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  1. I wish that was what the theme would be! Wikipedia is the best site ever, and also the worst site ever. I expect people to vandalize articles on Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy or George W. Bush with information like "George Bush came out of the closet in late 2006", but I didn't think people made up things about Lego lol. Although its harder to use gay jokes on an inanimate building toy. LOL. (Not that I am homophobic, but gay jokes are definately the most common on the internet for the idiots who edit megablock like that)

    I'm going to be an megablocks for a second and say that the REAL new castle line could be very good for Classic/Modern Castle Fans alike if Lego does it right. It may also be terrible. (I have not seen pics, only heard what the theme is about... and im sure alot of EB people have), so I cannot provide any information on how "good" it is)

    You do not have to trust me but I do know what I am talking about on this one thing!!

    In the end it is good that Eurobricks bowed to the Lego Giant... its kinda lame sometimes that we can't have the leaks as much but it would be even more lame if this site shut down.

  2. I love how the new design looks on the program.... It can only look better when employed in real lego! Get on it! I want to see some pics!!!

    The Marines look cool... I love the guns being held on the back. Makes them look more elite.

  3. I like the original better, actually. And we all know 4+ is crap, no need to talk about it!

    I could talk about it for days and not get bored! Damn those 4+ Pirates are trash!

    Okay I'm bored.

    I don't find this ship much different at all. I would like to see a refitted Skulls Eye Schooner incorporate new gray and new brown (besides the hulls since they are not made in new brown) and incoporate LOTS of new elements so we could see how a Skulls Eye Schooner designed 2006 would look. It would probably look sleeker as I find alot of the new pieces are more 'aerodynamic' and there is more pieces to make things rounder and smoother.

  4. This got me to pondering if the Indian mini-figure heads would be suitable, after all the northern Native Americans did descend from the southern so they tend to share characteristics.

    Isn't it the other way around? Didn't people from Siberia cross the landbridge, populating the North first and slowly but continiously spread Southeast until finally reaching the southern tip of South America?

    So didn't the Southern Native Americans descend from the Northern? Or am I misinformed?

  5. That is my favourite view of the model as well Phes, and the one planning began from, glad you like it! And yes I have posted it at CC, I can't deny my castle roots X-D ...

    God Bless,


    You really get a sense of atmosphere and canopy and ceiling in that picture. It feels like this is a picture not of a small portion of a imaginary world, but a small portion of a real world. I can't describe it, but this MOC and particularily this part, has depth, and seems almost real. This entire MOC is majestic.

  6. If you do not have much to spend on Lego and stumble accross a small or medium size sealed set I can imagine people opening them to add the set or scene to the rest of the (built up) collection. It depends on the size of your collection and how you look at Lego in general whether you would want to open the sets. Everyone must decide that for themselves.

    This is the case with me. I do not have enough Lego, especially Pirate Lego, to leave sets MISB. I love to build too much, and having perfectly good pieces in a MISB seems like a waste for someone with my collection: I simply need the pieces and enjoy opening the set far too much to leave it. If I had enough, I would probably reconsider.

    It simply is a matter of perception and financial capacaties as well, I would say. Basically, Lego was meant to be a building toy but I happen to know quite a few AFOLs who like to treasure their sealed sets and preserve them in exactly the same way they found them.

    I agree. Lego was meant to be enjoyed. If one enjoys keeping the sets in pristine condition, than that is totally fine with me. If one wants to rip the box open and build, than go ahead.

  7. I like the look of it. I like seeing ships in varying shapes and sizes, which is why I love seeing ships made from the Harry Potter or 4+ Pirate Hulls.

    I like what you did with the sail on the back. I am not sure what that type of sail is called but I have seen it on ships before.

    I really think you should consider dusting off your fleet because If it looks this good dusty, than I can't imagine how good it would look cleaned off.

    Also, the figurepiece on the front (whatever they are called on ships - the figure on the front) has yellow hands and a yellow head...does this mean he is half of a living minifig!! (as yellow on figures in lego usually denotes Flesh LOL) (if your ship had more yellow on it I would assume the statue is just the color of the ship LOL, but there is no yellow on this ship)

  8. Thats all you needed to write then, no need for the "They're only toys" and the "There's 1000's left tangents"

    Check your quotes Phes! LoL. I stand by everything I said, so I am still happy with my points.

    If you're accusing me you're also incriminating just about everyone who has built a MOC, including yourself . So what you're saying eventually ALL old grey...

    I think you missed Norro's point! X-D

  9. If I were to redo the MOC, I would do the cannons in grey. Most people on here used Black(I think), but that is probably because there ships are not predominantly black.

    All this discussion makes me quite excited to start a new ship. I just finished one that I will be posting shortly (with Sails!) and after that I will start on a larger vessel... maybe. LOL. It is quite daunting taking on the wider Pirate Hulls.

  10. Yes, definitely! More than 20% in some instances. Prices seem to be higher than ever.

    I wonder why! X-D

    Obviously Pirate LEGO is in demand but the authentic stuff is too expensive for some people who don't really care about quality so they buy the clones. Its a pity The LEGO Company doesn't bother to acknowledge this and profit from it. I.e. Release new or re-release old pirate sets...

    Are we really sure there is a big enough market for Pirate Lego? You would think that with Pirates of the Caribbean II being one of the highest grossing movies in History that Lego would have obviously caught onto this (maybe they have decided to have a Pirate line come out by the time the 3rd one hits theatres... but I doubt it). Every competitor has Pirate lines. Megablocks had its own "Pyrates" line (think SYSTEM), and now the POTC Line (Think LISCENCE). We would kill to get a new SYSTEM Pirates line and than a Pirate of the Caribbean line. I would just think that if there was a guaranteed market for Lego beyond AFOLs (I don't think we have as much buying power as we think (I am not sure about this. It seems that there are quite alot of AFOLs willing to spend alot...) Lego would have for sure tried tapping it. Does anyone know how well Megablocks is doing?

