since that’s a fairly large cockpit part at the front and at least 2 seats in the second section behind it. Possibly 5 if tang is able to stay on the buggy while it’s in the ship, although I doubt that. wonder if mk will regain enough of his drained powers to make the shuttle, or if the shuttle will be from the same place as the dronecopter and cloud jet and we finally get some answers about those.
  15. mrfang2

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I honestly don’t get the hate for the snakes. Snakes ARE the main antagonistic force in the series. It’s what people know the show for, it’s just a part of it, and while I appreciate the variety we get sometimes, the fact of it is they’ll always default to snakes eventually because that’s what the line IS. People don’t complain when Star Wars introduces a new ____-trooper, retcon or brand new iteration, so how is this any different? Transformers will always have decepticons, ghostbusters will always have ghosts, Star Wars will always have troopers, and ninjago will always have snakes. that said, I do wish we had a few more variants for the heads to get mixed around like the original snake tribes had, but I get why they don’t.