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  1. I have unintentionally quoted Scorpion. I swear, I didn't want to. Just ignore that and go on, don't worry, I don't have a spear. Ta-dah, custom LEGO Reptile and custom LEGO Erron Black: to be honest they aren't even among my favourite characters of the franchise but - quite frankly - I thought I could create them almost effortless in little time. You know, I'm not very good at customizing minifigs but still I hope you'll appreciate my work. I like them though, especially the cowboy which was easier to do due to his only appareance in the last MK game (MK X, 2015) . The lizard ninja instead, since his debut in the 90s, likes to frequently change his I put up a mixture of sorts, let's say so. \\\\ PARTS USED Reptile > head: Legends Of Chima > mask: Ninjago > torso: Collectibles Minifigures series 10 [Medusa] > tail: CM series 5 [Lizard Man] > snake blade: Ninjago > eye talisman: I say Chima but it's actually a guess > legs: CM The Lego Movie series [shakespeare, rotfl; ok, seriously talking...Shakespeare] Erron Black > hat: CM series 13 [sheriff] > head: can't remember, come on, it is so featureless! Any angry one fits well, duh! > bandana: CM series 6 [bandit] > torso: CM series 11 [barbarian] > pistol: CM series 13 [sheriff] > legs: CM series 13 [the usual strange, huh? I bet you were expecting the Bride from series 7 here]
  2. Meanwhile I managed to get a total of thirty-two more packs. Scarecrow and grandma seem to be pretty hard to find, since they're the only two missing from my S11 collection at this point.
  3. With two welders, two climbers, an Yeti, a lady robot and a jazz musician among the first seven packs on last saturday morning (October 12th)...that's quite a good beginning for my hunt, but still not excellent.
  4. 16 more packs among Ipercoop and Toys Center were needed, but I managed to find the warrior woman at the very end. Dunno if "completed" is the right word due to that damn Mr Gold, so...series 10 "sixteened" (?) too, let's say so.
  5. Yay, three more (bumblebee girl - trivia: she was in the very last pack remaining to the store, the exposition one - , skydiver and trendsetter) in the ten packs of this morning! I only need that damn warrior woman now, FFFFUUUU!
  6. Yup! Just added tomahawk warrior, decorator, mechanic and grandpa (among twelve more packs) to my series 10 collection. Four to go now, not five since I don't have high expectations of finding Mr Gold.
  7. I'm REALLY late...but I finally bought my first twelve series 10 packs, completing half of it already. In details: + three more romans and another captain. Not a bad beginning at all, I'd say!
  8. Lucanik-san

    Legends of Chima future tribes ideas.

    Just give me insects and pigs, then I can die happy.
  9. Lucanik-san

    Africa Theme

    How about a tribe of blood thirsty cannibals against a group of unlucky tourists? I'm afraid that could sound a bit racist, though...not only for the dark skin, but for the "african = savage" stereotype.
  10. Vulcan Raven from Metal Gear Solid made me love those birds, so definitely crows. I hope for a brand-new bull faction in the next Chima wave, though.
  11. Lucanik-san

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    This is art; it should be in a museum, like the Louvre or something like that.
  12. Lucanik-san

    MOC: Insect Collection!

    Speechless and breathless... You are such a genius!
  13. Lucanik-san

    Mountain Lodge: Reloaded!

    I want that masterpiece so badly... I'm proud of the fact that it came from an italian like me. Only a genius could think to the white snake as smoke.