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  1. pr0visorak

    The Star Wars Comic Game Index

    Right, now I need to wait for Jim's response as I need to know wether to assign someone else your ship or not.
  2. pr0visorak

    The Star Wars Comic Game Index

    Why are there so many side plots? Anyway, lets just wait and hope that he returns.
  3. pr0visorak

    The Star Wars Comic Game Index

    Changing it now! Well than when will you be back! I do not have enough people! Are you joining us in this mission or not? Of course Anyway he can command a acclamator. I think... Oh well the admiral can take control if Adam cant
  4. pr0visorak

    The Star Wars Comic Game Index

    This is the list of ships that have been assigned, those ships that do not have names you can make up yourselves By the way please Pm me the names so that I can edit the list! Thank you Venators pr0-Salvation Jim-Fortitude Oky-Resurrection Dannik-? Bob-Ghosts Thok-Cole protocol Wouwie-First strike Acclamator TeeBee-Visionary(Assist Salvation) Adam-(Assist Fortitude) Jifel-(Assist Salvation) Garviel-(Assist Resurrection) JD-(Assist Cole protocol) 8p4c-(Assist first strike)
  5. pr0visorak

    Star Wars license discussion

    Well, I dont think they will since Star wars is the one that attracts the most money with the new outrageous prices.
  6. pr0visorak

    Star wars live action tv series

    Thank you! Cant wait for it!
  7. pr0visorak

    Mertseger Main Battle Tank

    It looks great but I doubt any minifigs can go inside.
  8. pr0visorak

    How did you find Eurobricks?

    If I can remember, I was bored and was looking around for contests to participate in. That was when i found CABG which lead me to Eurobricks through the star wars competition last year.
  9. pr0visorak

    Which Clone Wars was better?

    I love both but if had to rank them than the newest one would be better. Simply because it has beter graphics and a good storylibe. Although the old one was good, it was only famous because it was shown after episode 2 and it helped fill in many gaps which the new one failed too.
  10. pr0visorak

    Star wars live action tv series

    Relax man, its a discussion no one was critisizing you and please refrain from using words such as "bitching". Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people think its bad because its not as great as the movies and others loe it for other reasons. Please respect each other's opinions. I think Whitefang has made it clear. Back to the discussion, since casting has been set does anyone know what this is about?
  11. pr0visorak

    Chrome Vader or Chrome Threepio?

    I voted Threepio simpy because he looks better when he is shinier than vader.
  12. pr0visorak

    The Star Wars Comic Game

    Oky:"Right than, Jim has just contacted me. He has thefake holocron. pr0 check in with your venators." In pr0's main venator the Salvation recieved the transmission and responded. pr0:"Roger Oky! Checking in with the other 9 cruisers!" pr0 turned to another conversation. pr0:"Right, Salvation fleet check in!" 1st venator admiral:"Resurrection here!" 2nd venator admiral:"Ghosts checking in sir!" 3rd venator admiral:"Cole protocol has arrived!" 4th venator admiral:"First strike ready and reporting!" pr0:"Right than here is the layout plan! We have in total 11 ships! 1 main ships and 10 reinforcements. Its simple, I want 2 acclamators to guard the main venator while the other acclamators guard one venator each. Contact your selected ship and get moving to formation now! Coordinates will be sent in soon and make sure all pilots and ships are ready for attack." All venator admirals:"Yes sir!" pr0 turned back to the previous conversation. Oky:"Right than, its done. I will be sending each of member of our team to a selected venator and acclamator. Make sure they report there." pr0:"Roger boss!"
  13. pr0visorak

    Freeco Bike

    Great work as usual!
  14. pr0visorak

    Star wars live action tv series

    Well, it looks good but I wonder which episode it will be in But I still think the clone wars are the best
  15. pr0visorak

    Tn-X Battle Trike

    Good job! I like the design and I think it looks quite similar to the bat wheel thing. You know the motobike that came out of the tumbler.