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    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    ok I'm in too btw how much and when are the prizes given??
  2. mustang

    Enough: Part3 and 3.5

    Nice Comic or how I like 2 call it movie, first I'didn't had good thoughts about it but when I continued reading/looking it turned out 2 b quite fun!! Keep going!!!
  3. mustang

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Ok I'm In thanks 4 the opppotunity !! I have some pics on but that aren't the best ones ever made so i'm exited to learn how 2 make a fine review !!
  4. mustang

    4898 raffle tread

    ok i'm in the game for another cool EB action !! sry 4 the dubblepost but the raffles are been giving away on my birthday !!
  5. mustang

    Indy Month Caption Contest

    weird dude # 1 : oh ow I think we're in the wrong movie ! weird dude # 2 : but but I thought this was space nazi's 2 ?? weird dude # 3 : what ?! isn't this space nazi's 2 ?? Cam. man : doooh you guys are sooo stupid !! Everbody can see that this is Jurassic park !!!