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  1. I suppose I'll sign up for uh... reserves. Yeah, that's it. Looks quite interesting
  2. ptdapen

    OLD Mafia and Mystery Games Index

    Alright here it goes for gambits... Mayor Gambit: Pretend to be the saint of all of the people of Moonlight. Act cautiously but support the killing of innocents to avoid suspicion. Stay in the spotlight that I'm automatically in to avoid the suspicion of backing down. Fernando Gambit: Be slow to take out people. Use investigation powers instead and hint towards it. Reveal when necessary. Do not accuse people without evidence or else much attention will come from executing the people (and still I was condemned) Pavarti Gambit: Lay low this time when there is a chance to do so. Support the people who are innocent instead and try to backfire on the innocents accusing them. And regarding Willie vs. Pavarti, do not openly accuse Willie. Act peaceful yet sacrificial. Willing to be sacrificed at night along with Willie pretending to be innocent and seeing no use to resist. How fun The Rotriguos Gambit was used a lot. A bunch of people used it in Witch Hunt, I remember that.
  3. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Conclusion

    Hooray, time to talk about how I screwed things up, though it did work out a little in the end I guess... First: I really didn't pay attention sometimes, which is apparent. I suppose I lost interest, which I know is bad, after I got narrowed down to being a rat. Guess I didn't see a need to defend myself, which again, is not a very good excuse. Second: I don't know why I didn't do it immediately after I said I voted for Willie, but I didn't. And I forgot to do so later. I don't know why Hinck was merciful about that. Maybe he's been smacked in the head too much. Third: I think IS mentioned this already, but I did not reveal the affair either. Honestly I couldn't really come up with a good way. I was sure that if I revealed it and was then shown as a rat people would trust Alicia and Dickie. There wasn't a good moment I could think of either, but I didn't even get to put in my rough draft before the day ended. There's probably other things I botched, but that's all I can think of right now. I was also an investigator, and was going to claim to be loyal if the real loyal one, Zepher, didn't do so. Because I had to find my allies, I was allowed three investigations each night, and I did not get to find out their roles. After a bunch of searching, I don't think its really important to get into details of every single night, I found Trexxen to be a rat. He knew Perry was a rat, therefore he told me that. And as he already mentioned, that note was from me to him. One thing I did disagree about was the conversion of IS. I thought that people would catch on to him eventually, since he was known to be quite crafty. It happened in Mystery Castle, so I was sure he would be caught. I had suggested Adalaide, who was already confirmed to be a loyalist. However its been shown that she would be a bad choice, since Adam wasn't active and was killed. And on the topic of IS, people trust him way too much! Come on! I wanted to kill him quickly in Baritones I so we wouldn't have to vote him off, and in Witch Hunt Mafia I planned on investigating him first. Just because he gives a lot to a game of life doesn't mean its part of his plots. Hopefully this didn't turn out to be much of a rant Oh, and a real conclusion to that: IS is immortal. People don't want to vote for him, and every so often he turns out to be protected at night. Anyways, I'm about done for now. Well played everyone, and I really enjoyed this game of life. Host another one, Hinck. You're good at these. Oh, and hopefully you won't hold it against me for what I botched.. maybe game wise but not personally!
  4. Well I suppose I couldn't really slip out of that. It was fun when it lasted though! But I will admit that this wasn't particularly my best play through, if you could call it that. If you didn't notice, there were times when I didn't really pay attention. However there are a couple things that are secret that I didn't accomplish, and I'll be sure to reveal them when the game ends. So again, I wish I did a little bit better in this game... of life
  5. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 8

    Well I'm obviously not going to vote for myself, and there's no one else to vote for, so I won't be voting! I'm happy to hear that my husband is reluctant to kill me. Makes me think I chose the right man. Anyways I have nothing more to say, other than this has been one crazy week. You have to agree..
  6. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 8

    I can't simply dress differently on occasion? And I would never do such a disgusting thing, no matter what you think of me! Besides.. I'm pretty sure someone might have leaked information to a rat about the operation... well that was worth a shot I guess. I'm certainly doomed to die, even if I did deny everything like poor Willie.
  7. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 7

