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  1. I have the current standings from the first votes until today! if you want, I will pass the file for comparison
  2. Zaiocrit

    Heavy-Lift Ship

    I am very happy with the outcome of the contest, whatever happens, be in the top 15 is a great satisfaction for me! I want to thank xSergio74 who developed SR3D with which I started designing my ship! a program for me well done, free and Made in Italy ! here is one of my first drawings :
  3. Zaiocrit

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    9) 1 12) 1 28) 1 38) 2 43) 1 13) 1
  4. 14) 3 points 2) 2 points 13) 1 point 10) 1 point
  5. continuing my work on my heavy-lift ship I created a new post again because I do not think I can put it in the contest going on, so this version is out of competition here is the video of version 4, where I repositioned the system of floating / diving now sinking and surfacing are a bit more evident
  6. ops ! I thought it was locked! I'm ashamed sorry
  7. I forgot to write in the new post the "inspiration" for my model you can insert the following line in my new topic ? "I took inspiration from here: Heavy-Lift Ship" Otherwise someone might wonder "what is it !?!?" thanks !!!
  8. Finish i'm not very satisfied but ... I consider my work finished TSTTS Semi-Submersible
  9. Here is my final version of the Heavy-Lift Ship (real name of this ship) I took inspiration from here: Heavy-Lift Ship This third version is the one that allowed me to achieve the greatest difference between floating and submerged ... I was hoping to get more, but the ship floats too well even though a hull made ​​of only bricks... I needs more ballast in the center the weight of the ship is about 2.54 kg length: 62 cm 1 M-Motor to the propeller 1 M-Motor to direct propeller 1 M-Motor for the water pump (each ship has at least one!) That use to simulate the emptying of sealed chambers 1 M-Motor for the compressor, which allows me to move the pistons 2 IR RC system Unfortunately, this time, the photos are low quality Water pump and "steering propeller" mechanism Compact compressor view from above of the compressor Video previous versions on Flickr and YouTube the contest ends ... but the history of this ship continues ! stay tuned here ! EDIT: Original Topic
  10. done you have my vote!
  11. Wow ! I like this philosophy
  12. fantastic! immediately put it on Lego CUUSOO!
  13. why not use the forum calendar to manage the deadlines of contest ?
  14. Zaiocrit

    faulty pump?

    I have solved the problem by placing the pump in this way: I changed the pump position (the position previously was red) connecting it to the structure of my ship I am convinced that the pump is not working well basically, if the piston performs the maximum range, the pump has problems, but if the race is slightly reduced ... it works! When the contest is over, I remove everything and do a video of one compressor
  15. Zaiocrit

    Mindstorm release

    ops ! thanks !