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    [MOC] my tumbler version

    Hello, Here's my lego tumbler. Size is 20 studs by 12. Here with my minifig custom : The cockpit is for one minifig only, in "attack mode".
  2. quentin

    [MOC] my tumbler version

    Thanks !! The "attack-position" is the only way for close cockpit with a minifig inside.
  3. quentin

    The Dark Knight Tumbler (modified)

    Nice tumbler !!
  4. quentin


    You made a great job !! That's one of my favorite BAT Mocs
  5. quentin

    Astromech Workplace Contest Voting Thread

    A lot of great entries !! 10 - Darkblane : 2 points 15 - ACPin : 1 point 21 - Rook : 1 point 40 - Artizan : 1 point
  6. Hello, My name is Quentin. I'm 24 years old (born in 1988) and I'm a french AFOL. I live in France, more precisly in Chateau Thierry. My favorite LEGO are SW sets, UFO sets and Insectoids sets. I create few MOCs on various themes (military ships, SW, and others). I don't speak english very well, so I hope you'll understand my messages. My other hobby is airsoft. See you on the forum topics Quentin
  7. quentin

    Hi Domino39

    Hi' Domino39, Happy to see another BP member here !