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  1. kaboom4

    Castle Month Caption Contest

    Dwarf Salesman: Your Troll Battlewheel comes with attachable pikes, spears and swords! When you call now, you will recieve this mini troll battlewheel, a sword, crossbow, AND a pike, all free! Batteries not included. Recommended for ages 7+.
  2. Why is it that you have to be such a good builder, Batbrick? ;-)
  3. kaboom4

    Castle Month Caption Contest

    Dwarf: So I was ust about to lean in and kiss her... Troll: Me wants bike! Me wants bike! Dwarf: Don't start again, Troll...
  4. kaboom4

    "A Pirate's Life!" Contest - Discussion Thread

    I'll re-shoot my pictures with 5 people, not 7.
  5. kaboom4

    Harbor MOC

    Wow, great job for your first MOC! Saddly, I cannot fin the three dead guys.
  6. kaboom4

    "A Pirate's Life!" Contest - Discussion Thread

    My entry is kind of like the Green Grocer, Cafe Corner, and the other one, since I made it more for display. What I forgot to mention is that you can take off the fort roof and replace it with a jail and other rooms (just like the Cafe Corner).
  7. kaboom4

    "A Pirate's Life!" Contest - Discussion Thread

    What do people think of my pirate pub entry?
  8. kaboom4

    "A Pirate's Life!" Contest - Entry Thread

    Here's my entry. It's a large... Herein lies my tale. It is about a pub in Port Royale. It was called Ye Olde Pub... Play with the minifigs in the pub, fight enemies on the roof! It is your decision...
  9. kaboom4

    CONTEST: Build your own Impulse set!

    I wonder who voted for mine.
  10. kaboom4

    Eurobricks 'Guild'

    I think this would be a very good idea. *y*
  11. kaboom4

    Which Pirate LEGO faction do you support?

    LEGO blue soldiers rule! They are in the most awsome Pirate sets!
  12. kaboom4

    What's your favourite LEGO Pirate animal?

    My favourite animal would have to be the Monkey. It can hold 4 weapons at a time!
  13. kaboom4

    "Watch Tower"

    Great job *y* One of the best watch towers I've seen.
  14. kaboom4

    My new home

    Great job zero! I love the house, and the Wii is unique!
  15. kaboom4

    Your favorite outpost

    Imperial Outpost is the best! Go Imperial Outpost!