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  1. Bricks for MOCers

    I looked carefully and I can say they are stickers, no printings, because of the shadow on the left
  2. Bricks for MOCers

    Okay, everybody knows about the 2013 Toy Fair, but have you noticed this LEGO Friends set : it's about a cruiser and the hull is similar to every pirate ship since the famous Imperial Flagship. The picture comes from Smashing Bricks. Do you also remember LEGO 6280 Armada Flagship ?
  3. How Legend of Chima could improve The Black Pearl?

    Yes, they have the same design as "Arkham Asylum", except the price (LEGO Chima Razcal Glider 70000, 9,90 €). Actually, they are also in white (LEGO Target Practice 70101, 14,99 €)
  4. Answer : by adding new big black wings to the figurehead !
  5. LEGO (unofficial) underwear

    My girlfriend bought it at "UNDIZ" (Strasbourg, France). It is a trademark of ETAM, but I don't know if there are other shops such like this one based in foreign countries. I'm happy you like it ^^ I want more underwear !
  6. LEGO (unofficial) underwear

    That's what happens when my girlfriend is doing shopping... Okay, to be honest with you, I actually like it
  7. [M.O.C.] Monkey Island Minifigures

    I truly love the Monkey Island series (I have all the computer games and even the special editions desgined for XBox 360) The Curse of Monkey Island was the first game I played on my first computer, I was 8 and I still like it ! So, one day with time (and money) I will create a M.O.C. based on it for Eurobricks !
  8. [M.O.C.] Monkey Island Minifigures

    Thanks ! I tried Jack Sparrow's banana, but it didn't fit at all. Good idea for Norrington, I will do it soon. You also give me an other idea : why not use Hadras green head?
  9. [M.O.C.] Monkey Island Minifigures

    Look behind you... a three-headed-monkey !
  10. Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Jacob, your underground map is very cool ! I can't help thinking of Heroes and Might and Magic. Good work ! Keep bricking on, I want to see more. Maybe could you add a lego printed mushroom (red and white)? But it may not match with the green colour.
  11. 5th Guild - The Amafriends Guild

    New updates ! Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. 5th guild - the land beyond, Morgali. (WIP)

    Well done Legonardo ! Your pictures are very good ! What is your secret? Keep working ! I want to see more of Morgali
  13. Mitgardia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Very nice ! Especially the minifigure (what an impressive work, it reminds the dark elven of Heroes and Might and Magic). A can't wait your next pics. Keep bricking on !
  14. 5th Guild - The Amafriends Guild

    I was inspired by my girlfriend which wants to see a creative/fun guild designed for female geeks ^^ Soon there will be more details about my idea.
  15. 5th Guild - The Amafriends Guild

    Work in progress 1. Origins of Historica The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten, Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica. To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom; Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin to this day rule the Central lands of Historica. So goes the legend. For ten decades the races of old have migrated and spread through the world, following the trade routes, establishing cultures and prospering towns. Today, it is a world of wonder and natural beauty; a realm where a man and a woman may find peace. But peace is short lived… Treacherous assassins have tried to murder the King! The capital is in shock and there will be repercussions; the Four Regions assemble their forces as the balance of power shifts, and blame is passed around. For the first time in a century, the guilds of Historica build up old defenses and prepare for the inevitable confrontation; everything hangs in the balance, and Historica is on the verge of chaos once more… Guildsmen; this is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire and battle for the glory and honor of the banner… The Wild Knightesses : The Amafriends Guild History of The Wild Knightesses Of all the mysterious legends told between travellers around a midnight fire, those about the Wild Knightesses are the most fascinating. Ferocious women, horses-breeders, they are told to have cross through every corner of Historica. Their story, nevertheless, hasn't always been that famous. They all used to be loving wives, dedicated daughters. But the raging war torn their lives apart. Forced to abandon their homeland, they decided to protect each other without the help of their husbands, sons or bothers gone forever. Together, they will take revenge. And for that, they will track down the murderers of their family without rest. They are... The Wild Knightesses. Unique characteristics Members of the Amafriends Guild have special skills : - members come from every corner of Historica, they are female Humans, Orcs, Dwarves or Elves, - no landscape is foreign to them thanks to their nomad way of life, - each female wear peices of armor and weapons (swords, bows, lances) and are used to ride horses, - they don't have magical skills because magic is only good for weak creatures such as men, - they do know a lot about organization therefore they are able to mount/unmount a camp quickly with no traces. 2. Guild Standard - The Golden Banner All Amafriends pledge allegiance to the Golden Banner : forged with their former jewels, symbols of the past, the colors are red and green because of the blood they spread and the land they travel through Historica. 3. Guild Leader - Azelina the Gladiatrix Description coming soon 4. Landscape Description coming soon