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    Lego Star Wars Article on RebelScum.

    Holy crap, this is awesome.
  2. Capt_Jim

    Your worst "did not buy story"

    The Episode 2 Jedi Starfighter.
  3. Capt_Jim

    Why I haven't been posting much stuff...

    It's much easier to be good in Black and White 2, because you can see the percentage that you are good/evil. But, when you just attack enemy troops, you get evil points. Not very many, but you do anyway. Even if you're 110% good, you will always have to engage enemies in battle... Odd, eh?
  4. Capt_Jim

    Lego Star Wars 2?

    Same in Game Informer, they said there was a good chance it'd be made.
  5. I had a couple friends that had to come over from New Orleans after the 'caine (which is now copyrighted by me, you cannot say 'caine. EVER.) , and I had to make room for them. Unfortunately, this meant putting my lego stuff in a closet. A damn large closet. Well, anywhos, (also copyrighted) I recently got my stuff out. I was all set to make a Star Wars comic with MisterMattias (the great Lego Comics guy) doing the special effects, not to mention a few mocs, and a couple cool little series about people fighting the dinosaurs from the Dino Attack kits, and a War of the Worlds thing. Most of the stuff is OK, but it will need to be put back together, because small pieces fell off. Also, Black and White 2 can be contributing to this. Being a god is great. Well, anyway, I'll find the 'ol camera and take some pictures and upload 'em to the 'ol internet in the near future. First, I need to find the 'ol charger. 'ol, 'ol, 'ol.
  6. Capt_Jim

    and the new Bond is...

    Either this guy or Jude Law were the best choices, and this guy will probably prove himself to be good.
  7. Capt_Jim

    List your list of best movies here!

    If you think a series of Unfortunate Events was sad, you'd probably die from Depression if you saw Schindler's List.
  8. Capt_Jim

    Let's Talk BattleFront 2

    Out on the 31st of this month!
  9. Capt_Jim

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    You kids really need to get some patience, from what the beginning of the thread tells me. :)
  10. Capt_Jim

    Hurricane Katrina

    Yes, because everyone knows that random kids on the internet are always more trustworthy than websites like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and blogs that back up their information with links. :| And why wouldn't babies be dead? They kind of can't do anything if their parents/relatives/relatives' friends can't do anything.
  11. Capt_Jim

    Hurricane Katrina

    According to this post, when somebody says they're from China they had better just say they're from Asia because that's IMPOLITE! No I mean when they dont tell u and u just say he's chinese. how do u know that, u dont ok >:( I didn't know that that was what you meant, and besides, I never said I assumed right away, I think "Asian" because I've been through Asia anyway.
  12. Capt_Jim

    Hurricane Katrina

    The deathcount from here shows the deathes as 1/3 of a 1,000. Not exactly 70,000. Where do you get your information? The mayor and everybody else thought the highest the deathtoll could reach was 10,000, but that's not going to be reached either.
  13. Capt_Jim

    Hurricane Katrina

    According to this post, when somebody says they're from China they had better just say they're from Asia because that's IMPOLITE!
  14. Capt_Jim

    Hurricane Katrina

    Yeah, ok. :|