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  1. The part list will be very helpful for those who want to build the super car and monster truck. It saves a lot of time because madoca didn't make the part list for those 2 cars. I personally like the monster truck so much.

    Yes, I am talking about the wheels on the mini car. those tire and wheels are pretty hard to find


    I can only see them in10220 and 8071.

    Per bricklink, those were released in 12 sets ... 7 gray + 5 white, and they cost as low as 15 cents a piece.


  2. Thank You. I have that file already from mahjqa's website. Maybe I can explain a bit better what I'm looking for: Blakbird made a POV of the Stilzkin and it is on his brickshelf (http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=5036266). That POV is done from either an LDD or an LDR file. I'm asking for the LDD/LDR that Blakbird used to generate his POV ... Seems like he did the model himself. Anyone knows his handle/userid on here?

  3. IMHO, one of the best sets (number/variety of parts, value) is 8258. You don't get the tracks that many GBCs use for lift mechanisms, but the assortment of liftarms and gears is real good. ALso check philo's homepage. He's got LXF/LDD files for some interesting contraptions. Needless to say Akiyuki's designs are phenomenal and some people have made LXF/LDD files to help as well.

  4. 2/20000 :wink: even though they're special numbers, just as much chance of getting them as any other

    Not quite, we're dealing here with conditional probabilities, as the two events need to occur concurrently.

    The chance of getting 00001 and 20000 is (1/20000)*(1/19999) ... a rather small number.

    In fact that chance is the same if you were to pick any given two numbers, not just 1 and 20000.