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  1. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    I’m also not a fan, to state it friendly. It doesn’t work especially for location based sets. It looks like a part of the valley/structure is floating in a black void … Beautiful boxes I like to keep out in the open as decoration on its own, not gonna be the case with this one …
  2. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    If both are true… instabuys! Perhaps the first time I’ll buy multiples of one set (Rivendell). When they release a LEGO Dark Age is averted!
  3. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    For me it depends on the completeness of the microscale build. If it is the same as the Hogwarts castle set (only half a castle), I would not buy it (although I bought the Hogwarts castle in the hope they would one day release the other half ).
  4. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    Anyone got a Balrog vibe from the new head mold from the new Ninjago set : 71782 Cole’s Earth Dragon EVO? Those horns look interesting!
  5. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    Like the quality of plastic used back then for the LOTR range (dark brown, dark red, pearl gold, …).
  6. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    Whenever I think about Rivendell, whether it‘s LOTR or Hobbit, it’s when they show the valley and the wonderful scenery/overall view: houses, terraces, bridges, waterfalls, autumn coloured trees, … A set in the style of Assault on Hoth would be equally possible (and very exciting/lovely). We would get the iconic scenery but more detailed.
  7. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    I have a feeling that it will be micro-scale … A systemscale Rivendell set for $500 will not do it justice. For that price though, a micro-scale could give us everything we need + some minifigures (like the Hogwarts Castle set). Do not get me wrong, I hope it is systemscale and it sets a precedence for more
  8. Moexy

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    Rumours on instagram is that the set is Rivendell (probably including minifigures) for $500 with a march release. And I just started building LegoMocLoc’s Rivendell …
  9. I’m totally not a fan off those brickheadz …, but these would make seriously doubt that opinion! Both the builds and packaging are amazingly attractive! Well done!
  10. From the Uruk Hai Army set I had a reddish brown horse broken in two when just moving the back legs … Pearl gold arms are worse though.
  11. Cody looks great! Finally we have one released. Does the clone gunner appear in the movies? I don’t recognise him …
  12. Moexy

    The Tragedy of Turin Part 2

    Fantastic build and homage to the Tolkien’s work! So much details to look at and love, especially the floor! I pictured Menegroth more like Thranduil’s Hall with green and brown/dark tan shades, but this is a great take on it.
  13. Playmobil being “niche” goes perhaps for the rest of the world, but in Europe there are only two very qualitative toys: Lego and Playmobil (Mattel and Hasbro toys tend to break often …).The pricing of Playmobil is also much reasonable (in the eye of the parents) too. Playmobil has recently been branching out in licensed themes: Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo, Star Trek, A-Team, Volkswagen, Porsche, … The Scooby-Doo line is for example superior to the Lego one, the toy scale being an important factor. They are also two very different toys: LEGO is a building toy where the building itself is a major part of the experience, whereas Playmobil is more in reenacting or copying reall life things (as children usually do). Playmobil has more lights and sounds aswell.
  14. The AT-ST rumour (and price point) is very interesting. I hope the increase in price means a detailed minifigure scale version (till this day the Endor Bunker one is the closest version) that would sit nice next to a UCS AT-AT. I do follow what’s been said. Although The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite movie, I would like to see some sets from other eras/media …
  15. Moexy

    [MOC] Lions' Castle

    Very cool build! I would love an official set like this one to match the Ideas Blacksmith