    I imagine it is X-mas. AFOLs going a little nuts perhaps, buying as much as they can. We will have to wait till after the Holidays to find out for sure.

  11. I like the blue cannon bases I think it adds variety. It is like the 6271 Imperial Flagship - the Blue Flags covering the cannons don't match the rest of the ship but they definately add to it. Doesn't the blue cannon base only come in one set too? Shipwreck Island or something? Or do the ugly 4+ Pirates also have the blue cannon bases? If it is rare, rare pieces always add mystique :D. But no, I like the color. Looks good despite the contrast.

  12. THe only reason the +4 sets are misb or mib is because they wern't worth opening in the first place!

    True that!

    just to play Captain Foul's advocate on behalf of Mr. Sting... X-D

    As was mentioned in the yellowing thread all lego deteriorates over time unless kept in a completely dark room... Any lego you display or build with (especially play) is thus being destroyed (albeit gradually) by you. In the case of old grey and other old pieces, just like MISB sets there is now a finite amount. So if you have any vintage lego which is not stored in a secure, darkened location, preferably a vacuum; you are helping to destroy this commodity. You've built a few MOCs Mr. Phes, so I am going to have to accuse you of contributing to the destruction of the endangered species of old grey... those parts shouldn't be being used even if you did buy them not-MISB. They should be preserved in the condition you bought them and never used, displayed, looked at, or removed from utter darkness. Thank you for helping to preserve these rare and valuable pieces. I am sure your descendants will appreciate knowing they are in that darkened room (although seeing for themselves would of course be disastrous to the preservation project and thus not allowed)...

    X-D X-D X-D

    God Bless,


    LoL. Good point Norro. X-D (Probably the best.smiley.ever)

    Maybe part of this thread should be divided into "To Open, or not to Open" - why we choose to open or keep sealed as it has enough off-topic to be divided.

  13. Negative. My only justification for opening the sets is because I enjoy doing so. I don't need any other. LOL. I just don't think it is as big of deal as you make it out to be!

    I shouldn't expect posters to be professional, but I do not expect them to be childish either :P.

    And yes, I said I was done, but I must explain my ultimate point of view before it ends.

    I like building the sets. I find that more valueable to me, that feeling from building a new set and remembering it. I know that sets lose their "newness" after a few weeks, but for me, it is forever. I find any set that I remember opening and building and tinkering with having more value than buying used pieces or pieces I don't remember building with. I respect people for keeping the boxes in pristine condition, but to me the value is in building. I think there is enough sets in the world for me not to have to worry about it.


  14. That a wicked ship. Look what those castle builders can do when they put there mind to it! I love how it only has a few angle changes but it makes it look more Medieval. A medieval Naval line would have been awesome, but it would be mostly too similar to Pirates unfortunately.

    There were a few Castle Ships, and all of them were pretty neat, even the ridiculous "BATTLE DRAGON". It even had a bridge!


    I like this ship more than the one released recently under the Viking Line!! :-D


    The best! Modify this a little and you got a great Merchant ship!!

  15. By god... thats a huge ship. I love the structuring you use to build up the ship. The only thing I don't like is the repetion of the cannons along the side. It looks kind of plain, but perhaps because it is such a large ship, it is meant to be like this. I can't wait to see it with Figs and the correct sails... that should make it look much better!!!

    I wouldn't even know where to start on that beast!

  16. You're trying to make a smaller cannon aren't you? That being the case you should probably keep the design characteristic similar so someone viewing them can easily look at them and think "Ah yes, that's a smaller version of those cannons" whereas if they look different the viewer might need an explanation before they understand what they're looking at.

    I suppose it all comes down to the design of the cannon, but in the picture above there's a lot of black use for the rest of the ship so some light grey would help distinguish the cannon.

    True, but than I would have had to go downstairs to get my "Gray" bin :-D

    It should be easy to distinguish, as this is critical to set and MOC design, so I will be using such color contrasting in the future.

  17. I would be quite willing to bet there are at least a 1000 MISB System Pirate sets. Maybe not "Thousands" but at least over 1000. I am not in the dark, my information was simply out of date on Bricklink. (A few years ago I remember a seller having 30 MISB Imperial Armada Flagship, and 36 MISB Red Beard RUnners) Plus a few others.

    Yes, you have proved my wrong on Bricklink, but if there are 100 MISB System Pirate sets on Bricklink right now, There probably 100s more that will be put on sale in the future, as people aquire them. Than we have the eBay thing (horders selling MISB System Pirate sets 1x1), and we haven't even counted Lego's hording (which they sell off from time to time (I Believe this happened not too long ago, releasing a bunch of sets from the vault? I do not know if they do this with Pirate lego).

    You have proved to me right now that there are only 100 MISB Pirate sets for sale right now, but you know as well as I do this changes. eBay sometimes has 10 pages of Pirate listings and other times no more than 2.

    I cannot prove that there are over a thousand Pirate System MISB lego sets and you cannot prove to me that there aren't thousands. No one will win this debate because no matter what evidence you give, the fact of the matter is new MISB Pirate sets will pop up and collectors confess to owning them. The world is a big place Phes.

    I just don't understand why I am insulted again ("If everyone was like you we would have no MISB". "Like you". Very professional) for simply saying I enjoy opening Lego and building with it.

    I will say it again. Get over it. And for the record, , even if I was "in the dark" over the subjectI would prefer to be in the dark over how much MISB Pirate Lego is in the world,. It is much more favourable than being "in the dark" over logic and respecting fellow Pirate Lego fans.

    I'm done with this absolutely endless debate. I guess opinions do not matter on this board.