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  1. Ordered the Cantina yesterday through with Yoda’s lightsaber, surprisingly it arrived today. Never had a package from LEGO within the week. Looks like they do not have enough supply to meet the demand though, already on backorder...
  2. Moexy

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    All these many great details. That wand box piece is amazing
  3. A new UCS Imperial Shuttle would be heaven! I was in my dark age when the previous one came out, and the last Tydirium rendition is my most favourite Star Wars set.
  4. Hard decision to make, all three of them are very interesting. It’s already nice to know LEGO is thinking about these ships. I think it is a given all three sets will be released one day. Although a TIE bomber has the most chance of getting produced eventually, I chose this one. Perhaps a system scale would be more interesting, but a UCS version would give us the opportunity to complete our Imperial Starfighter fleet.
  5. The Solo Darth Maul figure looks amazing! Finally a new Maul without the weird smile. Also happy to see the leg/feet printing has returned!
  6. Moexy

    [MOC] First Order Transporter

    Very cool design! Congrats! Looks like it’s almost minifigure scale?
  7. Thank you for the answer!
  8. Hello all, When can we expect the summer wave? Is it in august or september? And are the Sentinel-class and X-Wing part of it?
  9. Loving the new X-Wing and the Sentinel-class. When can we expect them to be released? Brickset mentions a summer release, but I also saw it’s a possible autumn release?
  10. Moexy

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I haven’t been excited about a theme since the release of The Lord of the Rings sets. I do hope we get a nice D2C set. My fear is that it will just be a detailed, mini model of the castle set on a large piece of rock, like was mentioned above...
  11. Thank you for the info! A database would come in handy For the moment I’m just collecting all Minifigures from the force awakens and the last Jedi
  12. Not exactly. For example: First Order Officer (75166) from The Force Awakens line, is there a movie character that corresponds with it? There are so many variations in LEGO that I don’t know if they correspond with a character from the movies. Thank you for the trouble!
  13. Is there some sort of list that shows which LEGO minifigures are also shown in the movies (especially the Force Awakens)? It’s hard to see what minifigure represents a character in the movies.
  14. Moexy

    Avalonian Farm

    Very nice build! If I may ask, from who is the torso you are using for the lady?
  15. Moexy

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Hello all, I'm trying to build a small Stark and Bolton army from the Game of Thrones series. I'm not really satisfied how it looks now. Now I come to you all for advice, perhaps some of you already have experience in building such armies/soldiers. As the body I'm using the Uruk-Hai torso and legs to represent the leather armour. The arms are dark bluish gray ones. The helmet is the hardest part, I haven't found an official, or custom, one that equals the shape of the series. For the moment I'm using the classic helmet castle with neck protectors in metallic color. Perhaps a better color is the new flat-silver coloured one? The shield I'm using is the one from Boromir from the Lord of the Rings line. The Boltons wear the conquistador helmet, but since it doesn't exist in a silver variation, I'm using the black one. Any advice or help is appreciated! Thanks