    So far it leans towards Draggy, but I don't believe it would be too late to go for Dickie, or Alicia I suppose. I'm willing to believe that Draggy is actually our hitman who carries out our votes. As he said, no one has stepped forward to claim that role, unless the hitman isn't released when he's dead in this game... of life. However I'm also unsure about Dickie, and personally I feel that Alicia is simply stuck in this whole entire mess. Poor dear. Let me add that there is the possibility that NONE of them are rats, each of them just having a problem. That could be said about anyone, though, I suppose. According to Dickie, Draggy will kill him tonight due to him figuring out about the affair. So as much as I would not want to make it look like I'm trying to push attention away from myself, I think we actually do need to take care of them. If we get rid of Draggy, then Dickie will probably be safe. If we decide to get rid of Dickie, we might as well let Draggy get sweet revenge at night and vote either me or Willie off. One more thing to attend to is who Quarry should kill. Although it could very well be possible that there are two rats that are killers, or that he could be a serial killer, we can still make him do what we want.
  8. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 7

    Oh no question I'll support you Alicia, at least on the conversion part. I mentioned earlier, saying that we couldn't leave out anyone in the successful mission. But yes, it does seem a little fishy that someone could plain out "deny" the recruiter. However I suppose the FBI would be much more discrete if Draggy had been recruited.. ah the possibilities.. which will make it so hard to focus the vote today. One other thing I'm curious about is why couldn't Draggy take Alicia with him to hide from the FBI?
  9. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 7

    If the federals are going to Draggy's house, then there has to be a rat telling them to do so. Course it can go any way... Draggy calling them over to try to bust his wife, vice-versa, or Dickie trying to use Alicia to bust Draggy. However that doesn't rule out that there is only one rat among them: it can be any combination, but I find it unlikely that there would be three. I would be quite surprised if Draggy and Dickie were in it against Alicia... but who knows. How Draggy didn't know about the FBI shocks me, but I honestly find it to be a lie. I think we need to sort out this story a little bit, and please say the truth.
  10. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    I'm going to vote for Willie, since obviously I'm not going to vote for myself...
  11. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    You meant we shouldn't? But I'm just saying.. after we're dead, they shouldn't limit themselves to the people who weren't in the successful operation. That man is gone as much as my husband is.. pretty disappointing if you ask me.
  12. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    Except our role blocker was killed, Inertia. However I suppose there could be a rat blocker. Anyone want to reveal being blocked that's already revealed their role? Then we could see if two people were blocked on the same day. Anyways.. I'm quite sure I heard at our little meeting that rats could convert loyalists. So no, no one is in the clear.
  13. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    I was suggesting that you take us both out now so you don't have to be paranoid about who the night killers target. So you could focus on who else, other than Willie and I, you think is guilty today, instead of tomorrow. You're already bent on killing me whatever I do.. so here's how the plan would go: -Trexx kills me or Willie -Quarry does the same -Keeps the killers in control -You all decide who to vote off -You know that it was all of you who decided instead of a killer making their own judgment -Continue investigations next day... However, I'll say again, I don't really have any suggestions for you guys. Iris has already made it so that no more operations are made, so you can't rely on that. The investigator was killed off as well...
  14. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    Well what I suggest, if you really think both of us are rats and want to be safe, that you make Trexx and Quarry kill us at night and vote off someone else now. That way you know that they won't kill anyone without you knowing and you can get something done today that would otherwise be done tomorrow. Oh and Piav, I do not have a night action. Perhaps you have to pay a little more attention like I do... Who do I suggest you look into? Everyone is a suspect now, of course. Other clues need to be taken in, and ponder more about your loyalties to one another. I can't really pinpoint anyone to look for to be certain, though there are some that seem in the clear. Those in the successful operation, for example, should be trusted. That is all.
  15. ptdapen

    Baritones 2-Day 6

    Alright, I'm sorry if I wasn't paying attention. Maybe I'm just bad at listening, I can't think of anything else to say about it. I can't really comment on that, but I can't really say that not thinking straightly really defines guilt. Yes, there's still the fact that I'm part of yesterday's failed operation. Its incriminating, and I can't find any reason to keep me other than what I can do at the day. In other words I have no night action to offer. On the case of Quarrioni and Trexxistianti, neither seem to lead in either direction more than the other. Honestly I'm at a loss about who to get rid of, but I would suggest not killing either one just yet. Its a useful role, and now we have the chance to kill not one, but three people a night that are suspicious. If there are not enough that are suspicious, then they won't have to kill. Any questions for me? What I've been doing?