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    HMS Uncapturable

    I can't wait for the next episode! (especially for Stud ) This ship was in episode one as a back-drop, was it not? Regardless, she does indeed look "uncapturable" compared to LEGO ships.
  2. Just realized I never expressed how much I enjoyed this mini-fig. I've always been a fan a Kung-Fu (Kung-Fu used in the very loose sense to refer to Chinese action movies that may or may not actually deal directly with the martial art of Kung-Fu ) so it's nice to see a LEGO creation that does such a good job relating that.
  3. Foremast Jack

    BrickArms 2012: M16 Variants and M110 Sniper Rifle

    Very nice looking rifles. Always nice to see more and more options available. It's called the "forward assist" in case you were curious.
  4. Foremast Jack

    Flets 'n' Bolt-holes

    It's pretty much always frowned upon.
  5. Foremast Jack

    Tragedy has befallen my fleet once again

    A true tragedy indeed! I'm inclined to tell you to rebuild, but I think that's more because I really enjoyed some of the techniques you were coming up with. That being said I realize it's more that as long as you are continuing to build something it's all the same to me. It is comical that the captain survived. It seems almost like that ship should be rebuilt just out of respect for him (or give him command of something even more grandiose).
  6. Foremast Jack

    Flying Dutchman WIP

    I'm so glad to see an update for this. I feel like this is the first wide-angle side shot I seen of her, and she looks better than I remember. Maybe that's just cause it's been so long since I've seen anything of her. Keep plugging away Sebeus.
  7. Foremast Jack

    Question about tricorne

    I don't think it's an official LEGO piece as it is seen there. It reminds me of this tricorne, but that's white and not gold. So I guess it's a mod. It does look awfully well done though.
  8. Foremast Jack

    Viking Drakar, the ''Bølgerammer''

    Good name. I was going to suggest Unnstyjar (Wave-Tamer), but so proud a name would surely be frowned upon by the Norns. Wave-breaker is surely better.
  9. Foremast Jack

    Viking Drakar, the ''Bølgerammer''

    I already look forward to your knörr CGH, but does this drakkar have a name? Every great ship has to have a name!
  10. Foremast Jack

    Viking Drakar, the ''Bølgerammer''

    Just realized and I feel like I'm pointing out things that aren't quite right more than praising just how great this ship is, but your rudder is on the wrong side. As a point of reference I will point out that the right side of a ship (in English) is the starboard side. The word starboard comes from the Old Norse styriborð which quite literally means "steering board." Again though she's a beauty. Does she have a name?
  11. Foremast Jack

    WIP British Frigate

    The new capstan looks great!
  12. Foremast Jack

    Viking Drakar, the ''Bølgerammer''

    I say it from memory accumulated from a life-long love of all things Norse, but I'll see if I can't find some references for you. As far as attaching more, if you could just put more clips along the gunwales you could snap them in. (they would have been overlapping, not side-by-side) It was a symbolic gesture of the shield-wall as well as something of a ruse de guerre. Innocent farmers would think a shield per man and so over-estimate the ship's compliment, subsequently making the raid go more smoothly. But let me find something of a reference for you. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I don't have the time right now to dive into the sagas , but I found some pictures of modern replicas that show what I'm talking about. They aren't the best pictures but they should work well enough.
  13. Foremast Jack

    Latest MOC: A French style Chateau

    Not so sure I'd call that "small." It does look nice though. Very elegant and cozy.
  14. Foremast Jack

    History of the Labyrinth

    Wonderful MOC! I couldn't help but notice the first picture before I read your little intro, and knowing the story, it was delightful to immediately recognise that they were building the wings. On a side note: I'm building a Napoleonic warship named the HMS Icarus so it was nice to see the man himself.
  15. Foremast Jack

    Viking Drakar, the ''Bølgerammer''

    A ship this good deserves some Old Norse... Þat er iarcnaskip! Storrtr þan einhverr vissa ec. All the historic details are awesome. There are two things I'd like to see though to make it a little more perfect. 1: Make the dragon head on the prow removable. (They were only used when going "yviking" to scare away the foreign vættir, so when landing at local/friendly shores they were taken off so as not to frighten the friendly vættir.) 2: When going a-viking and carrying shields on the side of the ship like that there would have normally been something like 2-3 for every warrior on board. (You'd be surprised how easily they get chopped apart in the skjaldborg.)
  16. Foremast Jack

    Technic pirate ship II

    Imagine if you came up with a good name and then built a ship based around the name! Well, I found your MOCPages post for the older one, but like you I couldn't find the thread here. Really cool features. makes it so much easier to appreciate them.
  17. Yeah, Blackbeard I don't know the requirements since they all are particular to the person. If you do or say something noteworthy and a mod takes notice they may give you a "title." There's a lot more involved, but it's something you earn whilst not trying to earn it, if that makes sense. ;)

  18. Foremast Jack

    Technic pirate ship II

    Don't worry. A lot of guys have this problem. On a more serious note: She looks awesome! I love the new look. Could you maybe provide a link to the thread on the old build, because whilst all the inner workings are the same I think she may have been before my time here and I'm not sure what all the features are. p.s. Does she have a name?
  19. Foremast Jack

    Infantry minifigs?

    Yes, he did because he was an officer.
  20. Foremast Jack

    Lord of the Dragon Riders

    Those pictures are so full of win. I can't get over how phenomenal that dragon looks!
  21. Foremast Jack

    Big medieval landscape: BIG UPDATE on page 26

    I simply love that new tent! Well done.
  22. Foremast Jack

    La sémillante

    That's a pretty nice looking ship you got there. Looks like it could be an actual LEGO set. I really like the SNOT'd tiles on the side. They give the appearance of planking.
  23. Foremast Jack

    Scorpion's Soul Pirate Ship

    Looking great! I really like the gun-port hatch covers and the bunks are nice. Keep up the good work. I wanted to ask. A couple posts back you showed how you painted all those flower pieces black. Which type of paint did you use. I'm referring to shine level here. Did you use a high-gloss, or medium/matte and then use a sealant?
  24. Foremast Jack

    Ships of war in progress

    I really like the use of the middle-eastern arch brick here. Looks very authentic. I'm sure these ships will be just a good as everything you do, but you really should finish one before you start another... *cough* Flying Dutchman *cough*.
  25. Foremast Jack

    Infantry minifigs?

    I think the Army Index may prove very useful to you. Additionally you may want to point out which Napoleonic Army you're trying to build. I assume a British one based on the picture and popularity but clarify for us, if you would please.