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  1. Gorelaxx

    Help With Bricklink Wanted List

    I think you're problem is you're checking the box for the email notification, if you don't want a element of a minifigure on you're wanted list you need to check the box on the right hand side of the row, not the one directly next to the picture. By checking the notify box you're still adding the part to the wanted list and just adjusting whether or not you'll get email notifications when someone adds that part to their store. Hope that helps.
  2. Gorelaxx

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I think it's a Brickwarriors Thraex plume, not Lego
  3. Gorelaxx

    How does one apply MEK "glue" to bricks?

    No it's not chloroform, although I wouldn't recommend inhaling it. You have to be very careful with sources of ignition though as it is very flammable.
  4. Gorelaxx

    What is this walker?

    It's actually 7127 from 2001
  5. Gorelaxx

    Hi all! (the dark age: to end or not to end?)

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I think by joining and posting here you have answered your question. Come out of the darkness!
  6. Gorelaxx

    Appropriate car for a modular consulate/ambassy

    I would have thought the car from the Palace Cinema modular would make for a good ambassadorial car, although you may need to mod a roof onto it.
  7. Gorelaxx

    Weird Extra Numbers on Bricks

    Welcome to Eurobricks I think it has something to do with the mould they use and the position on the sprue within the mould that the piece came from.
  8. Gorelaxx

    Lego canvas in bulk?

    Here's a topic you may find useful http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=87587&hl=cape#entry1716891 there's a link in that thread that details minifig capes, but I think sails wouldn't be too far off?
  9. Gorelaxx

    Hello from TheOneVeyronian!

    Welcome to Eurobricks, seen your name about on Brickset, and maybe on BL. I like your Veyrons, particularly the smaller one, a lot of character in there.
  10. Gorelaxx

    Part question.

    Maybe a technic pin?
  11. Gorelaxx

    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Welcome to Eurobricks Serhat Nice picture, I think it'd best be suited to special LEGO themes forum as, I'd consider it to be art? But someone else feel free to correct me.
  12. Gorelaxx

    [MOC] Ice Planet 2002

    Nice builds yet again. Like someone mentioned in a previous thread you should put these on the new Bricklink MOC pages, I'm sure people would buy the instructions at least.
  13. Gorelaxx

    [MOC] M:tron (part 1)

    Nice designs. They look like they could have been actual sets from back in the day, you need to incorporate some magnet parts though. M:tron was one of my favourite space themes too.
  14. Gorelaxx

    Let me try this again!

    Welcome aboard.