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  1. Not Theon, reek !! No, I didn't make a Theon minifig yet.
  2. Hello, Here there are my Game of Thrones minifigs customs. Only official LEGO parts, no paint, no sticker, or anything else. Will you recognize all of them ?
  3. Thank you all !! There are many new minifigs, I'll post pictures as soon as possible. The new characters : Benjen Stark, Yoren, ser Loras Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen (Qarth outfit), Vyseris Targaryen (Pentos outfit), Joffrey, Oberyn Martell, Bronn (1st season) and Arya Stark.
  4. Thank you guys !! Exactly, you're right !! About Tyrion, I see you don't think the minifig is perfect. I agree, I don't find out the perfect combo head/torso yet. Next customs on the way : Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen (Qarth dress), A White Walker, Oberyn Martell, maybe Gendry and Yoren (night watch).
  5. quentin

    [MOC] The Brickistan

    Hi', I've got new pics of my MOC, in better quality : There are more pics on my FlickR gallery ;)
  6. Hi' Here is my last MOC : a dune buggy. Lego MOC buggy by _quentin_, on Flickr Lego MOC buggy by _quentin_, on Flickr Lego MOC buggy by _quentin_, on Flickr More pictures on my FlickR galery
  7. quentin

    [MOC] the Bat and the Batpod

    Hi' There are my last MOCs about TDKR. First, my version of the batpod : lego batpod by _quentin_, on Flickr lego batpod by _quentin_, on Flickr lego batpod by _quentin_, on Flickr And second, my version of the Bat : lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr lego MOC bat by _quentin_, on Flickr Hope you'll enjoy
  8. quentin

    MOC Nightwing's Nightbike

    Nice bike !!
  9. quentin

    [MOC] the Bat and the Batpod

    Thanks !! Not yet, sorry ...
  10. quentin

    [MOC] the Bat and the Batpod

    @ Sir Brickalot : Thanks !! @ Bricktimus : No problem If you're also interested by my bat, I have upload explored views on flickR : http://www.flickr.co...49397@N05/sets/
  11. EDIT 12/10/2013 To compare first and last version :
  12. quentin

    [MOC] Storm SRTV vehicle

    Hi’, Here’s the last version of my STRV MOC. I’ve changed a lot of parts : a new front more details on the back new wheels Here with my others desert vehicles :
  13. Hi' Here's my last moc : a 74S speederbike we can see in ROTJ. The moc is made by 27 bricks, and there's enough place for one minifig (a scout trooper for example). The pictures :
  14. Hi’ everybody, Let me present my last MOC : the Darth Talon’s speeder. We can see it in LEAGCY comics. My MOC is SNOT maded. There’s one place for a minifig. The MOC is maded by 37 pieces.
  15. quentin

    [MOC] Darth Talon's speederbike

    Thanks !! Me to I love miss Talon
  16. quentin

    (MOC) Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer

    Amazing job ! As a Legacy comics fan, I love your work
  17. Hello, I have made two vehicles for my lego's special forces. First, a buggy : There are two figs on board : one driver and one gunner. Equipements are a rocket launcher and a radio. Second, a vehicle looks like an ATV (all terrain vehicle) for my contractors customs : There are two places (for one driver and one passenger), and a machine gun. Here with the brickpirate minifig : My two vehicles :
  18. Hi, Here is my last custom. It's based on the screenshots about the new splinter cell, Blacklist. I used bane's torso for Fisher. The pictures :
  19. quentin

    [MOC] my bat version

    Hello, Here is my bat version, from TDKR movie. Cockpit is made for only one minifig, Batman (in pictures, this is my batman custom, made with a shadow trooper torso).
  20. quentin

    [MOC] my bat version

    No build guide for my batpod, but you'll find more pics here : http://www.brickpirate.net/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=10772
  21. quentin

    [MOC] my bat version

    Hello, I build a new version of my bat : Now, it don't need anymore transclear bricks to landing : Upside down, we can see the wo propellers, like on the movie's bat : This new version has more functions than the first, so my new bat is more "swooshable" A last pics with my three DK's vehicles :
  22. quentin

    The "official" Bat-Tumbler

    The official tumbler in black version is more beautiful than in tan. Your creation is a good idea to realise how will be the tumbler of 76001 set.